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Learning, research - thoughts and reflections

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Description: This blog will be a way to contain and share my thoughts and reflections in the open course "Personal Learing Environments Networks and Knowledge 2010".
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Writer, connector or... What am I?
Niklas Karlsson, Learning, research - thoughts & reflections
Stephen Downes just said in the live session in #plenk2010 start to wright -  thats exactly what I need to hear today. I have had alot of other stuff to do the last two weeks and it´s realy heavy to pick up what I think I missed and to come back in the course. In the following discussion I listen extra to: If you keep on with writing it will be easier and with higher quality after som months. Thats exactly what I used to say to my students but it is very valuble to hear it sometimes ... [Link] 2010-10-22T17:12:00

My first concept map in the course #PLENK2010
Niklas Karlsson, Learning - thoughts & reflections
My first concept map in PLENK2010. It it looks more like 1600 - century map of Africa or .... instead of a satellite photo from 2010, but a good basis to work on... [Link] 2010-10-01T09:48:00

Reseach and knowledge production. #PLENK2010
Niklas Karlsson, Learning - thoughts & reflections
Two interesting blog posts arose the question of reseach and knowledge production, #PLENK2010 Research, John Mak and the in Jennys post  #PLENK2010 Research, technology and networks. I´m yet not familiar with the concept Mode 2  "Gibbons and colleagues argued that a new form of knowledge production started emerging from the mid 20th century which is context-driven, problem-focused and interdisciplinary. It involves multidisciplinary teams brought together ... [Link] 2010-09-28T08:55:00

Some reflections on the course #PLENK2010!
Niklas Karlsson, Learning - thoughts & reflections
Would it be more activity in an open course like PLENK2010 if it had learning objectivs and that the course started with that the praticipants asked themselfs questions. The next step in the course would then be to together rework  this questions and out of that more or less together deside the content in the course. It may have been easier for each participant to set up own goals in the course if they know more about the course objectivs. The course leaders would then plan the course ... [Link] 2010-09-28T07:07:00

PLE require a reform of the assessment of knowledge!
Niklas Karlsson, Learning - thoughts & reflections
In this post I will discuss the issues of week 2 in the course #PLENK2010, based on my experiences as a high school (upper secondary) teacher in sience and math and my reflections of the input from the week. The issues week 2 in the course are: ”Key questions arise as to the role that PLEs play in relation to structured enterprise-controlled systems (VLEs and LMS). Can PLEs be seen as institutional level software? Do PLEs require dramatic reform of the education system? Must PLEs and ... [Link] 2010-09-24T23:05:00

Continued on trying to define the PLE, PLN, based on concrete examples. #PLENK2010
Niklas Karlsson, Learning - thoughts & reflections
In my last post I wrote about definitions of PLE and PLN from my own experience, where a usable definition of PLE is "The tools, communities, and Services That constitute the individual's educational platforms That learners use to direct their own learning and Pursue educational goals." EDUCAUSE: 7 Things you should know about PLE's  http://www.educause.edu/Resources/7ThingsYouShouldKnowAboutPerso/171521  If I define the PLE as the tools, networks, it is ... [Link] 2010-09-17T14:20:00

Continuation of my definition of PLE and PLN on the basis of practical experience - linked to others' definitions. #PLENK2010
Niklas Karlsson, Learning - thoughts & reflections
Continuing to reflect on my definitions of PLE and PLN on the basis of how I use social media ... and information on the Internet for learning myself. In my last post I wrote that it is the concept of PLN is most interesting, perhaps it is so, but really it is not important to choose which of the concepts that are most important. It is not possible in my learning context to distinguish the tools from the people.Hence the need for two terms and it is important, for me, ... [Link] 2010-09-16T13:30:00

"My definition" of PLE and PLN! #PLENK2010
Niklas Karlsson, Learning - thoughts & reflections
First of all "my definition" of PLE and also PLN  is not based on the technical systems. I have "my" PLE and PLN even if I change the tools, technical systems. I know that this is not  true - I have to use different tools to communicate with different people, some people doesn´t use internet or only mail and other people can I only communicate with in twitter...The important issue is why and with what content I want to communicate, this is the "base" in PLE and PLN in my ... [Link] 2010-09-15T18:33:00

I was hoping that time would be enough...
Niklas Karlsson, Learning - thoughts & reflections
The time was not enough to create more public reflections on the course #CritLit2010. I look forward to course #PLENK2010, which is just started! [Link] 2010-09-13T20:15:00