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Recent Posts to PLENK2010

Second Life cohort will augment online seminars with virtual spaces at #PLENK2010
rolandlegrand, MixedRealities
This is the virtual reading and meeting room for the connectivism courses in the virtual town Chilbo in Second Life. As pointed out in a comment on my previous post, there is a Second Life cohort (group PLENK2010) getting ready to experiment and a wiki has been launched. One of the problems is that however [Link] 2010-09-19T22:01:13

Time for our personal learning environments #PLENK2010
rolandlegrand, MixedRealities
It’s that time of the year again I start asking myself whether to register for the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) “Connectivism and Connective Knowledge” again. I did so previous years, and even though I never managed to follow-up on the activities till the end, I always learned stuff and enjoyed the discussion with the [Link] 2010-09-19T17:27:19