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September 23, 2010

Facilitator Posts

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PLENK2010: Week 2 – Personal Learning & Institutional Learning or A Great Course in Diagram Making!
Stephen Downes (Downes) , September 23, 2010.
Stefanie Panke has been covering the progress of the course for educational technology & change and created this visual interpretation of PLENK 2010. The cartoon continues for another eight panels on her post. [Link] [Comment]

Discussion Posts

Today we introduce the fourth and final type of link to be included in the Daily, discussion list posts. Each week, PLENK moves to a new weekly discussion forum. You can see them all here. All course participants can log in and post their own thoughts. Each day's posts will be listed in this Discussion session of the newsletter.

PLE versus LMS? Why we compare apple with pear?
, Week Two General Discussion
by Maria Hartyanyi.  I went trough the publications about PLE to find a clear explanation of the conception. I found that the discussions are going on several years long. The most valuable article to me was published by the team (RWTH Aachen University) whose studies were known for me earlier. In the article they compare the Leraning Management (LM) and Knowledge Management (KM) models and referred to the new definition of Personal Learning Environment too. My questions and consequences: .... [Link] 2010-09-23T07:55:55

PLE: descentralización del poder
, Week Two General Discussion
by Mariana Affronti.  Aquí, más que nunca la innovación se basa en mirar con otros ojos, con mis ojos, autorregulados y descentralizados. Yo como sujeto. Decisiones, compromiso, ser crítico, aprender en comunidad, involucrarse e involucrar al otro, no son sinónimos de deslose, de desorden , sino de conformar un orden para compartir y aprender. Gracias Mariana [Link] 2010-09-23T01:22:03

My own PLENK poll: what's your background?
, Week Two General Discussion
by Dave Ferguson.  I wondered during today's Elluminate session about the backgrounds of other PLENK participants, especially the 950 whose bios I haven't yet read. Mostly out of curiosity, I'd like to know about backgrounds.I've seen a lot of folks from academia and from education (meaning, primary and secondard schooling). Not so many from government, non-profit, and corporate life. But my viewing has been sketchy.I couldn't find a poll feature here on the .... [Link] 2010-09-22T19:47:45

What does it liberate?
, Week Two General Discussion
by George Siemens.  During our live session, Martin Weller introduced Bellows Law: “there is no fineness or accuracy of suppression; if you hold down one thing, you hold down the adjoining” Martin introduced what we'll call Weller's law: "There is no targeting of liberation; if you release one thing, you also release the adjoining." So, what do PLEs liberate? What LMS liberate? Or, in Martin's words: "it removes some existing restrictions around practice & permits .... [Link] 2010-09-22T17:12:56

Where do good ideas come from - PLE or LMS?
, Week Two General Discussion
by Sui Fai John Mak.  Where do you get the best ideas from - PLE or LMS or both? Which one would your prefer? Why? My share on [Link] 2010-09-22T15:10:44

Our Concept-Maps
, Week Two General Discussion
by Sergio Cardoso.  Hi, I've been reading this discussion about Concept Maps and I must say I’m little surprised on how much resistance is to be found in some of the participants about this subject. I believe this course is about sharing and new(?) experiences. This is all about new things and how we use the old ones. Of course new points of view are always welcome, or this wouldn’t be an open course. That said, I’ll share with you one of mine experiments with CMAPS and the .... [Link] 2010-09-22T13:35:10

Concept mapping and understanding
, Week Two General Discussion
by Vilimaka Foliaki.  I come from a science education background and the first time I heard about concept mapping was when I was a student. It was a big word then but I quickly learnt that it was just about demonstrating your understanding of an idea (or group of ideas) using words (usually encircled) and arrowed lines with the descriptions of the relationships between linked words. That was when I first came across the names of Joseph Novak, Peter Fensham, and Richard White. I use .... [Link] 2010-09-22T09:00:28

Participants' Blogs

PLENK - Too much information... (Woody), My Professional Learning Journey
[Link] 2010-09-23T05:29:00

PLN vs PLE, i think i got it (for me, anyways) (Vahid), Vahid's PLENK2010 Experience
AntecedentsThis morning, i spotted a post on, which led me to the original post. Eduardo’s post was (in my words) essentially a question about whether The Daily was really needed. I answered that in my view yes it was, and then Eduardo answered back, and then I replied, and we interchanged a few ideas and then turned to connecting on twitter and thank each other for what has occurred. What I got out of that conversation was a glimpse of clarity on what how I .... [Link] 2010-09-23T04:42:00

Very Personal Learning Networks #plenk2010
, PLE's, networks, knowledge & me
The Movie Lorenzo's Oil is a tale of a debilitating and so far uncurable disease. It is also the story of parents struggling with the medical and research establishment for treatment innovations. From Wikipedia's plot synopsis. " setting up camp in medical libraries, reviewing animal experiments, badgering researchers, questioning top doctors all over the world, and even organizing an international symposium about the disease...they persisted .... [Link] 2010-09-22T21:09:00

"Chance Favors the Connected Mind" #PLENK2010 in Sl Week Two (Glen Gatin), Conviviality Corners
Check out this TED talk from Steven Johnson author of one of my favorite books, Everything Bad is Good for You. The talk is called Where Do Good Ideas Come From? He starts of with a picture of a 19th Century Coffeehouse where he said that many ideas fundamental to our intellectual history arose. He says that a coffee house is where "ideas go to have sex." He says we should connect ideas rather than protect them. Under the right circumstances two people with half an idea each, .... [Link] 2010-09-23T02:27:00

#PLENK2010 (VI): De prácticas con Screenr... (Eva Cisma), ELEopositando
      Hoy he incorporado una nueva aplicación en este blog, el traductor de Google. Luego  se me ha ocurrido grabar con Screenr los pasos que he seguido para abrir mi blog a la Network. Tal vez le sea útil a alguien. Link] 2010-09-23T01:41:00

#PLENK2010 - The Daily - September 22, 2010
Paulo Simões, PLENK2010
  [Home] [Discussion] [Wiki] [The Daily Archives] [Blog] [Live Sessions] [Recordings] [About] The Daily September 22, 2010 Live Session today: Elluminate Today (Wednesday for most of you) we’re pleased to have Martin Weller from the Open University drop in as a guest speaker. The session will be held here in elluminate at 1 pm Atlantic time - Time zone [...] [Link] 2010-09-22T22:33:41

Surprised at low response to survey
Tony Ratcliffe, Tony Ratcliffe
PLENK (Personal Learning Environments, Networks and Knowledge) is a course where we are exploring the literature relating to PLEs (personal learning Environments). I want to capture these publications in a reference management program. While I use one of the major ones, I have heard a lot about another, and I thought it would be a [...] [Link] 2010-09-22T21:04:10

The dark side of connectivism, when you can’t ge online
flsantos, g3t conn3ct3d
Earlier in today great session in Elluminate for week 2 of PLENK2010 came this topic on the chat room: Moderator (Stephen Downes) : Learning = Research … flsantos: Sometimes Stephen, sometimes… Bruce Neubauer: research usually seeks knowledge that does not yet exist while learning is knowledge that a particular person does not yet known Agreeing […] [Link] 2010-09-22T22:34:48

Informal PLENK poll: who works where?
Dave, Dave's Whiteboard
I started wondering earlier today, in one of the PLENK2010 discussions, how many participants come from backgrounds like mine — training and learning in organization and corporate settings — as opposed to school (primary and secondary ed) or academia (“higher education”). Partly I’m hoping to learn ways that people are trying to encourage or support [...] [Link] 2010-09-22T19:37:27

PLEs vs LMEs? (Veronica Baig), Loose Ends
I've read some of the readings for thisPLENK2010 week 2, but I'm not sure that there really is a conflict between these two concepts. In my mind, they are used for different things, but they can also be used in tandem--as witness this very course; housed in the LMS moodle, but all of us free to use whatever we like of it and repurpose it into our own PLE. We also bring our PLEs into play when we participate in a course such as this one.That also reflects the teaching that I do. While .... [Link] 2010-09-22T19:08:00

¿Existen aplicaciones adecuadas para construir nuestros propios PLE?
Leonardo Montenegro, Ambientes de Aprendizaje Personalizados
El debate en #PLENK2010, #PLENK10 parece indicar que aun no existen las herramientas que puedan satisfacer los requerimientos necesarios para la concepción y construcción de nestros PLE. Planteo la necesidad de encontrar un punto de partida e investigar con en aproximaciones computacionales [Link] 2010-09-22T20:11:08

Reflexiones alrededor de Geekonomía (2).mov (MVZ J. Gilberto Ruz Nava), PLENK2010
[Link] 2010-09-22T17:55:00

Mi línea de tiempo de PLENK2010 / My PLENK2010′s time line
rociohendez, rociohendez's Blog
Sigo con mi idea de la línea del tiempo, y por ahora, construyo pequeñas ideas a medida que avanzo con las lecturas, los recorridos, las relecturas. Hoy no pude estar en la sesión de Eluminate, la red de mi institución no me permite el acceso. ¡Qué desafortunado! Por ahora, presento aquí la línea del tiempo. [...] [Link] 2010-09-22T17:58:09

Contrasting Institutional learning with personal learning (Rita), Observations about learning, knowledge and technology
All the posts and comments on the #PLENK2010 discussion board this week so far have given me something to think about. It was a conscious decision to put the subject of the week in the title of this post. It seems most discussion has revolved around the technical platform that an institution or a person might use, rather than on what these platforms actually mean in the learning of participants. In my experience, and that is in a brick and mortar university, the LMS/VLE is mainly used to .... [Link] 2010-09-22T15:08:00

SocialGardens: Sep 20 2010 - MIT OpenCourseWare Teams Up with OpenStudy #plenk2010
, Twitter / SocialGardens
SocialGardens: Sep 20 2010 - MIT OpenCourseWare Teams Up with OpenStudy #plenk2010 [Link] 2010-09-22T17:37:51

LMS, PLE y conectivismo
Leonardo Montenegro, Ambientes de Aprendizaje Personalizados
El conectivismo propicia individuos autónomos, lo cual redundará en un mundo conformado por sociedades cada vez más abiertas y pluriculturales. #PLENK2010,# [Link] 2010-09-22T14:03:48

#PLENK2010 Idea is network in MOOC?
suifaijohnmak, Suifaijohnmak's Weblog
Here is the TED talk on Where good ideas come from Idea is network? Repackaged? So similar to Connectivism? Liquid network – quite similar to my suggested What is Knowledge and Learning? How about this wikis as water coolers? Yes, … Continue reading → [Link] 2010-09-22T14:48:43
Inetersting concepts I read today on PLENK2010 courseGeorge Siemmens:If a person knew how to make a lemon meringue pie, it would be easy for him to learn how to make a Baked Alaska. Because of the previous experience making the meringue for the pie, it would be easy to understand how to make a Baked Alaska even though you had never made it before. So it goes with academic learning. [Link] 2010-09-22T11:56:00

First version of my Personal Learning Environment with Cmap Tools
Tim Schlotfeldt, Tim's PLENK2010 Blog
For the PLENK2010 course i've composed a chart about my PLE with the Cmap Tools. It's a just a five minute work and is probably not complete yet. Ihr Browser kann das Objekt leider nicht anzeigen! Trackback URL für diesen Beitrag: No [Link] 2010-09-22T12:53:57

#PLENK2010 Where do you keep your learning?
Dr. Nellie Deutsch, Passionate about Learning (PaL)
Learning for me may be very different to what it is for others, but I’m sure I’ll receive comments or in some cases arguments that I am wrong. I find it interesting that people think they know what learning is for me and for others. For me, learning is a personal activity that involves thinking about a subject in [...] [Link] 2010-09-22T12:52:03

The Future of Cloud Computing: The Big 25 in the Next 25 , #PLENK2010 (Mohsen Saadatmand), VIRTUAL PRESENCE and NETWORKED COLLABORATION
I came across with an article by Eric Boyce about the promising potential of the future internet applications which can change the human life dramatically.    He wrote: the past 25 years have brought a digital age of Internet, massive computing power, high-speed data transmission, mobile communication, and more recently, the cloud, which brings it all together. Over the next 25 years, as technology advances and infrastructure increases, cloud computing will continue to change .... [Link] 2010-09-22T09:03:00

Twitter Posts

@cpjobling (Chris Jobling) tweeted: Can harmony come from chaos? Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir - 'Lux Aurumque' via @youtube. #PLENK2010 2010-09-23T08:23:25

@twoflower29 (Nicole Engelhardt) tweeted: Some quick thoughts about my PLE #plenk2010 2010-09-23T08:09:00

@lress (lress) tweeted: Zu PLE vs. LMS: "Open Learning Network vs Informal Learning Environment" Open Learning Network vs Informal Learning Environment #PLENK2010 2010-09-23T07:55:13

@zaidlearn (Zaid Ali Alsagoff) tweeted: @mojica (opinion) PLE can be connected to an LMS...Even your old VHS movie, too... Anything connected to learning :) #plenk2010 2010-09-23T07:53:55

@mojica (Raul Mojica) tweeted: PLEs can be connected to an LMS? #PLENK2010 #edchat #edtech 2010-09-23T07:46:27

@mystudiouslife (Studious Jenn) tweeted: Has been busy reading and getting new ideas the whole morning...I'm so excited with #PLENK2010 2010-09-23T05:09:35

@chris_saeger (chris_saeger) tweeted: Very Personal Learning Networks #plenk2010 2010-09-23T04:09:29

@tokyokevin (Kevin Ryan) tweeted: PLENK2010: Week 2 – Personal Learning & Institutional Learning « Educational Technology and Change 2010-09-23T04:06:31

@zaidlearn (Zaid Ali Alsagoff) tweeted: Some #PLENK2010 fun (visual diagram)... It is not totally factual, but George Clooney can PLENK :) 2010-09-23T05:29:09

@systemtheorie (systemtheorie) tweeted: (RT @sleveo) New Post: Blame the System, a gentle introduction to Systems Theory. #PLENK2010 2010-09-23T05:17:57

@Cris2B (Cris2B) tweeted: What are the odds some #PLENK2010 er is involved in Rocket World project? Let me know . . . 2010-09-23T02:56:12

@zaidlearn (Zaid Ali Alsagoff) tweeted: PLENK post updated > S(elf)LN diagram SLN Diagram only #plenk2010 Reflections within 24 hours :) 2010-09-23T02:49:54

@EvaCisma (Eva Cisma) tweeted: Maybe this time you will understand me, Nueva entrada en mi blog: De prácticas con Screenr... #PLENK2010 2010-09-23T01:53:28

@vlaxnews (Мир технологий) tweeted: The State of Learning in the Workplace Today. Jane Hart - Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies #PLENK2010 2010-09-23T01:22:40

@vlaxnews (Мир технологий) tweeted: List of software for mind-mapping and concept-mapping - #PLENK2010 Forums 2010-09-23T01:18:03

@vlaxnews (Мир технологий) tweeted: Free mind mapping (and related types) software - nformationTamers #PLENK2010 2010-09-23T01:16:33

@m_yam (mari yamauchi) tweeted: Personal Learning Envronments Networks and Knowledge - #PLENK 2010 2010-09-22T23:58:42

@sleveo (Steve LeBlanc) tweeted: New Post: Blame the System, a gentle introduction to Systems Theory. #PLENK2010 2010-09-22T23:49:09

@flsantos (Fernando Luís Santos) tweeted: @downes Here is my response to your question about Learning=Research on today session at #plenk2010 ( ) I get offline 2010-09-22T23:33:34

@seanfitz (Sean FitzGerald) tweeted: So "generative" is the new term 4 "time suck"? :-) RT @tonyloughland totally distracted by PLENK2010- the links are very generative 2010-09-22T23:29:46

@vlaxnews (Мир технологий) tweeted: Обзор программ класса concept mapping. Александр Прохоров - КомпьютерПресс #PLENK2010 2010-09-22T23:27:59

@vlaxnews (Мир технологий) tweeted: Concept Mapping. John Taylor - Center For Teaching & Learning #PLENK2010 2010-09-22T23:26:17

@tonyloughland (Tony Loughland) tweeted: totally distracted by PLENK2010- the links are very generative 2010-09-22T23:23:38

@francesbell (Frances Bell) tweeted: @HallyMk1 Thanks for amplifying my quiet views at #PLENK2010 2010-09-22T23:16:17

@Jamartinb (Juan Martinez) tweeted: RT @luzpearson: EXCELENTE! RT @juliadesigns: RT @cpjobling: "Twitter is like sitting next to the smart kid in class" via @mweller in #PLENK2010 2010-09-22T23:15:27

@demacisaac (demacisaac) tweeted: Life =risk #edchat #tlchat #plenk2010 2010-09-22T23:05:52

@vlaxnews (Мир технологий) tweeted: PLEs vs LMEs? Veronica Baig - Loose Ends #PLENK2010 2010-09-22T22:57:17

@pgsimoes (Paulo Simões) tweeted: #PLENK2010 - The Daily - September 22, 2010 2010-09-22T22:33:49

@LKidder (Lisa Kidder) tweeted: #PLENK2010 Connectivism vs. Constructivism…: I am still trying to figure out myself the distinct differences betwe... 2010-09-22T22:19:34

@aprendem (Aprendemasonline) tweeted: ¿Existen aplicaciones adecuadas para construir nuestros propios PLE?: Las discusiones y debates en #PLENK2010 han ... 2010-09-22T22:14:19

@deborasebriam (Debora Sebriam) tweeted: RT @gsiemens: PLE: connectivist or constructivist: #plenk2010 2010-09-22T21:56:40

@educamedia (Leonardo Montenegro) tweeted: ¿Existen aplicaciones adecuadas para construir nuestros propios PLE? #PLENK2010 #PLENK10 2010-09-22T20:13:27

@mferna (Mariano Fernández S) tweeted: RT @gsiemens: PLE: connectivist or constructivist: #plenk2010 #educacion 2010-09-22T20:12:19

@antoesp (antonella esposito) tweeted: RT @gsiemens: PLE: connectivist or constructivist: #plenk2010 2010-09-22T20:09:39

@frederic_dufour (Frédéric Dufour) tweeted: RT @gsiemens PLE: connectist or constructivist: #plenk2010 2010-09-22T20:09:11

@gsiemens (George Siemens) tweeted: PLE: connectivist or constructivist: #plenk2010 2010-09-22T20:05:53

@antoesp (antonella esposito) tweeted: RT @gsiemens recording from @mweller 's excellent presentation today (PLEs and LMSs): #plenk2010 2010-09-22T20:03:20

@luzpearson (Luz Pearson) tweeted: EXCELENTE! RT @juliadesigns: RT @cpjobling: "Twitter is like sitting next to the smart kid in class" via @mweller in #PLENK2010 2010-09-22T19:55:08

@hopkinsdavid (David Hopkins) tweeted: RT @Dave_Ferguson: On my Whiteboard - Informal PLENK2010 poll: who works where? 2010-09-22T19:52:30

@Dave_Ferguson (Dave Ferguson) tweeted: On my Whiteboard - Informal PLENK2010 poll: who works where? 2010-09-22T19:50:41

@ggatin (Glen Gatin) tweeted: Another great post-Elluminate wrap up discussion in SL after the #PLENK2010 Public Intellectuals, The Epistemology of Holes 2010-09-22T19:49:43

@steelemaley (steelemaley) tweeted: RT @juliadesigns: RT @cpjobling: "Twitter is like sitting next to the smart kid in class" via @mweller in PLENK2010 #EDT400 2010-09-22T18:53:06

@andycoverdale (Andy Coverdale) tweeted: #PLENK2010 @mweller 's presentation clashed exactly with supervision - look forward to catching it later 2010-09-22T18:29:48

@vahidm (Vahid Masrour) tweeted: @emapey2 Super interesante, pero ya estoy loco con #plenk2010 Más adelante, seguro me meto. 2010-09-22T18:15:25

@flsantos (Fernando Luís Santos) tweeted: @mweller could you send me the link to mendeley from today eluminate session #plenk2010 2010-09-22T18:07:54

@RebeccaGalley (Rebecca Galley) tweeted: RT @antoesp: A popular cloud full of resources abt the 'VLE is dead' debate & PLEs: #plenk2010 2010-09-22T20:36:57

@gsiemens (George Siemens) tweeted: New discussion "what does it liberate" #PLENK2010 2010-09-22T17:15:24

@pfidalgo1 (Patricia Fidalgo) tweeted: @aeratcliffe "This course is not about learning objectives." II know, some will cringe. #PLENK2010 Agree! 2010-09-22T17:12:33

@aeratcliffe (AE (Tony) Ratcliffe) tweeted: "This course is not about learning objectives." II know, some will cringe. #PLENK2010 2010-09-22T17:11:19

@juliadesigns (Julia Ault) tweeted: RT @cpjobling: "Twitter is like sitting next to the smart kid in class" via @mweller in #PLENK2010 2010-09-22T17:11:07

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