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October 12, 2010

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Comparing Learning Theories
George Siemens (gsiemens) , October 11, 2010.
In each of the open courses I've been involved with, different concepts resonate at different times. In the first course Stephen and I did (CCK08), I was struck by the value of active participation. In CCK09, information fragmentation and the need for knowledge coherence in personal understanding was an important take away. In EdFutures (with Dave Cormier), I experienced the need for participants to declare themselves so they could be discovered by others...and by the need for greater activity by facilitators during lull weeks in the course. In PLENK, I'm finding the value of learner-produced artifacts to be a key lesson. For example, when I'm trying to make sense of a topic, I create artifacts where I tentatively explore how concepts are related. These artifacts might be in the form of a blog post, an image, or simply doodling on a piece of paper. When I share that artifact, it may resonate with others who are at a similar point in understanding a topic (which is why experts are not always the best teachers - they see in patterns while newcomers to a discipline see in steps and sequences). My artifact of sensemaking can serve as a social and sensemaking object for others. A perfect example of this process is the above link to the moodle discussion forum - Jane Wilde details how she sees different learning theories...and that artifact becomes the basis for others to comment and add their own views. It all starts with an act of creation. [Link] [Comment]

Stephen Downes (Downes) , October 11, 2010.
From the 'making things right' department, I'd like to point people to Janus, where Susan O'Grady has been posting her reflections on the PLENK course. Her posts have not been showing up in the newsletter even though she has been using the #PLENK2010 tag.

Just as a side note, if this is happening to you, try using the #PLENK2010 tag in the body of your posts. I know that these are working fine, and might help make sure your post is sees. In the meantime I'll look into the tag problem - it used to work, but this is the internet, so things change. [Link] [Comment]

Discussion Posts

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Participants' Blogs

PLENK10 - On selfishness
Barbara Fillip, Que sais-je?
Cover via AmazonI was on a train for six hours this past weekend, with a book (the physical thing) on hand.  It happened to be The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to our Brains, by Nicholas Carr. I can't say that I was doing deep reading because I'm not a regular train traveler and I was slightly distracted by the noise and motion of the train, but sitting in the quiet car, I did manage to read uninterrupted for significant chunks of time. While I was testing my .... [Link] 2010-10-12T09:38:00

Confirming Theories
Downes, Half an Hour
Responding to x28's New Blog.Interesting points. So we have three possible sources of the multiplicity of theories:- belief one’s own learning style is universal- study bias- pressure to publishThis is probably a good case, though it should indeed be supported observationally.How would this be supported observationally? There are two approaches:1. Conduct a study, asking people how they reach their theories, bolstered by redactive accounts of theories proposed in the literature. This .... [Link] 2010-10-12T11:57:00

Still Casting About for Lasting Connections (Jim Stauffer), connectJim
Vahid blogged and several others have commented about desiring to form sub-nets in growing our PLE but finding it difficult. I can identify with that desire, but also appreciate the facilitators' reluctance to "herd" us into groups. From the beginning we've been urged to find people with whom we naturally connect. Dave Cormier mentioned in his blog, " you’ll likely have found some people that are doing what you are doing, who are interested in what you’re interested in, or with .... [Link] 2010-10-12T05:46:00

Rain, Rain, Go Away (2 later) (Skupik), Skupiktalk
It's supper time, now, and it has rained another centimeter: up to 5 cm.  The approach to Saloompt Bridge is restored so you can drive into and out of that valley, but repaired spots are washing out a bit here and there along the roads.  Fortunately the road crews are still working through the holidays, putting in 12-hour days.  These entries are not really for the PLENK group; they are a diary of this trying time for me.  I am curious about how much or how little rain .... [Link] 2010-10-11T23:42:00

#PLENK2010 - The Daily - October 11, 2010
Paulo Simões, PLENK2010
[Home] [Discussion] [Wiki] [The Daily Archives] [Blog] [Live Sessions] [Recordings] [About] The Daily October 11, 2010 Week 5 - Evaluating Learning in PLE/Ns During the first four weeks of this course, we have explored PLE/Ns and the theories that support their role in education. This week, we turn our focus to evaluating learning in PLE/Ns. An often unstated [...] [Link] 2010-10-11T23:08:52

PLENK Week 4: Learning Theory
kristibroom, Learning About Learning
Week 4: Learning Theories. The Daily on 10/4/10 said this: “At first glance, learning theory discussions have all the excitement of watching rocks break down into soil: the process is long and tedious and often seems to produce little value.” I was prepared to be overwhelmed with content and underwhelmed with interest. And, I was surprised, [...] [Link] 2010-10-11T21:56:33

#PLENK2010 – Theory, Validity and Relativism
howardjohnson, A Chronicle of a Learning Journey
Thanks George; a good question I’ve been pondering for a couple days. First issue; I’ll try to get to a better understanding of how I use of the term belief.  I’m thinking pragmatically here about how I act in most everyday situations, not in an idealized logical theoretical way.  In this context, I use the term [...] [Link] 2010-10-11T17:03:22

What to learn in a MOOC about Learning Theory? (Didier), Learning PLENK
Last week was about learning theory.  I must say that it is not a really engaging topic for me:  To me the only theory that I want to learn is the theory of the person(s) that I am developing, engaging, influencing:  how they think, what motivates them and what they believe in the world around them...  Well that's me.More to the course itself, I was kept wandering if the topic in itself is really suited to the course intent itself:  in a way, looking at the .... [Link] 2010-10-11T16:55:00

El conectivismo como teoría del aprendizaje emergente
Jose Regueiro, Edufuture 21
El conectivismo como teoría del aprendizaje emergente, excelente presentación de Diego Deal sobre conectivismo y teorías del aprendizaje, perfecto complemento a la temática de la cuarta semana del [Link] 2010-10-11T12:21:00

eBookLearn, #PLENK2010 Testi digitali per la scuola come ambienti di apprendimento
serenaturri, serenaturri's Blog
Leggo con interesse il materiale presentato da Noa Carpignano[1], al Seminario tenutosi il 19 febbraio 2010 – Università di Padova – Cultura senza barriere reperibile qui e presentato come un possibile modello di editoria digitale scolastica al corso di perfezionamento dell’Università della Tuscia. L’autrice ragiona su I libri liquidi: presente e futuro anteriore dei testi [...] [Link] 2010-10-11T14:21:51

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@pgsimoes (Paulo Simões) tweeted: #PLENK2010 - The Daily - October 11, 2010 2010-10-11T23:08:53

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@WendyDrexler (Wendy Drexler) tweeted: Considering assessment in #PLENK2010. Food for thought. Also looking for students to share in ways other than txt. 2010-10-11T20:46:05

@enactivist (Stanley Frielick) tweeted: Upcoming online seminars on various aspects of assesment for e-learning, m-learning etc. #plenk2010 2010-10-11T20:10:38

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@web20education (Web 2.0 e-Safety) tweeted: "Netiquette" is network etiquette, the do's and don'ts of online communication. #edtech20 #etchat #plenk2010... 2010-10-11T17:12:07

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@rociohendez (Rocio Hendez ) tweeted: Navegando por algunos espacios para retomar mi paso por #PLENK2010 Now reading teaching with twitter 2010-10-11T15:11:25

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@newman5 (Newman Lanier) tweeted: Finally getting to the good stuff in #PLENK2010. - measurement and the 'clock-work university' try minute 17:28 of 2010-10-11T14:34:03

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@njtechteacher (Ann Oro) tweeted: First I've heard of PLENK2010 Giving it a try. Always looking to learn more. 2010-10-11T12:25:56

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