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October 8, 2010

Facilitator Posts

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Discussion Posts

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Cormier & Re-reading PLE
, Week Four General Discussion
by Keith Hamon.  In a recent post to Dave's Educational Blog, Dave Cormier made a number of comments about MOOCs (massively open online courses) in general, #PLENK2010 in particular, and personal learning networks/environments. Most of what he had to say was, as usual, quite insightful and very much in line with the way I tend to think about these issues, but he expressed a rather forceful caveat about the phrase personal learning environment (PLE). In short, he does not like its .... [Link] 2010-10-07T19:56:08

Is it the topic or the period in the course?
, Week Four General Discussion
by George Siemens.  Dave posted thoughts on the week 4 lull in open courses: MOOCs seem to have a certain "flow" - high levels of initial activity and chaos, followed by progressive clarification of goals and interests on the part of individuals. I wonder, how much of the lull is due to the subject matter...after all, learning theory is not the most exhilarating aspect of discussing ple/n's. .... [Link] 2010-10-07T15:49:37

What is proof?
, Week Four General Discussion
by Ken Anderson.  In a couple of threads related to learning theories the concept of proof has been raised, in the context that a theory must be proven, subjected to some sort of test, in order to assess its validity. So what constitutes 'proof'?  It would appear that the scientific method is the one being used in this forum, in that proof relates to empirical evidence of some kind.  I suppose this standard is useful, but I can't help but wonder if it is sufficient. .... [Link] 2010-10-07T12:12:38

Participants' Blogs

#PLENK2010 Learning Theory and Practice, and aims of education
suifaijohnmak, Suifaijohnmak's Weblog
I enjoyed reading Rita’s post here on the symbiosis-between-theory-and-practice, and shared her thoughts about the need of theory and practice. I think theory and practice should go hand in hand, so that guidance to education practitioners are provided as a source … Continue reading → [Link] 2010-10-08T11:09:54

4th week “It’s the journey …”
gibirger, via פλenK
This week started with a guide from Dave Cormier “Surviving week 4 of a MOOC”.  I was bewildered, survival is to strong a word - but while wandering the paths of the #PENK 2010 trails I found , there is still a lot of frustration going on. The ability of the individium  to cope with  the [...] [Link] 2010-10-08T09:08:16

PLENK2010, Learning Theories and Problems in Week 4
Plenk2010, Plenk2010's blog
This week we discuss learning theories. A topic which make a lot of participants problems - me too. In my mind theoretical texts are often not easy to read and it becomes even harder in a foreign language. Furthermore we didn’t get some proposed blog posts or articles for reading as in the weeks before. We got lists, very long lists with links to loads of texts about learning theories in which we have to take a choice. [Link] 2010-10-08T07:18:04

The informal learning debate
Viplav Baxi, Viplav Baxi's Meanderings
The debate at Oxford Union this Wednesday on informal learning was very interesting, more so because some wonderful people on Twitter were actually relaying it blow-by-blow and also because I was testing my multi-tasking skills by juggling between the Twitter conversation and the PLENK session! The motion was: The House believes that technology based informal learning is [...] [Link] 2010-10-08T06:40:06

#PLENK2010 Reflection on learning theories and practice
suifaijohnmak, Suifaijohnmak's Weblog
I am interested in reading Heli’s post on Learning Theories: Recent discussion. She made me smile, when sharing her background, as I also realised that I came from a different background – engineering,  education, and logistics, but found connected to … Continue reading → [Link] 2010-10-08T03:52:08

Trends of xWeb: Catching Up in PLENK2010
akh003, Haas | Learning
I have been doing a little bit of catch up in PLENK2010. Considering some of the future trends and directions that the web might take reminds me of just how much we tend to overestimate the near term and underestimate the long term. After recently giving my students the Nicholas Carr article “Is Google Making [...] [Link] 2010-10-08T01:00:45

Where is the MOOC’s Social Network? (Vahid), Vahid's PLENK2010 Experience
One of the goals of the MOOC (or was it just in my mind?) was to generate a community of participants, and Dave Courmier’s post on surviving the fourth week goes on to say that participants should now enter a stage of clustering, where we form stronger ties between peers that have common interests, or at least enjoy each other’s artifacts.Eventually, i believe we need some unifying tools to get around the MOOC. Allowing the participants to do their own thing on their own .... [Link] 2010-10-07T20:24:00

Twitter Posts

@vlaxnews (Мир технологий) tweeted: #PLENK2010 Reflection on learning theories and practice. John Mak - Suifaijohnmak's Weblog 2010-10-08T09:49:45

@web20education (Web 2.0 e-Safety) tweeted: ICT In the Classroom WebQuest by Jenni Parker #edtech20 #elearning #lrnchat #liveclass20 #plenk2010 #lrnchat 2010-10-08T08:45:00

@mojica (Raul Mojica) tweeted: Sloodle: LMS 3D #Sloodle #cpchat #edchat #edtech #mpos10 #plenk2010 #Moodle #SL 2010-10-08T08:33:03

@suifaijohnmak (suifaijohnmak) tweeted: #PLENK2010 Reflection 2010-10-08T08:07:14

@web20education (Web 2.0 e-Safety) tweeted: Format Factory is a multifunctional media converter. #edtech20 #elearning #plenk2010... 2010-10-08T07:37:31

@ozge (ozge karaoglu) tweeted: RT @web20education: Virtual School Symposium 2010 #edtech20 #elearning #educhat #lrnchat #web20chat #edchat #plenk2010 #etchat 2010-10-08T07:36:09

@web20education (Web 2.0 e-Safety) tweeted: Virtual School Symposium 2010 #edtech20 #elearning #educhat #lrnchat #web20chat #edchat #plenk2010 #etchat 2010-10-08T07:35:26

@koulocheri (Eleni Koulocheri) tweeted: @WelshCloggy On another note, how close is #connectionism (Thorndike) to #connectivism ? #PLENK2010 2010-10-08T07:22:28

@twoflower29 (Nicole Engelhardt) tweeted: ähmmm, Problems in Week 4 #plenk2010 2010-10-08T07:20:47

@twoflower29 (Nicole Engelhardt) tweeted: #Plenk2010, Learning Theories and Problems in Week 5 2010-10-08T07:19:26

@koulocheri (Eleni Koulocheri) tweeted: @WelshCloggy So, we do keep only motivation for #connectivism, and typical engagement for #costructivism. #PLENK2010 2010-10-08T07:18:56

@kukharenko (Vladimir Kukharenko) tweeted: RT @suifaijohnmak: #PLENK2010 What are necessary conditions of MOOC & Connectivism? Enculturation? 2010-10-08T06:13:36

@kukharenko (Vladimir Kukharenko) tweeted: RT @Cris2B: Map of Online Communities. I think I spotted PLENK south of WoW and SE of Urban Dead -- -- #PLENK2010 2010-10-08T06:11:05

@kukharenko (Vladimir Kukharenko) tweeted: RT @suifaijohnmak: #PLENK2010 Reflection on learning theories and practice : 2010-10-08T06:09:27

@zaidlearn (Zaid Ali Alsagoff) tweeted: @iTechSpec @web20education use Format Factory instead An awesome free desktop file converter #plenk2010 2010-10-08T06:05:02

@iTechSpec (Anita Harris) tweeted: RT @web20education: Free on-line file converter . #edtech20 #elearning #lrnchat #liveclass20 #plenk2010 2010-10-08T04:49:47

@suifaijohnmak (suifaijohnmak) tweeted: #PLENK2010 Reflection on learning theories and practice : 2010-10-08T03:52:24

@zaidlearn (Zaid Ali Alsagoff) tweeted: On my way to Port Dickson to facilitate IMU's E-Learning Strategy Workshop 2011-2015 this weekend... Taking a #plenk2010 break... :) 2010-10-08T03:42:25

@Cris2B (Cris Crissman) tweeted: Best metaphor ever - Travelators and learning, from BDRA: Retweeting from @aeratcliffe AE (Tony) Ratcliffe #PLENK2010 2010-10-08T02:35:42

@Cris2B (Cris Crissman) tweeted: Map of Online Communities. I think I spotted PLENK south of WoW and SE of Urban Dead -- -- #PLENK2010 2010-10-08T02:13:00

@akh003 (Fred Haas) tweeted: New post as I try Catching Up in PLENK2010 2010-10-08T01:18:47

@btrautwein (Breno Trautwein) tweeted: empiezo la oktoberfest em Blumenau #eadsunday #ocsp e #plenk2010 representados ein prosit eb! 2010-10-08T00:17:49

@paxcolorado (Pax Colorado) tweeted: RT @Downes: #PLENK2010 - slides and audio of talk today, Dimensions of a Learning Network in Vancouver 2010-10-08T00:04:14

@suifaijohnmak (suifaijohnmak) tweeted: #PLENK2010 What are necessary conditions of MOOC & Connectivism? Enculturation? 2010-10-07T22:58:46

@NicolaAvery (Nicola Avery) tweeted: @patriciab HE/FE higher education / further education #PLENK2010 2010-10-07T22:21:15

@WelshCloggy (Rita Kop) tweeted: @koulocheri Yes, but it is all through weak ties, rather than strong ones, which according to Dron&Anderson makes a difference #PLENK2010 2010-10-07T22:03:50

@patriciab (Patrícia S. Bassani) tweeted: HELP: I'm reading "Review of e-learning theories, frameworks and models" (Mayes & Freitas). What is "HE/FE"? #plenk2010 2010-10-07T22:00:29

@koulocheri (Eleni Koulocheri) tweeted: @WelshCloggy I'd assume that #connectivism brings motivation & engagement too!Creating nodes brings inclusion to knowledge Agree? #PLENK2010 2010-10-07T21:50:11

@NicolaAvery (Nicola Avery) tweeted: @zaidlearn @chunleizhang how to analyse a pattern of multimodal connections in a PLE - sensory which come from PLE then change ? #PLENK2010 2010-10-07T21:43:55

@Dave_Ferguson (Dave Ferguson) tweeted: @chris_saeger In a #plenk2010 discussion I linked to this Ertmer/Newby paper on behav/cognitiv/construct theory: PDF 2010-10-07T21:31:40

@eLearningGuild (eLearning Guild) tweeted: RT @pgsimoes: The #plenk2010 Daily is out - read this Twitter newspaper on (17 contributions today) 2010-10-07T21:05:01

@NicolaAvery (Nicola Avery) tweeted: RT @zaidlearn: @NicolaAvery @chunleizhang Did you know that every time you read you nurture your visualization & imagination skills? #plenk2010 2010-10-07T21:03:37

@chris_saeger (chris_saeger) tweeted: In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice but in practice there is #plenk2010 2010-10-07T21:00:25

@ctscho (Carmen Tschofen) tweeted: Complexity means ed resrch needs diff. quest's, analytic perspectives: "connectionist, holistic, non-linear" #plenk2010 2010-10-07T20:40:36

@zaidlearn (Zaid Ali Alsagoff) tweeted: @chunleizhang That is up to you! Just saying that reading is a powerful form of doing as it forces you to visualize & imagine :) #plenk2010 2010-10-07T19:29:45

@web20education (Web 2.0 e-Safety) tweeted: Free on-line file converter . #edtech20 #elearning #lrnchat #liveclass20 #plenk2010 2010-10-07T19:21:15

@web20education (Web 2.0 e-Safety) tweeted: Top Stories in Social Media and Tech #edtech20 #elearning #educhat #lrnchat #web20chat #edchat #plenk2010 #etchat 2010-10-07T19:04:02

@web20education (Web 2.0 e-Safety) tweeted: media in education #edtech20 #edchat #elearning #plenk2010 #edchat 2010-10-07T18:58:32

@jordiguimb (Jordi Guim Balcells) tweeted: Alexander+framework.JPG (JPEG Imagen, 1385x846 pixels) - Escalado (93%) #PLENK2010 2010-10-07T18:32:04

@albezln (Alberto Beccaris) tweeted: RT @Downes: #PLENK2010 - slides + audio of my talk, 'Dimensions of a Learning Network' in Vancouver - 2010-10-07T17:13:16

@frederic_dufour (Frédéric Dufour) tweeted: «Dimensions of a Learning Network» Diapo par @Downes dans le cadre de #plenk2010 via @Lianesod 2010-10-07T16:39:20

@WelshCloggy (Rita Kop) tweeted: @ConnectIrmeli Ba is new to me, but is similar to '3rd space' and 'information grounds' , see Carroll et al #PLENK2010 2010-10-07T16:26:01

@cpjobling (Chris Jobling) tweeted: Oxford Union db8 "This house believes that informal technology-based learning is more style than substance" #plenk2010 2010-10-07T15:51:09

@cpjobling (Chris Jobling) tweeted: "This house believes that informal technology-based learning is more style than substance" #elearningdebate #plenk 2010-10-07T15:49:38

@pgsimoes (Paulo Simões) tweeted: The #plenk2010 Daily is out - read this Twitter newspaper on (17 contributions today) 2010-10-07T15:03:39

@saadat_m (Mohsen Saadatmand) tweeted: Check this video out -- Personal Learning Networks for Educators via @youtube, #PLENk2010 2010-10-07T13:39:18

@patob2000 (Patricio Bustamante) tweeted: RT @chunleizhang: I prefer to learn by doing things and view pictures, not read long articles. so is there a picture version of learning theory? #PLENK2010 2010-10-07T13:31:02

@zaidlearn (Zaid Ali Alsagoff) tweeted: @NicolaAvery @chunleizhang Did you know that every time you read you nurture your visualization & imagination skills? #plenk2010 2010-10-07T13:30:37

@NicolaAvery (Nicola Avery) tweeted: RT @chunleizhang: I prefer to learn by doing things and view pictures, not read long articles. so is there a picture version of learning theory? #PLENK2010 2010-10-07T13:12:30

@dschink (Debbie Schinker) tweeted: RT @saadat_m: The End of Theory: The Data Deluge Makes the Scientific Method Obsolete, #PLENK2010, #eci831 2010-10-07T12:46:49

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