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Free tech for teachers #plenk2010
, PLE's, networks, knowledge & me
via freetech4teachers.com This is a clear straightforward presentation on developing a network for learning. Jargon free and without pretense. #plenk2010 Permalink | Leave a comment  » [Link] 2010-11-28T06:15:26

PLN made simple #plenk2010
, PLE's, networks, knowledge & me
Personal Learning Networks - the what, why and how from darren elliott on Vimeo. Two things here The presentation comes via 21 Resources About Personal Learning Networks (PLNs)- Shelly Terrell on openzine. This is an interesting tool for sharing. http://www.openzine.com/ Permalink | Leave a comment  » [Link] 2010-11-13T21:15:00

Connectivisms secret; Oxytocin? #Penk2010
, PLE's, networks, knowledge & me
Presented for your consideration EXPERIMENT No. 3 In Which I Learn to Love by Tweeting Madly "Zak greets me at his lab near the Claremont campus, a three-bedroom house being converted into a spacious new lab. To escape the hammering, yammering workers, he escorts me upstairs to a study where a nurse awaits. She compliments me on my veins and draws blood. Then she and Zak leave me alone. I pull up TweetDeck on my laptop and get to work. The question is simple: Will social ... [Link] 2010-10-19T11:51:00

Top 100 Tools for Learning 2010: Final List #plenk2010
, PLE's, networks, knowledge & me
via janeknight.typepad.com Twitter is number one this year. It would be interesting to classify the list in terms of formal vs informal as well as large and small scale tools. Permalink | Leave a comment  » [Link] 2010-10-18T21:58:00

A Plethora of Personal Learning Environment Distinctions #plenk2010
, PLE's, networks, knowledge & me
via slideshare.net To paraphrase the Tao--The Tao that can be spoken of is not the Tao" Permalink | Leave a comment  » [Link] 2010-10-17T08:44:00

The vegetarian roots of connectivism? #plenk2010
, PLE's, networks, knowledge & me
Note the analogy of plant roots and the internet. A connectivist analog?   Stefano Mancuso: The roots of plant intelligence "Plants behave in some oddly intelligent ways: fighting predators, maximizing food opportunities ... But can we think of them as actually having a form of intelligence of their own? Italian botanist Stefano Mancuso presents intriguing evidence." TEDGlobal 2010 Permalink | Leave a comment  » [Link] 2010-10-12T20:10:00

Does the Digital Classroom Enfeeble the Mind? #plenk2010
, PLE's, networks, knowledge & me
There two paragraphs from this NY Times article by Jaron Lanier sums up my attitude about "theorys" of learning. "The deeper concern, for me, is the philosophy conveyed by a technological design. Some of the top digital designs of the moment, both in school and in the rest of life, embed the underlying message that we understand the brain and its workings. That is false. We don’t know how information is represented in the brain. We don’t know how reason is accomplished ... [Link] 2010-10-10T19:49:00

What I was up to on week 4 in a word cloud #plenk2010
, PLE's, networks, knowledge & me
Thanks to my friend Brian Remer for suggesting Tagxedo. Read Brian's wonderful ideas about words at the Firefly Group. Permalink | Leave a comment  » [Link] 2010-10-10T17:57:00

Ideals and Reality of Participating in a MOOC Implications for #plenk2010 ?
, PLE's, networks, knowledge & me
The Ideals and Reality of Participating in a MOOC on Prezi  This presentation by Jenny Mackness rang true to my subjective experience in #PLENK2010 Permalink | Leave a comment  » [Link] 2010-10-02T12:47:00

Cyborg Anthropology: Implications for Learning and PLEs? #plenk2010
, PLE's, networks, knowledge & me
via youtube.com O'Reilly Webcast: Cyborg Anthropology: A Short Introduction August 5, 2010 This is a fascinating presentation on humans and tools co-evolving one another. Interesting that she brings up Gregory Bateson and some of the early discussions on cybernetics. The later portion delves into augmented reality with a demonstration of situated notes. These would appear (in your mobile) when you are in the vicinity of the notes geo-location--personal learning on ... [Link] 2010-09-26T07:41:00

A summary that helps me with my PLE struggle
, PLE's, networks, knowledge & me
via slideshare.net I find myself in a sea of possibilities. Choosing is not my strength. It reminds me of looking for the "perfect" organizer/dayrunner. I was always sure that when I found "it" I would be organized. Didn't happen, I have to organize myself and live with the level of effort I put in. #plenk2010 I wonder about PLE's and personality types? Does a P have a very different approach than a J? From the description of these preferences and my comments can ... [Link] 2010-09-25T19:28:00

PLE Practice and Theory #Plenk2010
, PLE's, networks, knowledge & me
Today I have been working on the design of my personal learning environment concept. More about that in a moment, but first, a story. My wife asked me to install a network printer on her laptop today. I had forgotten how to do it. Here is how I re-learned (remembered) how to do it. I knew generally that I would be setting it up as a local printer but needed to set a tcp port. I have an airport extreme wireless router. I do remember from the last time that ... [Link] 2010-09-25T17:27:00

Struggling with my PLE Concept Map #Plenk2010
, PLE's, networks, knowledge & me
The story so far... Permalink | Leave a comment  » [Link] 2010-09-23T20:16:54

Very Personal Learning Networks #plenk2010
, PLE's, networks, knowledge & me
The Movie Lorenzo's Oil is a tale of a debilitating and so far uncurable disease. It is also the story of parents struggling with the medical and research establishment for treatment innovations. From Wikipedia's plot synopsis. " setting up camp in medical libraries, reviewing animal experiments, badgering researchers, questioning top doctors all over the world, and even organizing an international symposium about the disease...they ... [Link] 2010-09-22T21:09:00

PLE as Pied-à-terre
, PLE's, networks, knowledge & me
My picture of the cave painting as a learning environment has me thinking about PLEs in other times and places. Driving to work yesterday I heard this story on NPR. It caused me to think about alternate ideas of a personal learning environment and the importance of the physical world that supports learning. What is your physical learning environment like? How does it support your learning? My own is pretty mobile, have netbook will travel, but I do tend to settle in a comfy chair. ... [Link] 2010-09-21T20:26:07

PLE for Learning to be a Leader
, PLE's, networks, knowledge & me
Can Twitter make you a better leader? Via SmartBrief on Leadership: "Social media can help you grow as a leader by exposing you to other leadership ideas, by helping you improve communication skills and by allowing you to get instant feedback on your ideas." The article gives a very practical example of a personal learning environment in use TerryStarbucker.com  #plenk2010 By the way, SmartBrief was mentioned by Robin Good in his article on Real time News ... [Link] 2010-09-20T09:49:00

PLENK2010 First Week
, PLE's, networks, knowledge & me
Like a sword that cuts, but cannot cut itself; Like an eye that sees, but cannot see itself. #PLENK2010 is much like the hundred acre woods  here are many things to see but it is hard to find the way. The week has two major themes for me: The underlying philosophy of learning both for a massive open online course and PLEs. I sum it up as enacting an ecology for increasing possibilities for action. all knowing is doing (Maturana & Varela, ... [Link] 2010-09-17T21:22:00

The world henceforth will be run by synthesizers #plenk2010
, PLE's, networks, knowledge & me
Thought of the day, seen at the #lrnchat session this evening.  We are drowning in information, while starving for wisdom. The world henceforth will be run by synthesizers, people able to put together the right information at the right time, think critically about it, and make important choices wisely.  E. O. Wilson  Prehistory of Personal Learning environments--Hunting 101 #PLENK2010  Permalink | Leave a comment  » [Link] 2010-09-16T20:23:00

PLE as subset of PLN | Graphic @catspyjamasnz #plenk2010
, PLE's, networks, knowledge & me
via flickr.com Some rights reserved by catspyjamasnz I think this visual provides useful summary of the personal learning environment and personal learning network relationships. Nicely done in pleasing colors. I think the whole could be called an ecology for learning. #plenk2010 I am ready to move on with some "how to's". I came to "simplify" and so far I have not made much progress on that goal. Permalink | Leave a comment  » [Link] 2010-09-16T09:55:00

Real-Time News Curation, Newsmastering And Newsradars (implications for a PLE?) #plenk2010
, PLE's, networks, knowledge & me
via masternewmedia.org This slide presentation is a good summary of a great article, The first of a six part series. Link In Part 1 - Why We Need I In Part 2 - Aggregation Is Not Curation In Part 3 - Types of Curation and Real World Examples In Part 4 - How To Do It In Part 5 - The Real-Time News Curation Tools Universe In Part 6 - The Future Stephen Downes is mentioned in the article as well. I think the word knowledge could be substituted for "news" and you ... [Link] 2010-09-15T21:05:00