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September 15, 2008

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Types of Knowledge and Connective Knowledge
This post begins our week on Connective Knowledge by mapping some of the different areas of discussion. We need, for example, to sort out between knowledge about networks and knowledge created by networks. This post constitutes the first few steps of a discussion; it is by no means a full discussion. It's one thing to use, for example, coal as a metaphor to explain the role of connections, but in reality networks are often much more dynamic than a lump of coal. But it's a start, a place to begin. Stephen Downes, Half an Hour, September 15, 2008 [Link] [Tags: none] [Comment]

CCK08 Weekly Chat
George Siemens and I wrapped up the first week of our Connectivism course with this audio chat. Kudos to Dave Cormier for expertly leading us throught he issues of the day. It's also available on UStream. Note that this is an audio chat only, and that there is no video on the UStream feed. George Siemens and Stephen Downes, with Dave Cormier, Ed Tech Talk, September 15, 2008 [Link] [Tags: none] [Comment]

Understanding the Brain: The Birth of a Learning Science
Ruth Duggan comments "There does seem to be a lot of similaries between how the brain functions and Connectivism" and links to this website from OECD. There's a lot of reading here, so you may want to space this one out over a few days (or weeks). No rush: this topic is not going to expire. Various Authors, OECD, September 15, 2008 [Link] [Tags: none] [Comment]

CCK08: Week 2 Early Doors and Better Fit
Interesting analogy between theorizing and parking. This is good: "Even when you park in a very open space some people think you have taken their parking spot and demand that you move. Sometimes they even put notes under your windscreen wiper to let you know just how angry they are!" Related: another analogy, this time with oceans. Keith Lyons, Clyde Street, September 15, 2008 [Link] [Tags: none] [Comment]

Social Constructivism Vs. Connectivism
There has been a lot of dialogue back and forth on the Moodle discussion list. One of the better posts (in my view) is this extended contribution from Pat Parslow. The post, which outlines Parslow's model of mind and (therefore) of learning, suggests that "we are pattern matching creatures by dint of the way out brains work, and look for the similarities and differences between things. We also create models in our minds of what we perceive, which are, by definition, abstractions and simplifications of the 'objective reality'." There's a lot more, and while I (Stephen) might quibble with some of the details, I am largely in agreement with what is described here. Pat Parslow, CCK08 Moodle Forum, September 15, 2008 [Link] [Tags: none] [Comment]


Here's what course members from around the world had to say. Want to join the conversation? Login and submit your feed. Then put this at the beginning of your post: CCK08

I'm still working on some glitches in the harvester, but here's a selection of titles from blog posts over the last week, to begin catching up on the wealth of activity taking place out there on the internet. There's a lot of content here; don't try to read it all, just pick and choose titles that look interesting.

What is Connectivism? September 15, 2008
Introduction to Connectivism course September 15, 2008
First webconference.. September 15, 2008
First week, First night… September 15, 2008
Connectivism September 15, 2008
Endlich: CCK08 startet demnächst September 15, 2008
[CCK08] Is it a theory or not September 15, 2008
[CCK08] First impressions September 15, 2008
[CCK08] Introducing myself September 15, 2008
My take on Connectivism September 15, 2008
The History Problem September 15, 2008
Response: Connectivism & Constructivism September 15, 2008
Musing: Wordle September 15, 2008
Summary and Response: What Connectivism Is September 15, 2008
Musing: after reading half of week 1 articles September 15, 2008
Response: What is Connectivism — Three Types of Network Learning September 15, 2008
Summary: The Ideas of Connectivism September 15, 2008
Categorizing my work September 15, 2008
Author’s Introduction September 15, 2008
Welcome September 15, 2008
Reflections on the Nature of Connectivism (Week 1) September 15, 2008
The Medium, What Was That Again? September 15, 2008
A Brief Introduction September 15, 2008
On learning and instructional design September 15, 2008
Wordle on Beespace September 15, 2008
Here comes everybody September 15, 2008
Week 1 September 15, 2008
Intro September 15, 2008
CCK08 - will connectivism without guidance result in unuseful knowledge mutations? September 15, 2008
CCK08 and data overload calmness September 15, 2008
Join Stephen Downes and George Siemens in a MASSIVE online course September 15, 2008
CCK08 Theoretical Recollections. September 15, 2008
CCK08 After the storm... a reasonable explanation. September 15, 2008
CCK08 First week impressions September 15, 2008
CCK08. My first connections. September 15, 2008
CCK08 My long run connections. September 15, 2008
After last night's crash came Google Chrome Beta September 15, 2008
CCK08. My plans for BaeL and CCK08 September 15, 2008
A new adventure CCK08 September 15, 2008
Views about CCK08 September 15, 2008
New structures and spaces of learning September 15, 2008
Conectivism course September 15, 2008
A learner theory or a theory of learning? September 15, 2008
Only connect… September 15, 2008
Initial thoughts September 15, 2008
Standardised Tagging - an idea in progress September 15, 2008
Collaboration and my network September 15, 2008
Introduction (repeat) September 15, 2008
CCK08 - Week 1 Fun September 15, 2008
Facilitating Online Courses 08 - Personal Goals September 15, 2008
Moving Location…. September 15, 2008
Initial Readings on Connectivism September 15, 2008
And So The Journey Begins…… September 15, 2008
CCK08 - Week1- II part September 15, 2008
CCK08 - Week1- I part September 15, 2008
1- Connectivism - CCK08 - Traduzione italiana September 15, 2008
Connectivism - corso on-line - CCK08 September 15, 2008
CCK08 - Week 1 - A day of ordinary connectivism September 15, 2008
CCK08 - Week 1 - Too much connected? September 15, 2008
CCK08: kicking off! September 15, 2008
Connectivism and Connective Knowledge (CCK08) September 15, 2008
CCK08 - What is theory? September 15, 2008
CCK08 - Chat Interaction frequency September 15, 2008
CCK08 - Learning formations for this course September 15, 2008
CCK08 - What is learning theory? September 15, 2008
CCK08 - CMap for Paul Anderson’s JISC report September 15, 2008
Getting Started September 15, 2008
How Can Knowledge Exist in Networks?, Connectivism CCK08 Course September 15, 2008
Who Are the Good Informants in your Network?, Connectivism CCK08 September 15, 2008
Value of a Massive Open Online Course, MOOC - CCK08 September 15, 2008
My PLE for the CCK08 Connectivism Course September 15, 2008
List of Connectivism Articles and Blog Posts, CCK08 September 15, 2008
Learning 2.0, My Introduction to the The Connectivisim and Connective Knowledge CCK08 Online Course September 15, 2008
CCK08 Connectivism Course September 15, 2008
CCK08: Interpreting the Pipe and Content September 15, 2008
CCK08 Begins September 15, 2008
Test: CCK08 Tag Feed September 15, 2008
CCK08 Week 1 - What is Connectivism? September 15, 2008
CCK08 - Back in study mode September 15, 2008
Twine massive CCK08 invitations September 15, 2008
Threshold concept, insight and self-learning September 15, 2008
Open source community, social networks, educational tools September 15, 2008
Virtual desktops, PLEs, e-portfolios: Internet brains September 15, 2008
Novedades en Twine e invitaciones masivas para los participantes del curso de Conectivismo September 15, 2008
Thoughts on Little Boxes, Glocalization, and Networked Individualism September 15, 2008
Introduction September 15, 2008
CCK08 September 15, 2008
Week 1: What is connectivism? September 15, 2008
Creating the Random Learning Theory September 15, 2008
Random observations formulate understanding the course as a whole September 15, 2008
CCK08: Thoughts on Knowledge and Learning -- Week One September 14, 2008
Keeping it small and personal September 14, 2008
Rodd Lucier about Lurkers and Clay Shirky September 14, 2008
September 5th thoughts on Stephen Downes Ustream intro September 14, 2008
How about a world wide network of blogging classrooms? September 14, 2008
CCK08 - Noise and Network Blockages: The circuit-board ceiling September 14, 2008
CCK08 - Week 1, Reaction 2 - Bloody liberal namby-pamby group stuff September 14, 2008
CCK08 - Week 1, Reaction 1 - “You can’t unsee Waldo” September 14, 2008
CCK08: Never stop playing September 14, 2008
CCK08 - Foehr: Multiple Audiences for web and course design September 14, 2008
Rhizomatic Knowledge in Emerging Technology September 14, 2008
Growing a Network September 14, 2008
Networked Individualism and the Implications for Organisations September 14, 2008
CCK08 Concept Map Version 0.1 September 14, 2008
Spare me the tirades, I’m here to learn September 14, 2008
Connectivism: Theory and Application September 14, 2008
Dissecting Connectivism September 14, 2008
Developing Learning Networks - Significance and Practice September 14, 2008
CCK08 Introduction Time September 14, 2008
CCK08 Students on Seesmic? September 14, 2008
metaphors September 14, 2008
beginning maps updated September 14, 2008
night before September 14, 2008
pre-course September 14, 2008
My First Blog Post September 14, 2008
Take off!! September 14, 2008
Connectivism & Connective Knowledge September 14, 2008
2. Címkézés és fogalomtérképészet September 14, 2008
1. Mi a konnektivizmus? September 14, 2008
0. Konnektivizmus - bevezető September 14, 2008
-1. Konnektivizmus a gyakorlatban September 14, 2008
Jennifer Maddrell Connectivism Class "Hello!" September 14, 2008
In this MOOC are we challenging the Dunbar ´s Number? September 14, 2008
CCKo8 - Emotions and connectivism September 14, 2008
CCK08 My views of the learning theories September 14, 2008
cck08 Pre activities course - Multitasking September 14, 2008
Making the connection - The problems September 14, 2008
Time for action - Introduction September 14, 2008
How are things shaping up in CCK08? September 14, 2008
Connectivism and its Critics: What Connectivism Is Not September 14, 2008
Week 1: What is connectivism September 14, 2008
S'organiser pour y arriver... September 14, 2008

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