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Wasted Time - CCK08

Tom asks: "Now, what happens if a network is mistaken. Most students have a blind faith that what they are told is correct. For connectivism to function properly I believe this issue must be taken into consideration." This is a central challenge for every educator. How do we get learners to think critically about information they encounter? More importantly, how do we ensure that we are thinking critically about information we encounter? If you've followed recent journal publications and conference themes, it would appear that web 2.0 is the salvation of education. But what are we basing that on? Or for those calling for an end to schooling, what model is being offered as a replacement? And, when models are offered, are they significantly well-conceived to serve all stakeholders (sorry Stephen!) in the education system? Tom Whyte, , Nov 03, 2008. [Link] 44304 []


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