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September 27, 2010

The neXt/eXtended Web

Since about 2005, attention has been directed to trying to define the changing nature of the web. For several years, "web 2.0" was the buzzword of choice. Today, the terminology is centered around "social media" or the "social web". Buzzwords come and go, but there is no mistaking that the web today is very different from what existed in the late 1990's. The growth of wikipedia, blogs, video casting, Twitter, amateur journalism, among others, has had an impact on education. Given the impact of technological innovation on education to date, it's reasonable to expect a similar future impact. As a result, it's important for educators to be familiar emerging technology trends. This week is an introduction to different views of the web's future...and the implications this has on PLE/Ns.

Readings for this week:

PLEs and the Extended Web (Rita Kop)

Web 3.0: the way forward? (Steve Wheeler)

The xWeb (George Siemens)

The Next Web (Tim Berners Lee - TED Talk)

Live Sessions this week:

Wednesday, September 29

Elluminate session, with guest speaker Janet Clarey

Time: 8:00 p.m. Moscow, 5:00 p.m. London, 12 noon New York, 9:00 a.m. Los Angeles, midnight Thursday Beijing.Conversions to different time zones

Friday, October 1

Elluminate session with course facilitators.

Time: 8:00 p.m. Moscow, 5:00 p.m. London, 12 noon New York, 9:00 a.m. Los Angeles, midnight Thursday Beijing. Conversions to different time zones

Activities this Week:

This week is a bit exploratory, focusing on how the web is changing and the new directions it is/might be taking. After reviewing the readings and video this week, consider creating a video/podcast/blog post expressing trends and patterns that you feel are most significant in their impact on teaching, learning, and education.

Facilitator Posts

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Discussion Posts

Each week, PLENK moves to a new weekly discussion forum. You can see them all here.

Second Life PLENK meeting feedback and SL links
, Week Two General Discussion
by Susan O'Grady.   In response to:"Finding a Voice in a PLN v a Pre-structured Interaction Environment by Wendy McGrath - Monday, 20 September 2010, 10:28 AM"Another way to be heard is to join the group online in Second Life during Elluminate sessions. A group of us met last night (approx 14) and as a newbie to SL I was impressed. We wrapped it up at approx. 4 a.m Sydney time. We were co ordinating IM, Voice Chat, Elluminate Audio and Elluminate interface using a variety .... [Link] 2010-09-25T00:02:09

Suggestion: A Gallery of PLE/PLN/PKN Visualizations
, Week Two General Discussion
by Chris Jobling.  Following on from the thread on Concept Maps, Jason Green created a discussion "Early Concept maps" to showcase some of the community's attempts to visualize their PLE/Ns. I wonder if there would be any support for creating a gallery of these diagrams in Flickr. There's already an open group called PLENK2010 (declaration of interest: I created it) where such a collection could be established, and it would be easy to create a slide-show from that that .... [Link] 2010-09-24T23:16:08

Participants' Blogs

Web 3.0
gibirger, via פλenK
#PLENK2010ers let’s go out of our “filos”,  let’s upload our raw data now,  tag it and link it, because “the Web without semantics is like a perfect memory without understanding”. Das Web ohne Semantik ist wie ein perfektes Gedächtnis ohne Verständnis. Ο Παγκόσμιος Ιστός χωρίς σημασιολογία είναι σαν μια τέλεια μνήμη που δεν καταλαβαίνουν. .אינטרנט [...] [Link] 2010-09-27T08:14:42

Why MOOC Engagement is So Hard
Steve LeBlanc, Ponderances of Steve
MOOC? A MOOC is a Massive Open Online Course. It offers a social media framework to support open, informal, social learning on a topic. The MOOC I joined was called #PLENK2010 (Personal Learning Environment, Network, Knowledge). #PLENK2010 started in September 2010 and runs for 10 weeks. It was created to support several research projects on [...] [Link] 2010-09-27T06:45:31

#PLENK2010 Research into the Design and Delivery of MOOC (I)
suifaijohnmak, Suifaijohnmak's Weblog
I read Steve’s post on “Why engagement in MOOC (PLENK2010) is so hard” with great interests. Many thanks Steve for summarizing and culling from forum posts and Elluminate sessions of #PLENK.  It helps in understanding what the expectations and perspectives … Continue reading → [Link] 2010-09-27T08:59:38

PLENK10 – PLE & the Internet as a River
rogersvlle, Rogersvlle's Blog
As I struggle with the process of sorting through my thinking about the relationship between my learning and the internet I keep remembering things. About a year ago I pondered with a few other Kiwis about the concept of the … Continue reading → [Link] 2010-09-27T07:20:20

#PLENK2010 Research
suifaijohnmak, Suifaijohnmak's Weblog
Jenny writes in her post on research, technology and networks “This indicates that good research has been and continues to be published without the Web or being networked. I think we need to think more/be more explicit about what might be … Continue reading → [Link] 2010-09-27T02:18:57

DIGITAL PLE (Veronica Baig), Loose Ends
There has been so much discussion about the precise nature of PLEs in this course. Some people think the term should be inclusive and encompass everything that is part of the environment from which we can learn. Others clearly think that because we generally mean the computer environment when we discuss PLEs, whether in PLENK2010 or elsewhere, that we should be more restrictive in our usage. I suggest we resolve the issue by using the restrictive term digital PLE when we mean the latter. While .... [Link] 2010-09-27T01:29:00

#PLENK2010Feeling Isolated (Skupik), Skupiktalk
@font-face { font-family: "Times New Roman";}p.MsoNormal, li.MsoNormal, div.MsoNormal { margin: 0in 0in 0.0001pt; font-size: 12pt; font-family: "Times New Roman"; }table.MsoNormalTable { font-size: 10pt; font-family: "Times New Roman"; }div.Section1 { page: Section1; } Sept 25 2010 Tried to go down to the Hagensborg store yesterday in the rain and got just to the top of the hill past Gross Rd.  There were earth movers clearing the road and digging out the ditches to direct the water .... [Link] 2010-09-26T21:37:00

Learning and institutions
Heli, Heli on Connectivism
It seems to me that participants in PLENK2010 already know good points of PLE, PLN, LMS and their borders as well. Those were reported at the beginning of Friday Elluminate (the recording is available) . I want to take a broader point of view. Or try anyway, to discuss about factors that help learning in [...] [Link] 2010-09-26T15:23:22

Cyborg Anthropology: Implications for Learning and PLEs? #plenk2010
, PLE's, networks, knowledge & me
via O'Reilly Webcast: Cyborg Anthropology: A Short Introduction August 5, 2010 This is a fascinating presentation on humans and tools co-evolving one another. Interesting that she brings up Gregory Bateson and some of the early discussions on cybernetics. The later portion delves into augmented reality with a demonstration of situated notes. These would appear (in your mobile) when you are in the vicinity of the notes geo-location--personal learning on .... [Link] 2010-09-26T07:41:00

My Notes from Week Two in PLENK2010
Linn, Jakten på den perfekta lektionen
My notes for weeek one? Here they [Link] 2010-09-26T11:25:00

Some reflections - and a concept map (Jim Stauffer), connectJim
I expected a heated discussion with regard to the conversation about the incompatibility between connectivism and constructivism in the Friday Elluminate session (Sept 23). Surprisingly there’s nothing in the forums yet. I believe it was Stephen Downes who said he had come to the conclusion the two could not co-exist. I’m wondering which part of this description of constructivism is incompatible with connectivism. "We socially construct meaning through our everyday interactions with others .... [Link] 2010-09-26T06:06:00

The Coffeebreaks and the Friday Beers in PLENK2010?
Linn, Jakten på den perfekta lektionen
Informal groups are forming, I like that! Sean Fitzgerald invited me to a coffeebreak in Second Life:-) A Facebook page started this weekend, 60 persons joined so far:-) And then the Twitter clusters that Tony Hirst visualized :-) Still, I miss the nonverbal communication in the coffeebreaks IRL. It is more difficult to get to know new people without beeing able to read their faces I think. So if anyone would be interested in a 3-10 persons-15 minutes-coffeebreak arranged with for example .... [Link] 2010-09-26T07:01:00

What i do in/with my PLE (Vahid), Vahid's PLENK2010 Experience
So we were asked to create a concept map representing the tools we use to keep our PLE working. Now that i think i have a working definition for it, representing it should be easy, right?It turns out that i felt i needed to go through a 'preparatory stage' in which i would identify how i get my learning done, what are the actions i take, before i freely share which tools i use. Out of this reflection came the following map:It's pretty simple: i take up to 5 general actions to .... [Link] 2010-09-26T05:16:00

A summary that helps me with my PLE struggle
, PLE's, networks, knowledge & me
via I find myself in a sea of possibilities. Choosing is not my strength. It reminds me of looking for the "perfect" organizer/dayrunner. I was always sure that when I found "it" I would be organized. Didn't happen, I have to organize myself and live with the level of effort I put in. #plenk2010 I wonder about PLE's and personality types? Does a P have a very different approach than a J? From the description of these preferences and my comments can .... [Link] 2010-09-25T19:28:00

PLE Practice and Theory #Plenk2010
, PLE's, networks, knowledge & me
Today I have been working on the design of my personal learning environment concept. More about that in a moment, but first, a story. My wife asked me to install a network printer on her laptop today. I had forgotten how to do it. Here is how I re-learned (remembered) how to do it. I knew generally that I would be setting it up as a local printer but needed to set a tcp port. I have an airport extreme wireless router. I do remember from the last time that bonjour .... [Link] 2010-09-25T17:27:00

PLENK2010 Sharing the knowledge (Skupik), Skupiktalk
PLENK2010  I've been in this course for just two weeks and I feel inundated with new data especially about websites, widgets, and more sites.  As part of my dealing with data, I have started a table of websites for my own use.  Now, I am sharing the info with those teaching computers and those teaching adults here in the Valley, a sort of mini-course for them.   I like the way we are bringing up topics and sharing with one another.  I see that we are .... [Link] 2010-09-25T21:14:00

Testing Formatting 2
Pani Lynn, Blog for #PLENK210
Age: 45Gender: femaleCountry of Origin: ChinaFirst language: MandarinOther languages spoken fluently: Cantonese, EnglishHow long has this person spoken English? 30 yearsThe person I interviewed came to the US from China at the age of 15. She did not speak any English at that time. Her parents came to the US as gradaute students. When she enrolled in high school classes, she was very happy that she was in an ESL [Link] 2010-09-25T20:43:00

Testing formatting
Pani Lynn, Blog for #PLENK210
Age: 15Gender: maleCountry of Origin: SpainFirst language: SpanishOther languages spoken fluently: French, EnglishHow long has this person spoken English? 10 yearsThe person I interviewed came to the US from Spain at the age of 5. He did not speak any English at that time. His parents decided to enroll him in Kindergarten so that he could start learning English right [Link] 2010-09-25T20:39:00

#PLENK2010 PLE vs. LMS
x28, x28's new Blog » PLENK2010
Apparently, the main difference between PLE and LMS is centrality of the LMS. But a typical LMS shows more than forums-like centrality. It is often a centralistic mindset that reigns here. the choice between PLE and centralistic LMS is a matter of preference and mindset, just as well as the choice between blogs and central forums. But while the forums choice depends on the styles of the students, the LMS usage is often influenced by an unaware preference of the teacher. Read more... [Link] 2010-09-25T14:48:18

Thoughts about PLE
gibirger, via פλenK
To convince an institution, whether to use PLE or LMS, is simply talking about the costs. During  the 2nd week of #PLENK2010 activities these two tables were created by Linn Gustavsson . They demonstrate exactly the VLE  situation I’m working in currently. I use PLE in five courses. Alltogether the maintenance hours per week for PLE blogging  are [...] [Link] 2010-09-25T09:31:28

HOLD THE FRONT PAGE - PLE's need Teachers
Steve Mackenzie, Learnadoodledastic
Call it a PLE if you like, to me it is connectivist learning. Other terms that i can identify with are Dave Cormier's 'Community as Curriculum' approach and Wendy Drexler's elucidation of Networked learning in the 'Networked student model' (video) .I agree with Jenny Mackness blog post on Curation and Balance in that it is the process that is of most interest and relevance when trying to explain to staff and students the benefits of 21st century connectivist .... [Link] 2010-09-23T17:25:00

PLE require a reform of the assessment of knowledge!
Niklas Karlsson, Learning - thoughts & reflections
In this post I will discuss the issues of week 2 in the course #PLENK2010, based on my experiences as a high school (upper secondary) teacher in sience and math and my reflections of the input from the week.The issues week 2 in the course are:”Key questions arise as to the role that PLEs play in relation to structured enterprise-controlled systems (VLEs and LMS). Can PLEs be seen as institutional level software?Do PLEs require dramatic reform of the education system? Must PLEs and LMS be .... [Link] 2010-09-24T23:05:00

A day in the PLENK
Chris Jobling, Fresh and Crispy
At the end of the Beatles' seminal Sergeant Pepper album is the track "A Day in the Life." Those who've heard it will know that right at the end of the track, and therefore the album, is the climax in which an orchestra works itself up into a frenzy of noise before a single piano chord brings the whole thing to an end. PLENK2010 has been like being in that orchestra this week. An awful lot [Link] 2010-09-24T21:14:00

What’s PLE again?
Vilimaka on cruiselyna, Cruiselyna's Blog
At the beginning of this PLENK2010 MOOC, I was very negative about the perceived ‘freedom’ of one in his/her Personal Learning Environment. And now, even though I am still critical of the whole PLE idea, I cannot deny the fact that it has definitely influenced both my belief and approach to teaching (and learning). To me, this MOOC is one [...] [Link] 2010-09-24T20:19:25

Learning Theories
alan, alQpr
. . . are something about which I have no expertise – but that’s never stopped me from sounding off about anything else, so here goes: One of the topics of discussion in today’s #PLENK2010 Elluminate session was the distinction between Constructivist and Connectivist theories of learning. At first Stephen and George almost had me [...] [Link] 2010-09-24T21:24:47

Network Environments for Personal Learning
alan, alQpr
In week 2, the focus of #PLENK2010 shifted from the basic terminology, and emphasis on user “client-side” tools to the “server-side” area of support tools - such as might be provided by an educational institution for example. (These are what I, in a fit of foolish pedantry, identified earlier as the EPL aspect as opposed [...] [Link] 2010-09-24T20:26:34

The LMS is like Temple Grandin's Machine #PLENK2010 (Glen Gatin), Conviviality Corners
Just watched Temple Grandin the fantastically inspirational story of a woman with autism who used her special sensitivities to promote humane treatment of cattle in abattoirs and stockyards. She couldn't stand to be held or touched by humans. She was really impressed when she first saw a cattle squeeze, a device with a head gate and a lever operated device that immobilizes cattle so you can treat them or work with them with out risk to cowpersons or cattle. When she asked what the gate .... [Link] 2010-09-24T20:17:00

My favourite sites (first week) (ester lato), PLENK 2010 PLEs mean, some visions [Link] 2010-09-24T19:07:00

PLENK2010 – Twitter Clusters
, Stephen's Web ~ OLDaily
Tony Hirst, OUseful Info, September 24, 2010. Analysis of the Twitter network that forms a part of the PLENK 2010 course reveals a number of distinct clusters within the course, writes Tony Hirst. The clusters appear to be mostly geography or language based, and each cluster has different interests, as revealed by word clusters. It's a great visualization, and it is of course not entirely certain what it means. But as I state in the comments, I see it as a realization of a design .... [Link] 2010-09-24T05:43:03

Det bildas gäng
Linn, Jakten på den perfekta lektionen
..i den här kursen jag läser. Tony Hirst visar här vilka twitterkluster som bildats i kursen och vad de pratar om. Undrar om det i förlängningen kommer att bli klassiska skolklassgäng?Plugghästarna i ett kluster.Nördarna i ett kluster.De coola, som inte bryr sig om skolan i ett klusterSnygga tjejerna, runt en bidrottning, i ett kluster osv..:-)Själv är en man outsider som vanligt :-) men har faktiskt träffat någon enstaka i klassen på Facebook. Annars verkar det vara Second Life .... [Link] 2010-09-24T18:24:00

#PLENK2010 - The Daily - September 24, 2010
Paulo Simões, PLENK2010
[Home] [Discussion] [Wiki] [The Daily Archives] [Blog] [Live Sessions] [Recordings] [About] The Daily September 24, 2010 Live Elluminate Session: Friday, September 24 We will be meeting Friday in Elluminate for our weekly facilitator discussions. Time zone conversions can be accessed here. Facilitator Posts To view the entire blog post, click on the title of the post, and you’ll be taken [...] [Link] 2010-09-24T17:41:44

I'm Learning and I'm Sharing #PLENK2010 (T. Flowers), Let's Chat! PLENK2010
My excitement about this MOOC is growing daily as I engage in the many resources available to us.  This is not an understatement.  My mind is racing right now as I think of all the opportunities to share my learnings with my 3 children who are attending 3 different college/universities across the country.  As I speak with my children on a daily basis I've observed them becoming more and more curious about new trends .... [Link] 2010-09-24T16:17:00

Twitter Posts

@EvaCisma (Eva Cisma) tweeted: #PLENK2010 3ª Semana: The neXt/eXtended Web, materiales recomendados 2010-09-27T13:47:17

@rvr001 (Ricardo EValenzuela ) tweeted: #PLENK2010 Rita Kop: Critical literacies are very important to learn and not all adults have them. Checking out my notes of CL course. 2010-09-27T13:45:13

@rvr001 (Ricardo EValenzuela ) tweeted: #PLENK2010 Web3.0 another name for eXtended web 2010-09-27T13:35:46

@conniemwhite (Connie White) tweeted: @aeratcliffe Leverage Social Media for Emergency Management Workshop Dec 11 - 15 $650 Florida #PLENK2010 #PLE #edtech #phd 2010-09-27T13:35:42

@ITSFEM (ITSFEM) tweeted: @aeratcliffe Leverage Social Media for Emergency Management Workshop Dec 11 - 15 $650 Florida #PLENK2010 #PLE #edtech #phd 2010-09-27T13:35:41

@rvr001 (Ricardo EValenzuela ) tweeted: #PLENK2010 Rita Kop:Learning in my view is not synonymous with accessing information, and requires a level of reflection, analysis..... 2010-09-27T13:31:40

@rvr001 (Ricardo EValenzuela ) tweeted: #PLENK2010 Starting 3rd. week, I am reading: The eXtended Web and the Personal Learning Environment by Rita Kop 2010-09-27T13:19:09

@CathyLAnderson (Cathy Anderson) tweeted: PLE Practice and Theory #Plenk2010 - PLE's, networks, knowledge & me 2010-09-27T13:15:12

@antoesp (antonella esposito) tweeted: RT @ShellTerrell Xtranormal video: #PLE versus #LMS #elearning via @aeratcliffe #plenk2010 2010-09-27T12:47:47

@saadat_m (Mohsen Saadatmand) tweeted: is immersed in different social media for learning and resaerch and inspired with the new direction in my research. #eci831, #PLENK2010 2010-09-27T12:29:24

@web20education (Web 2.0 e-Safety) tweeted: Innovative Technologies for an Engaging Classroom via @eu_schoolnet #plenk10 #edtech20... 2010-09-27T11:58:51

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@Sazza003 (SarahNicolaou) tweeted: RT @web20education: 27 Interesting Ways* to use Google Docs in the Classroom via @tombarrett #plenk10... 2010-09-27T11:38:20

@pgsimoes (Paulo Simões) tweeted: The #plenk2010 Daily is out - read this Twitter newspaper on (24 contributions today) 2010-09-27T11:30:17

@vwgus (UnSymposium) tweeted: PLE and PLN focused event in Second Life CFP due October 1 for more info #plenk2010 2010-09-27T10:10:02

@saadat_m (Mohsen Saadatmand) tweeted: Read The #plenk2010 Daily ▸ today's top stories are contributed by @chris_saeger @vlaxnews and @ggatin 2010-09-27T10:04:16

@Cris2B (Cris2B) tweeted: @Zaid Celebrity #PLENK2010 ers are not safe from you Don't show Palin George's PLENK diagram Would blow fuse 2010-09-27T09:45:05

@NicolaAvery (Nicola Avery) tweeted: RT @davebriggs: @NicolaAvery Heh, thanks. I wrote a bit about PLEs here , #PLENK2010 2010-09-27T09:44:29

@NicolaAvery (Nicola Avery) tweeted: @davebriggs its in wk3 but you could easily pick up being a social guru :) we set up a fb page too 2010-09-27T09:32:50

@Cris2B (Cris2B) tweeted: Are you paranodal? Mejias on Nodocentrism the dark side of networking #PLENK2010 2010-09-27T09:20:06

@zaidlearn (Zaid Ali Alsagoff) tweeted: @helinur The Finnish Education System Rocks! Why? #plenk2010 That is my sense :) 2010-09-27T09:06:49

@suifaijohnmak (suifaijohnmak) tweeted: #PLENK2010 Research into the Design and Delivery of MOOC (I): 2010-09-27T08:59:53

@seanfitz (Sean FitzGerald) tweeted: Some rudimentary thoughts on love, MOOCs and open learning. #plenk2010 2010-09-27T08:55:31

@helinur (Heli Nurmi) tweeted: RT @zaidlearn: Sarah Palin Discusses Why PLENK 2010 Matters! (animation) My post updated, too #plenk2010 2010-09-27T08:34:29

@helinur (Heli Nurmi) tweeted: How about broader view any sense in this? #PLENK2010 2010-09-27T07:43:59

@seanfitz (Sean FitzGerald) tweeted: Great post. RT @sleveo: Why MOOC Engagement is So Hard in #PLENK2010 « Ponderances of Steve 2010-09-27T07:35:22

@antoesp (antonella esposito) tweeted: Interesting discussion sparked by Jenny Mackness on #openresearch & new scholars / @suifaijohnmak #plenk2010 2010-09-27T07:35:09

@sleveo (Steve LeBlanc) tweeted: Why MOOC Engagement is So Hard in #PLENK2010 « Ponderances of Steve 2010-09-27T06:48:29

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@Jamartinb (Juan Martinez) tweeted: Preparando una presentación importante sobre entornos personales de aprendizaje y la enseñanza de la historia #plenk2010 ejerce influencia 2010-09-27T02:48:51

@suifaijohnmak (suifaijohnmak) tweeted: Are you interested in open research? #PLENK2010 2010-09-27T02:25:27

@suifaijohnmak (suifaijohnmak) tweeted: #PLENK2010 Research : 2010-09-27T02:19:03

@frashad (Frashad Shah) tweeted: RT @zaidlearn: Sarah Palin Discusses Why PLENK 2010 Matters! (animation) My post updated, too #plenk2010 2010-09-27T02:15:52

@Arianata (Ariana) tweeted: RT @pizarron20: RT @Anitaclarita: Nativos digitales,lo q quieren q sea la web #reinv2010 #plenk2010 //NIños como fuente d innovación 2010-09-27T01:50:03

@pizarron20 (pizarron 2.0) tweeted: RT @Anitaclarita: Nativos digitales,lo q quieren q sea la web #reinv2010 #plenk2010 //NIños como fuente d innovación 2010-09-27T01:47:56

@suifaijohnmak (suifaijohnmak) tweeted: RT @zaidlearn: Sarah Palin Discusses Why PLENK 2010 Matters! (animation) My post updated, too #plenk2010 2010-09-27T01:20:41

@zaidlearn (Zaid Ali Alsagoff) tweeted: Sarah Palin Discusses Why PLENK 2010 Matters! (animation) My post updated, too #plenk2010 2010-09-27T01:17:27

@seanfitz (Sean FitzGerald) tweeted: RT @robynjay: #hz10anz "the people are the network" - what are the implications ? And for those who choose not to connect? #plenk2010 2010-09-26T23:50:26

@seanfitz (Sean FitzGerald) tweeted: Following the #hz10anz tag for NMC Horizon Strategic Technology Summit in Brisbane. #plenk2010 (via @robynjay) 2010-09-26T23:43:27

@vlaxnews (Мир технологий) tweeted: My links to #PLENK2010 articles week 1... 2 2010-09-26T23:36:32

@Anitaclarita (Anaclara Dalla Valle) tweeted: RT @vlaxnews: Cyborg Anthropology: Implications for Learning and PLEs? #plenk2010 [Video] FOR U @piscitelli #reinv2010 2010-09-26T23:33:27

@workcolab (Workcolab) tweeted: RT @gsiemens: audio excerpt from our discussion on connectivism and constructivism from Friday: #plenk2010 2010-09-26T22:34:17

@zaidlearn (Zaid Ali Alsagoff) tweeted: Many PLE diagrams seen at #plenk2010 looks a weird. Reason? Foldering or grouping not appropriate to describe tools multi-purpose function. 2010-09-26T22:05:34

@seanfitz (Sean FitzGerald) tweeted: In the #PLENK2010 forums @ggatin quotes Illich about learning naturally. 2010-09-26T21:45:46

@danhummsoriano (Dan Humm Soriano) tweeted: RT @mpaskevi: My personal learning network diagram from the activity this week. #PLE #PLN #plenk2010 Ever changing/growing - 2010-09-26T21:40:09

@vlaxnews (Мир технологий) tweeted: Cyborg Anthropology: Implications for Learning and PLEs? #plenk2010 [Video] 2010-09-26T21:13:30

@bavery (Barry Avery) tweeted: RT @gsiemens: audio excerpt from our discussion on connectivism and constructivism from Friday: #plenk2010 2010-09-26T20:48:32

@r20_blogroll (Ryan 2.0's blogroll) tweeted: eLLearning: Connectivism & Constructivism: PLENK 2010: Our open course PLENK2010 (personal learning environments, ... 2010-09-26T20:27:01

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