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October 7, 2010

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Discussion Posts

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Stories of failures and successes in PLE/N
, Week Four General Discussion
by Sui Fai John Mak.  What are your stories of failures and successes in PLE/N?  How do they relate to the learning theories and [Link] 2010-10-07T03:33:45

What is theory?
, Week Four General Discussion
by Ken Anderson.  Skimming briefly through the readings for this week, the following struck me as perhaps pertinent: There are certainly a lot of theories about learning.  How can this be?  When trying to answer this question for myself, I concluded that theories must be similar to perspectives, or individual viewpoints on a matter or subject. So, for example, Bandura has a theory, and Skinner has a theory, and Dewey has a theory, and so on and so on, ad infinitum, apparently. So, what.... [Link] 2010-10-06T19:46:23

How important is theory for practice?
, Week Four General Discussion
by Rita Kop.  Last night a Twitter discussion broke out on the relation between theory and practice, and earlier people had expressed their doubt if they would be able to get through this week as theory would not be their cup of tea. I have just put up a blog post about the symbiosis I think there is between theory and practice. I see practice as the observable part of the education/learning process and the theory and context as the hidden influences on learning. In my view it is .... [Link] 2010-10-06T12:53:06

Participants' Blogs

Perspectives on the future web (Guillaume Janssen), knowledge remix
The idea of the Semantic Web has been around for a few years but despite repeated efforts, I never managed to fully grasp what it was about as definitions were always cluttered with technical and obscure acronyms such as RDF, FOAF, URI, OWL etc.  From a user's perspective, what is it going to do for me, how will it work differently?  Last week's #PLENK2010 readings and discussions generated a proliferation of new terms trying to define what the future web will look like, .... [Link] 2010-10-07T10:48:00

Ambientes Personales de Aprendizaje y Redes sociales: las bases del aprendizaje en red
Diego Leal, .Edu.Co.Blog - Categoría: PLENK10
tweetmeme_url = '';tweetmeme_service = '';tweetmeme_service_api = 'R_5966e3ccae169cedb57c4674f11e9040';tweetmeme_source = 'qadmon';(Si está interesado en los materiales de la presentación o el taller realizado en Lima y prefiere omitir la reflexión inicial, siga directamente por .... [Link] 2010-10-07T05:44:27

#PLENK2010 2 Short stories Part I
suifaijohnmak, Suifaijohnmak's Weblog
Why are learning theories important in learning?  Do they provide us with solutions to learning?  What are their merits, limitations and applications? Jenny posted the relevance of learning theories here.  I like her evaluation of learning theories, in that she … Continue reading → [Link] 2010-10-07T03:23:50

#Plenk2010 Remembering What It's About (2) (Skupik), Skupiktalk
@font-face { font-family: "Times New Roman";}p.MsoNormal, li.MsoNormal, div.MsoNormal { margin: 0in 0in 0.0001pt; font-size: 12pt; font-family: "Times New Roman"; }table.MsoNormalTable { font-size: 10pt; font-family: "Times New Roman"; }div.Section1 { page: Section1; } Some of the learning/teaching theories may be proved right by neurology or by observable classroom practise. In one class on child development theory there were students from other courses. One young women remarked to me, ".... [Link] 2010-10-07T02:27:00

#PLENK2010: Teorías, pedagogías, terminologías y caos (Eva Cisma), ELEopositando
    Arrancada ya en esta cuarta semana de PLENK2010, por fin encuentro mi momento para poder plasmar aquí algunas ideas sobre el tema de discusión que nos ocupa "PLE/PLNs y teorías del aprendizaje".     Lo cierto es que el diario de esta semana, aparentemente, es un tanto desmotivador. Copio, pego y destaco: "Unfortunately, as you will note in the readings and in the websites we're exploring this week, the state of learning theories is, um, .... [Link] 2010-10-06T23:23:00

PLENK10 – If I forget the terms – PLE, PLN, LMS etc
rogersvlle, Rogersvlle's Blog
If I forget the special terminology and reflect on the reasons for seeking knowledge, skills and new things I find it easier to identify the elements/things and ways I set about “learning”, finding, confirming and seeking. Note I use “I”. … Continue reading → [Link] 2010-10-06T22:36:51

Steam Aged Education #PLENK2010 (Glen Gatin), Conviviality Corners
The #PLENK2010 session today was about learning theories and employed a few allusions to the age of steam power. I like the analogies to the history of technology. Like the examples from the development of the printing press, examples of societal responses to steam technology can be instructive respecting the response to information and communication technology. Many institutional education activities are throwbacks or hold outs from an earlier era. Remnants of the industrial era that preceded .... [Link] 2010-10-06T20:39:00

Re: actividades par hoy PLENK2010
Claudia Marisa Pagano, Conectivismo y PLENK2010 Google Group
Mil gracias Gilberto. Estaré pendiente. saludos, Lic Claudia Marisa Pagano | Consultora Especialista en Educación y Nuevas Tecnologías Máster en diseño, gestión y dirección de proyectos de eLearning Chacabuco, Bs As., Argentina [link] skype: cpagano355 twitter: avirtual Encuentre más información sobre mis teleservicios visitando mi [Link]

#PLENK2010 - The Daily - October 6, 2010
Paulo Simões, PLENK2010
[Home] [Discussion] [Wiki] [The Daily Archives] [Blog] [Live Sessions] [Recordings] [About] The Daily October 6, 2010 Live Session Today George Siemens will be our guest speaker today. He’ll present on the topic “Exploring the learning theory underpinning complex knowledge in PLE/N”. The session will be held here in elluminate…according to these time zone conversions. Facilitator Posts To view the entire [...] [Link] 2010-10-06T16:53:33

simkathy, My Weblog
Just finished listening to the live session for Wednesday October 6th.  Many great ideas and links to other “nodes”.  I’ve this realization many times and each time it comes in a somewhat different form. My realization surrounds how I find my way in a MOOC (my first by the way) and the curse of being [...] [Link] 2010-10-06T17:06:01

PLENK 2010
simkathy, My Weblog
This is my personal blog to record thoughts and share ideas for the PLENK 2010 Course.  As you can see I started this blog long ago to capture interesting ideas that I find in my wanderings around on the internet using Clipmarks.   AND thus brings up an important point I have learned about my own [...] [Link] 2010-09-10T16:13:17

Re: actividades par hoy PLENK2010
Ana Cristina Bórquez, Conectivismo y PLENK2010 Google Group
Wow!! Poquita cosa eh??? Un gran ponente; haré todo lo posible por estar, Gracias mil por el aviso-recordatorio Un saludo enorme Ana [Link]

actividades par hoy PLENK2010
Gilberto Ruz, Conectivismo y PLENK2010 Google Group
Para los que puedan enlazarce al web conferencia de hoy[?], checa tu horario entrando a la comunidad en el dia de hoy. La platica la dara George Siemens.....[?] [Link]

The symbiosis between theory and practice (Rita), Observations about learning, knowledge and technology
Last night and this morning on the Twitter #PLENK2010 a discussion went on about the relation of theory and practice. Questions were raised about the need for theory at all.Well, I have learned over the years that to me theory is very important. For one to understand why I practice in the way I do. Also to question decisions made by politicians about education and schooling; so to understand what their aims and objectives are with schooling and if they are in the best interest of children and .... [Link] 2010-10-06T12:27:00

Twitter Posts

@chunleizhang (Luke Zhang) tweeted: @WelshCloggy twitter can be used to ask questions and give links. #PLENK2010 2010-10-07T11:34:32

@arieliondotcom (arieliondotcom) tweeted: If #Connectivism & #PLE s are valid, is it cheating to get test answers through Telepathy from members of your network? #PLENK 2010-10-07T11:16:42

@mnolasz (mnolasz) tweeted: (viejas teorías dogmatizando los nuevos paradigmas?)RT @jordiguimb: PBL Mucha teoría, poca teoría, sin teoría #PLENK2010 2010-10-07T11:00:13

@jordiguimb (Jordi Guim Balcells) tweeted: PBL Mucha teoría, poca teoría, sin teoría #PLENK2010 2010-10-07T10:55:07

@ConnectIrmeli (Irmeli Aro) tweeted: Reading: The Concept of "Ba" (1998) from #PLE point of view - excellent match!! #PLENK2010 #KM #socialKM #personalKM 2010-10-07T08:44:09

@danidominguez (Daniel Dominguez) tweeted: Complex knowledge and personal learning environments, #PLENK2010 2010-10-07T08:36:10

@stevemac121 (stevemac121) tweeted: curriculum design - excellent resource #plenk2010 2010-10-07T07:11:06

@onepercentyello (Leslie Lindballe) tweeted: @courosa the #PLENK2010 ? 2010-10-07T04:32:45

@suifaijohnmak (suifaijohnmak) tweeted: #PLENK2010 2 Short stories Part I: 2010-10-07T03:24:05

@zaidlearn (Zaid Ali Alsagoff) tweeted: Stephen Downes 'Dimensions of a Learning Network' Slide 3 is my artwork...need to patent it now! #plenk2010 2010-10-07T02:57:14

@suifaijohnmak (suifaijohnmak) tweeted: @WelshCloggy #PLENK2010 Forums tend to be 1 to many -> Group think/ tangential/diverse? Experi discuss of PLE/N & LT on Twitter like blog? 2010-10-07T01:35:21

@WelshCloggy (Rita Kop) tweeted: @suifaijohnmak perhaps Twitter is not the best medium to discuss learning t. I don't have enough words! Move to #PLENK2010 forum! 2010-10-07T00:30:23

@DolorsCapdet (DolorsCapdet) tweeted: RT @gsiemens: recording #plenk2010 presentation on complex knowledge, learning theory, & ple/n: 2010-10-07T00:16:54

@myshkinwannabe (Jay Parker) tweeted: Complex knowledge and personal learning environments: I delivered a presentation today to PLENK2010 on Complex Kno... 2010-10-06T23:45:26

@suifaijohnmak (suifaijohnmak) tweeted: @WelshCloggy #PLENK2010 Learning theories Each theory seemed proven within context? 2010-10-06T23:22:33

@suifaijohnmak (suifaijohnmak) tweeted: @WelshCloggy #PLENK2010 Is difference bet theory & deve theory a theory? What are assumptions in theo?Debates based on perspectives/beliefs? 2010-10-06T23:11:41

@patob2000 (Patricio Bustamante) tweeted: Agregando "Dimensions of a Learning Network" a mi Playlist de Presentaciones #PLENK2010 : 2010-10-06T23:06:40

@vlaxnews (Мир технологий) tweeted: Dimensions of a Learning Network [Presentation]. Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web #PLENK2010 2010-10-06T22:31:52

@vlaxnews (Мир технологий) tweeted: RT @jswann: @vlaxnews @zaidlearn Another nice Bloom site at #PLENK2010 2010-10-06T22:23:32

@WelshCloggy (Rita Kop) tweeted: @suifaijohnmak What is a theory? is a start. See on #PLENK2010 forum Also: where does psychology come into the debate? 2010-10-06T22:19:34

@suifaijohnmak (suifaijohnmak) tweeted: @WelshCloggy What are missing links of learning theories? Beh/Cogni/Const/Sit/Connect Merits/limit/context/assumptions/learners? #PLENK2010 2010-10-06T22:13:54

@suifaijohnmak (suifaijohnmak) tweeted: RT @NicolaAvery: @zaidlearn, re Blooms Taxonomy Wheels (great post!), maybe also with magnetic poetry? #plenk2010 2010-10-06T21:53:30

@NicolaAvery (Nicola Avery) tweeted: @zaidlearn, re Blooms Taxonomy Wheels (great post!), maybe also with magnetic poetry? #plenk2010 2010-10-06T21:49:50

@koulocheri (Eleni Koulocheri) tweeted: comparing #connectivism with other learning theories: very clear :) #PLENK2010 2010-10-06T21:21:15

@WelshCloggy (Rita Kop) tweeted: @koulocheri Let the discussion begin! What would you say are the main characteristics for each? #PLENK2010 2010-10-06T21:05:48

@NicolaAvery (Nicola Avery) tweeted: RT @Downes: #PLENK2010 - slides and audio of my talk today, 'Dimensions of a Learning Network' in Vancouver - 2010-10-06T21:00:08

@chiyanlam (Chi Y. Lam) tweeted: 5 points about PLEs PLNs for #PLENK10 @ Dave’s Educational Blog via @claudiofleury 2010-10-06T20:54:26

@chelucana (Araceli Pérez) tweeted: RT @Downes: #PLENK2010 - slides and audio of my talk today, 'Dimensions of a Learning Network' in Vancouver - 2010-10-06T20:11:39

@kukharenko (Vladimir Kukharenko) tweeted: RT @Downes: #PLENK2010 - slides and audio, 'Dimensions of a Learning Network' in Vancouver - 2010-10-06T20:03:34

@luzpearson (Luz Pearson) tweeted: networks that learn! RT @Downes: #PLENK2010 - slides and audio 'Dimensions of a Learning Network' in Vancouver - 2010-10-06T20:00:11

@sparkandco (Holly MacDonald) tweeted: Great preso RT @Downes: #PLENK2010 - slides & audio of my talk 2day, 'Dimensions of a Learning Network' in Vancouver - 2010-10-06T19:56:54

@saadat_m (Mohsen Saadatmand) tweeted: Check out this SlideShare presentation : Dimensions of a Learning Network, #PLENK2010, #eci831 2010-10-06T19:52:14

@UBC_NCIE (Shawna.Reibling@NCIE) tweeted: RT @Downes: #PLENK2010 - slides and audio of my talk today, 'Dimensions of a Learning Network' in Vancouver - 2010-10-06T19:49:25

@Downes (Downes) tweeted: #PLENK2010 - slides and audio of my talk today, 'Dimensions of a Learning Network' in Vancouver - 2010-10-06T19:46:12

@albezln (Alberto Beccaris) tweeted: RT @gsiemens: recording #plenk2010 presentation on complex knowledge, learning theory, & ple/n: 2010-10-06T19:18:02

@web20education (Web 2.0 e-Safety) tweeted: Free apps to improve your website #edtech20 #edchat #elearning #plenk2010 #edchat 2010-10-06T19:06:11

@EvaCisma (Eva Cisma) tweeted: RT @gsiemens: recording #plenk2010 presentation on complex knowledge, learning theory, & ple/n: 2010-10-06T18:42:02

@sleveo (Steve LeBlanc) tweeted: @sifowler I was in Elluminate session for #PLENK2010 discussing Lrning Theories as your #elearningdebate was finishing. Cool. To wthashtag. 2010-10-06T17:53:03

@saadat_m (Mohsen Saadatmand) tweeted: The End of Theory: The Data Deluge Makes the Scientific Method Obsolete, #PLENK2010, #eci831 2010-10-06T17:50:09

@NicolaAvery (Nicola Avery) tweeted: RT @gsiemens: recording #plenk2010 presentation on complex knowledge, learning theory, & ple/n: 2010-10-06T17:41:37

@CliveBuckley (Clive Buckley) tweeted: RT @gsiemens: recording #plenk2010 presentation on complex knowledge, learning theory, & ple/n: #elearning 2010-10-06T17:19:26

@niklas_karlsson (Niklas Karlsson) tweeted: RT @gsiemens: recording #plenk2010 presentation on complex knowledge, learning theory, & ple/n: 2010-10-06T17:19:09

@ConectivismoPR (ConectivismoPR) tweeted: RT @gsiemens: recording #plenk2010 presentation on complex knowledge, learning theory, & ple/n: 2010-10-06T17:18:52

@niklas_karlsson (Niklas Karlsson) tweeted: I`m on a train to Stockholm - missed the live session today in #PLENK2010 2010-10-06T17:16:46

@gsiemens (George Siemens) tweeted: recording #plenk2010 presentation on complex knowledge, learning theory, & ple/n: 2010-10-06T17:15:07

@tschlotfeldt (Tim Schlotfeldt) tweeted: Submitted a ticket to the #elluminate support, some images are not visible in the #linux client #plenk2010 2010-10-06T17:03:59

@saadat_m (Mohsen Saadatmand) tweeted: Now in live session in MOOC #PLENK2010 course , everybody tries to ask questions regarding Connectivism from its developer @gsiemens! 2010-10-06T16:59:43

@saadat_m (Mohsen Saadatmand) tweeted: @gsiemns, we create our knowledge by connecting information pieces and nodes. #PLENK2010 2010-10-06T16:55:50

@pfidalgo1 (Patricia Fidalgo) tweeted: The act of learning is conectivism driven @gsiemens #PLENK2010 2010-10-06T16:55:17

@pfidalgo1 (Patricia Fidalgo) tweeted: The direction of knowledge gowth is determine by us as group #PLENK2010 @gsiemens 2010-10-06T16:54:33

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