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Description: my personal reflection journal for PLENK2010, a massively online course that explores Personal Learning Environments (PLE).
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Humanism as a theory of learning
noreply@blogger.com (Greg Ketcham), Plink, Plunk, PLENK
Interesting...I guess this was under my nose all along, but never really deeply considered. If we consider that a learning theory (Humanism) drives a particular practice of developing and delivering teaching and learning (androgogy), then there's a clear linkage from Maslow and Rogers' self-actualization to Knowles' precepts of adult learning theory. Then again, one recent reconceptualization of Maslow's hierarchy replaces self-actualization with parenting. Seriously. (... [Link] 2010-10-05T18:09:00

Week 4: are we there yet? Is there a "there" there?
noreply@blogger.com (Greg Ketcham), Plink, Plunk, PLENK
I realize that as a learning journal this blog falls woefully short, both in terms of content and frequency. I'm finding that trying to wrap my head around a "course" in which there really are no stated learning outcomes, a laundry list of "suggested readings" each week, and really no structured assessment activities sort of gives me the willies, to be frank. Which leads us to: Week 4: Learning Theories Ah, at last! Something I can relate to! Good ol' learning theory. Uhm, ... [Link] 2010-10-05T17:38:00

Adventures in Massively Online Learning
noreply@blogger.com (Greg Ketcham), Plink, Plunk, PLENK
This blog will serve as my learning journal, and collection du jour of resources related to PLENK2010, which is an open education online course that serves as an entry point into examining and using PLEs (personal learning environments )and PLKs (personal knowledge networks). But first, a few confessions about me: an instructional designer by profession, I believe I'm a pretty lousy online learner. Why? I tend to wander off the path fairly easy, particularly if there isn't a well ... [Link] 2010-09-15T16:54:00