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September 9, 2010

Getting Ready for PLENK2010

Pre-course Online Session

Ready for PLENK2010? Wondering what it's all about? Not sure how to deal with an open course with almost a thousand people in it?

Then you may want to attend our pre-course online session on Friday. Course facilitators will be present and we'll show you how to get the most out of this course.

The session will be held in Elluminate, the online conferencing tool we will be using for the duration of the course. Simply point your browser to the following link:

Friday, September 10, 12 noon Eastern Time
[Click here to enter the Elluminate Online Session]

When it asks you for your name, just type in your name. There's no user ID or password; it just takes you right into the session.

If you're not sure what time the session starts where you are, click here for the start time in different time zones.

Introduce Yourself

Can't wait to start?

Why not introduce yourself to other course participants in our Moodle-based online discussion forum?

Click here to enter the forum and introduce yourself

To enter the Moodle forum, you will need to provide your userid and password. That is the same userid and password you created when you signed up for the course.

Forgotten your username and password already? Ah, how quickly time flies. Click here to recover your username and password.

This username and password works everywhere in the course - in the Daily newsletter, in the Moodle discussion forums and wiki, and in the PLENK course blog.


For one-stop problem resolution, contact Todd Bingham at

For complaints, suggestions, general griping, and comments about the weather, contact me,


In case the embedded links above don't work in your email reader:

The Elluminate session is at:

The time zone calculator is at:

The introductory forum is at:

And the recover password URL is:

(clip and save)

Tweeting and Social Media

The hashtag for this course is: #PLENK2010
The home page is:

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