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Description: A special little Blog for PLENK2010
Last Updated: 2010-10-21T00:18:05
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Why am I doing this ?
p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } Just getting started with #PLENK2010 I'm shy about blogging anything real because at this stage of things I don't really know enough to be credibleI think I might try to be dis-credible. I can publicly fumble (and fall) and maybe people will help me ? So a start for me is, why am I doing this ?And an answer is...I think that setting up a PLE or PLN could be an [Link] 2010-09-22T08:33:00

#PLENK2010 A first post
We wait quivering in anticipation for PLENK 2010 starting September 13, 2010 Week of Topic 13-09-2010     A tour of PLEs and PLNs - diagrams, discussions, examples 20-09-2010     Contrasting personal learning with institutional learning, PLEs with LMSs 27-09-2020      Understanding the neXt/eXtended Web 04-10-2010      Using PLEs successfully - skills, mindsets, and critical literacies 10-10- [Link] 2010-08-21T10:36:00