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September 17, 2010

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Google Map of Participants
Stephen Downes (Downes) , September 17, 2010.
Heli started this Google Map of participants and a number of you have added your names already, showing that this is a genuinely international course. If you have not yet added your name, you can go to the map, click 'Edit' (upper left side), move the map to where you want to place your pin, right-click, and select 'Add a Placemark' from the list. Enter your name and any information you want into the little dropdown box. [Link] [Comment]

Discussion Posts

Today we introduce the fourth and final type of link to be included in the Daily, discussion list posts. Each week, PLENK moves to a new weekly discussion forum. You can see them all here. All course participants can log in and post their own thoughts. Each day's posts will be listed in this Discussion session of the newsletter.

Knowing about vs Knowing how
, Week One General Discussion
by Chris Saeger.  I enjoy the discussions about ple, pln and epistemology. However, when I came to the course I was hoping to get more of how to do a PLE/N. I know bit about rss feeds google search feeds etc. I don't know how to use yahoo pipes to filter feeds etc. To quote E. O. Wilson, the biologist "We are drowning in information, while starving for wisdom. The world henceforth will be run by synthesizers, people able to put together the right information at the right time, .... [Link] 2010-09-17T03:09:58

PLE Set Up By Institution
, Week One General Discussion
by Heather Ross.  Perhaps we're going to get to this later in the course, or maybe someone has already talked about it on this discussion board, but here's my question.If an institution sets up PLEs for students using something like Elgg is that really that much better than an LMS? The students are still at the whim of whatever the institution chose to use. Does the institution maintain the set-up even after students have graduated (or dropped out)? Just [Link] 2010-09-16T17:51:31

Some PLE questions
, Week One General Discussion
by Vilimaka Foliaki.  Based on what I've read thus far on PLE, this idea is basically about shifting the design of education from focusing on the 'course of study' to the learner through the use of more liberal values and non-restrictive tools (such as Web 2.0 tools). PLE is a beautiful idea. In the formal classroom, every responsible teacher's dream is for her/his students to be able to understand the core concepts and principles in the course of study and be able to apply .... [Link] 2010-09-16T09:50:27

Discussion session on PLENK2010: ¿What is a PLE?
, Week One General Discussion
by Leonardo Montenegro.  Quiero compartir el enlace a uno de los blogs de la red social RedPE X.0. en la que participo. En esta oportunidad he escrito sobre las definiciones y reflexiones que hemos compartido en la sesión de hoy miércoles en PLENK2010. I want to share the link to my blog at REDPES X.0. (my social network).I have written on the definitions and ideas that we all were sharing at the PLENK2010 Elluminate session on 15th Wednesday morning. The post is written in .... [Link] 2010-09-16T00:53:31

Ecología del conocimiento y del aprendizaje
, Week One General Discussion
by jordi jordiguim.  Hay una serie de paralelismos importantes entre La Ecología y el Conocimiento que creo se deben desarrollar.Creo que es necesario tener en cuenta los siguientes términos cuando hablamos de ecología:Al igual que en los Ecosistemas con la materia viva el conocimiento se produce y circula (por la sociedad)De la misma manera hay unos productores y unos consumidores.También el conocimiento se puede consumir y degradar, aumentando el desorden y la Entropía del sistema, o .... [Link] 2010-09-15T22:53:53

What a PLE means to me ? ( a short video )
, Week One General Discussion
by Patricio Bustamante.   Hi :I made this video and there's some people who like it. I try to explain with simple words what a PLE means for me. Greetings Patricio Bustamante [Link] 2010-09-15T19:13:57

Definitions PLE
, Week One General Discussion
by Stefanie Panke.   From this week's reading list, I have compiled a collection of definitions for the concept PLE that others may find useful. "The term personal learning environment (PLE) describes the tools, communities, and services that constitute the individual educational platforms learners use to direct their own learning and pursue educational goals. [...] the term encompasses the entire set of resources that a learner uses to answer questions, provide context, and illustrate .... [Link] 2010-09-15T13:20:25

, Week One General Discussion
by Dolors Capdet.  This post reflects the death of the RSS. They are part of your [Link] 2010-09-15T10:18:14

Can't take survey
, Week One General Discussion
by Ken Masters.  Hi AllI tried taking the survey, but received an Error: "Firefox doesn't know how to open this address, because the protocol (link) isn't associated with any program."Any tips [Link] 2010-09-15T08:30:04

Is this MOOC a PLE?
, Week One General Discussion
by Steven Greene.  Of course it is, isn't it? It could even be the most valuble part of my PLE. The language is hard for me to get around. I think my learning environment must be something that I create, but there must also be other larger entities that are accessed, this MOOC being only one of several possibilities. I am the nucleus of my own PLE with dendrites reaching out into other larger and more organized learning environments, thus if I use this branch, rather than another .... [Link] 2010-09-15T04:24:58

Participants' Blogs

A ple for PLE for a KN in PLENK
tedoz, Tedoz's PLENK Blog
Ok I am reasonably familiar with what a PLE is – but maybe not that familiar with how one might work.  So doing one is I think a great ways to see how useful it is. The Knowledge network side … Continue reading → [Link] 2010-09-16T01:50:49

Gadzooks I missed the PLENK2010 online session (Stella), stella george's blog
Now with all this linked together tech you would think it would be easy to remember to turn up - I don't even have to leave my desk BUT still I find it ever so hard to remember to stop doing the task I'm currently engaged in and log into the online session. This is an interesting enquiry for me because I am quite good at committing to turn up to stuff but repeatedly find it difficult for online events. It is possible that for online learning I view that it should always happen at my .... [Link] 2010-09-15T20:11:00

My first MOOC
rociohendez, rociohendez's Blog
Bueno, tomaré este blog que tengo tan olvidado para publicar algunas de mis reflexiones producto de mi participación en #PLENK2010. Fue hace un par de añoscuando escuché por primera vez el término “Ambiente personal de aprendizaje” #PLE en mi particupación en el Educamp2007 que se realizó en Bogotá, desde ese momento el concepto me ha [...] [Link] 2010-09-14T22:19:34

Random Thoughts about PLENK2010 ... so far
Barbara Fillip, Que sais-je?
Random thoughts... about PLENK 2010 as a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course)Liked the #Plenk2010 Daily, a summary of posts on Twitter.  I'm not a heavy Twitter user but this course has already prompted me to learn a few Twitter tricks I didn't previously know (I learned to use the delayed posting function). I tweeted from my iPhone (typos included). Watched the recordings of the Elluminate sessions.  I don't really feel any need to be there live and participate in .... [Link] 2010-09-17T00:17:00

PLENK2010 vs/and writing
Barbara Fillip, Que sais-je?
Yes, I have found yet another way to distract myself with an interesting activity that will take time away from my ongoing novel project.  Someday I'll get my priorities right. If I had a deadline on the writing/editing tasks, this would not be happening.I've signed up for PLENK2010, a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC).  I don't think it should be called a course.  It's a semi-organized learning environment where ~1000 folks with a similar interest in .... [Link] 2010-09-14T10:25:00

Rita Kop on the design of PLEs
Vilimaka on cruiselyna, Cruiselyna's Blog
This is a good slideshow by one of the facilitators of the PLENK2010 massive open online [Link] 2010-09-17T08:07:00

Please PLEs me
sitchensis, Communit-e-Learning
Back to the subject of the PLE. I’ve been lucky enough to be on top of the 8 ball this time rather than behind it, having enrolled in the massive open online course (1000+) PLENK2010 this week – and it’s the first week of the 10-week course (as if there isn’t enough to do). It [...] [Link] 2010-09-15T03:51:30

Those PLENKing Diagrams
Alan Levine aka CogDog, CogDogBlog
cc licensed flickr photo shared by Lars Plougmann I’m ready. Once again, with the best intentions, I have signed up for a George and Stephen (and others more now) Massively Open Online Course, Personal Learning Environments, Networks, and Knowledge 2010 (PLENK2010). My track record is poor, I easily let this stuff slide off of the [...] [Link] 2010-09-17T07:17:04

What does my PLN look like (Jane Wilde in RL/Esme Qunhua in SL), Teaching and Learning in Virtual Words
In PLENK2010, this first week we are considering Personal Learning Networks and Personal Learning Environments, what they are, what they look like... One of the challenges this week is to visualize our PLN. So here goes:First I distinguish PLN (Personal Learning Network) from PLE (environment). It seems that PLE refers to the tool or virtual place where learning occurs: in an LMS, on a blog or wiki or through an rss feed. My PLN is a network of people and resources. I already see how this .... [Link] 2010-09-17T04:52:00

a mindmap on what a PLN is and does (Vahid), Vahid's PLENK2010 Experience
This is where i'm at right now regarding what a PLN is, and what it is good for:I'm trying to be synthetic here, but would like to know if i've missed anything essential. I do realize that tools, for instance needs more details, and expect to get down to that in the next few days.Your comments are [Link] 2010-09-17T05:03:00

Worlds2See, Personal Learning Environments Networks and Knowledge
Hello out there...It turns out I didn't know the commenting feature on this blog was locked down like Fort Knox.  I apologize if you wanted to comment on something but didn't have the secret special handshake.I believe everyone out there in my PLN world should now be able to comment easily and even anonymously if you so choose.  I always intended this blog to be an open forum of communication and thankfully I had a lovely e-mail letting me know that I might want to adjust .... [Link] 2010-09-17T02:43:00

#Plenk2010 What's the problem? (Skupik), Skupiktalk
#PLENK2010 I was just re-listening to an interview from the CBC Radio 1 The Current with Dr. Fraser Mustard on Early Childhood Education.  He was recommending "problem-based" education.   That is what we are doing in our MOOC.  Right now, in this first week, we are milling about, talking to one another.  Some people are talking about the correct definitions of PLEs and PLNs.  Some are talking about networking.  Some are talking about the technical aspects of .... [Link] 2010-09-17T03:52:00

The world henceforth will be run by synthesizers #plenk2010
, PLE's, networks, knowledge & me
Thought of the day, seen at the #lrnchat session this evening.  We are drowning in information, while starving for wisdom. The world henceforth will be run by synthesizers, people able to put together the right information at the right time, think critically about it, and make important choices wisely.  E. O. Wilson  Prehistory of Personal Learning environments--Hunting 101 #PLENK2010  Permalink | Leave a comment  » [Link] 2010-09-16T20:23:00

PLENK (III) Entre PLE y PLN (Eva Cisma), ELEopositando
      Superada la situación de sobrecarga de mi ordenador y con las ideas un poco más claras, voy a intentar explicar cómo entiendo ahora los conceptos-objetivo de esta primera semana de curso. ¿Qué es un PLE?  y ¿qué es un PLN?       El procedimiento que he seguido para llegar a las conclusiones que expongo más abajo ha consistido en: La lectura de los materiales propuestos Lo que pude entender de la sesión Eluminate (magnífica .... [Link] 2010-09-17T02:20:00

I’m baaaaack! And I’m reviving this blog for the PLENK2010 MOOC
Sean FitzGerald, Sean's Emerging...
I’m back, and I’ve been inspired to emerge from my (latest!) blogging hiatus by Personal Learning Environments, Networks, and Knowledge 2010 (#PLENK2010), a Massively Open Online Course (MOOC) facilitated by George Siemens, Stephen Downes, Dave Cormier & Rita Kopp. Well, … Continue reading → [Link] 2010-09-16T23:51:47 (Mike McNett), A Contingent Learner
#PLENK2010Testing the [Link] 2010-09-17T01:30:00

Theresa G, Grand Rounds
Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE .... [Link] 2010-09-17T00:14:00

A map of the MOOC participants PLENK2010 (David Caton Roberts), A different view
This map gives the participants on the PLENK2010 MOOC the opportunity to share where they are located in the world.Thanks to Ian Woods for getting this [Link] 2010-09-17T00:24:00

Massive open on-line course: MOOK PLENK2010 (David Caton Roberts), A different view
At 5-00pm, London time, on Wednesday evening I sat in my office. The office was quiet. I had not realised that the quietness I was experiencing was the lull before the storm. I clicked the web link and the browser took me to my first interaction with a massive open on-line course. Within minutes over 100 other learners and educators from across the globe were on line; within minutes 100's of comments were being written simultaneously on  a shared screen; .... [Link] 2010-09-17T00:03:00

alan, alQpr
My Sept 13 post on PLEvsPLN does show up in the link from the #PLENK2010  Feeds List, but never seems to have been captured by the aggregator for the Daily.  So I’m giving it another go here just to see if I’ve set things up [Link] 2010-09-16T23:46:38

A story from the #PLENK2010 fringe (Kimberley), Adventurous Learning
I do not want to forget how it felt to start.First, I am a Communication and Learning Strategist for pretty much all of the major oil and gas companies. My approach to virtually every single new thing I have learned in the course of my career has been to dive in to things that sound wildly divergent and see what I can contextualize within the world I work in, either for now or in the future. This course is no different. As out-of-my-league as I feel in this moment as I read the blogs, twitter .... [Link] 2010-09-16T23:08:00

What if it matters?
Kae, Center4Edupunx
PLN v. PLE What if what we call it makes a difference? I’m talking about for the people (teachers, educators, instructors, faculty, professors and administrators)  who come to professional development sessions. For the novice does the name matter? We’ve had a number of post from people who are more than willing to try the #plenk2010 [...] [Link] 2010-09-16T19:19:36

#PLENK2010 PLEs and PLNs
jswann16, Jennie Swann PLENK2010
There are already many ways of seeing PLEs and definitions are still evolving. I wonder though about the word environment. Brent Davis says, “Over the past several decades, there has been a tendency to use the terms ecological and environmental as if they were interchangeable, particularly within the popular media”. He goes on to argue [...] [Link] 2010-09-16T22:00:20

Week 1 in PLENK2010
flsantos, g3t conn3ct3d
Great discussion about the difference between PLE (personal learning environment) and PLN (personal learning network). Whether the forum in several posts and Threats (even one in Spanish), either at its meeting on Wednesday in a chaotic experience with Elluminate (but refreshing) Dave Cormier in the blank pages, a root canal (Stephen Downes) and an allegory  […] [Link] 2010-09-16T22:05:14

No hay plagio, no hay examen, no hay acreditación, no hay prerrequisitos (Claudia Guerrero), PLENK2010
Contrastando ahora los PLE con los "Ambientes Institucionales de Aprendizaje" se extrañan palabras como nota, copia, plagio, examen, acreditación, requisitos previos, evaluación, currícula, cupo lleno, fin de curso, teoría, práctica,....o sigue existiendo solamente enseñar/aprender, escuchar/hablar, consumir/producir.Me quedo con algo que posteó Jordi Joridguim "Creo que uno de los aspectos más importantes de PLE es que aprende quien realmente quiere" [Link] 2010-09-16T21:08:00

Technical #PLENK2010 Configuration
Paulo Simões, PLENK2010
Todd Bingham wrote an excelent post about setting up an online course. A story behind #PLENK2010 A must read…Clipped from Hosting An Online Course Using Open Source Tools I was recently given the mandate of setting up an online course for the #PLENK 2010 course. This course is being hosted by the PLE group at the NRC, along [...] [Link] 2010-09-16T22:11:24

K-12 PLE #PLENK2010 - Show us the way @wendydrexler
Paulo Simões, PLENK2010
I’ve found and interesting thread on the moodle forum about using PLE’s in K-12 classes. Of course I understand the concern of chazzo chazzo but Wendy Drexler is trying to show us the way…Clipped from ple.elg.caby LG Börjesson - Thursday, 16 September 2010, 04:00 PMI have read with article 7 things … PLE. it is [...] [Link] 2010-09-16T21:33:39

Google Map of Participants #PLENK2010
Paulo Simões, PLENK2010
Just added myself to the #PLENK2010 Google Map. Great idea for a #MOOCClipped from Heli started this Google Map where course participants can add their location to give us an idea of where we are all based.If you click on the ‘edit’ button and then on the pin in the left hand top corner, you [...] [Link] 2010-09-16T21:21:18

#PLENK2010: It’s all a PLN
bnleez, Collaborative Understandings
Furthering an idea from an earlier post about PLNs,… The boundary nodes that make up a personal learning network (PLN) – those within one degree of separation - may consist of any combination of the following: Individuals or groups of individuals (f2f/online) Concepts, notions, ideas, thoughts, opinions, etc. Technologies: blogs, wikis, online communities, These types of [...] [Link] 2010-09-16T21:13:57

VIEWS ON THE PLE (Veronica Baig), Loose Ends
I really like George's idea of a PLE as expressed in The Daily today: " Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 /* Style Definitions */ table.MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name:"Table Normal"; mso-tstyle-rowband-size:0; mso-tstyle-colband-size:0; mso-style-noshow:yes; mso-style-parent:""; mso-padding-alt:0cm 5.4pt 0cm 5.4pt; mso-para-margin:0cm; mso-para-margin-bottom:.0001pt; mso-pagination:widow-orphan; font-size:10.0pt; .... [Link] 2010-09-16T19:36:00

PLENK10: Forums
j_sta, Delicious/J_Sta
[Link] 2010-09-16T20:32:11

Seeing the Invisible
criscrissman, Virtually Foolproof
This exercise of attempting to make my PLENK visual once again reminded me of the power of visualization.  So often in my f2f classes I would ask individuals of groups to “symbolically represent” or draw a synthesis they came up … Continue reading → [Link] 2010-09-16T04:11:31

So, i enrolled in PLENK2010 (Vahid), Vahid's PLENK2010 Experience
This morning i found out about a new "Massive Open Online Course", and almost immediately decided to enroll and seize this generous opportunity. When i read that George Siemens ( was involved, i knew i had to take it. I mentionned his pionneering connectivism ebook in my thesis, and thought his ideas were opening a whole new window on Knowledge Management. I've been following connectivism from afar since, and am still enthusiastic about .... [Link] 2010-09-15T00:24:00

PLENK2010: Just Play
ctscho, Thinking Out Loud
In which I follow up on the exhortation to “just connect” by noting an additional approach to connective learning. “Play, which is more prevalent during the periods of most rapid brain development after birth (childhood), seems to continue the process of neural evolution, taking it even one step farther. Play also promotes the creation of [...] [Link] 2010-09-15T19:10:35

#PLENK2010 Information abundance and PLE
suifaijohnmak, Suifaijohnmak's Weblog
Are we at an information abundance and overloading age?  How would PLE help us in sorting out and evaluating  information throughout the networks?  How is knowledge constructed with PLE? Picture: From Flickr Rita in her Information abundance leads to restricted depth … Continue reading → [Link] 2010-09-16T13:26:55

#PLENK2010 – Getting to grips with PLE
rogersvlle, Rogersvlle's Blog
Having swum through the suggested reading list I wonder if my interpretation of PLE is in need of review. I apply a set of concepts rather than worry about the exactness of different elements in a PLE. These concepts include … Continue reading → [Link] 2010-09-16T20:33:10

rogersvlle, Rogersvlle's Blog
#PLENK2010 has pushed me into becoming part of this aggregation of learning about learning with the assistance of others. The possibilities of shared learning environments makes me want to learn more not less. Central to my thinking is the point … Continue reading → [Link] 2010-09-14T21:32:10

Adventures in Massively Online Learning (Greg Ketcham), Plink, Plunk, PLENK
This blog will serve as my learning journal, and collection du jour of resources related to PLENK2010, which is an open education online course that serves as an entry point into examining and using PLEs (personal learning environments )and PLKs (personal knowledge networks).But first, a few confessions about me:an instructional designer by profession, I believe I'm a pretty lousy online learner. Why? I tend to wander off the path fairly easy, particularly if there isn't a well .... [Link] 2010-09-15T16:54:00

Ley de Moore (MVZ J. Gilberto Ruz Nava), PLENK2010
[Link] 2010-09-16T19:09:00

Redes Sociales Universidad de Vigo (MVZ J. Gilberto Ruz Nava), PLENK2010
Check out this SlideShare Presentation: Redes Sociales Universidad de VigoView more presentations from Dolors [Link] 2010-09-16T03:42:00

Taller PLE en Punta del Este - Uruguay (Patricio Bustamante M.), PLENK2010
Hola estimad@s :Quisiera tomarme este espacio para poder extender mi invitación a un taller que dictaré esta semana en Punta del Este en el marco del Encuentro BTM 2010 sobre Educación y Turismo ( )Este taller es por supuesto sobre Personal Learning Environment y creo que viene bastante bien con el #PLENK2010. Gracias y saludosPatricio Bustamante M. [Link] 2010-09-14T23:01:00

Algunas aportaciones de la "PLE Conference" de Barcelona (julio 2010) (Dani Porras), PLENK2010
Echando un vistazo a referencias en la red sobre PLE (o APA) en España, he encontrado alguna documentación aportada en la pasada Conferencia de Barcelona.Estoy seguro de que os parecerán muy interesantes los siguientes documentos en español que acabo de rescatar:El alumnado de secundaria y el ambiente personal de aprendizaje en Internet.Ventajas pedagógicas en la aplicación del PLE en asignaturas de lengua y literatura de educación secundaria. Análisis de cinco experiencias.Entornos .... [Link] 2010-09-14T22:49:00

#PLENK2010 (MVZ J. Gilberto Ruz Nava), PLENK2010
PLENK2010.Me parecen exelentes los dos vídeos sobre PLE, PLN, Redes Sociales, aprendizaje abierto, aprendizaje informal. y todas las nuevas formas de aprende en la Web 2.0 que les dejo el día de hoy.... la discución de su uso esta ahí.y el segundo Personal Learning Networks for [Link] 2010-09-14T21:17:00

Iniciativas en español para PLENK2010 (Claudia Guerrero), PLENK2010
Patricio Bustamante nos deja el Twitter de los Facilitadores curso Gilberto Ruz una Comunidad en GoogleHeli Nurmi crea el PLENK2010 Google MapHe estado escuchando la Presentación de Stephen Downes en inglés "Personal Learning Environments" Ambientes personales de Aprendizje.. APA en español ¿Habrá traducción o sutí [Link] 2010-09-13T23:21:00

Instrucciones para Autores, PLENK2010 (emapey), PLENK2010
Bienvenidos al Blog del curso PLENK2010 Instrucciones para Autores:Usen siempre PLENK2010 como categoría. Usen siempre PLE, PLENK2010 como etiquetas. Incluyan siempre PLENK2010 en el Título de cada postSólo van a figurar como autores luego de que escriban su primer post!! [Link] 2010-09-13T05:33:00

Personal Learning Environments, Networks and Knowledge 2010 - Week 1
Plenk2010, Plenk2010's blog
I am really excited - this is my first blogpost in English and I really hope it will be understandable ;-) If not - please apologize my bad English. When I decided to join the MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) "Personal Learning Environments, Networks and Knowledge 2010" provided by George Siemens, Stephen Downes, Rita Kop and Dave Cormier I was motivated in two ways: First I wanted to learn more about learning settings for huge groups and second I saw a possibility to improve my .... [Link] 2010-09-14T19:11:41

Re-arrange my #PLE - #PLENK2010
Newman, Newmania!
Re-arrange my #PLE - #PLENK2010: "To try to follow the course in an adequate way I’ve made some changes/adjustments to my PLE. Probably some of this could be usefull and help to organize someone PLE."Paulo Simões, a fellow #PLENK2010 learner, posted about how he set up his feeds and blogs in order to efficiently participate in the course.He and I have:created a folder to receive emails from the coursecreated a search column in TweetDeck (he uses Hootsuite) for PLENKbookmarked a Google .... [Link] 2010-09-13T19:43:00

Post 1
Pani Lynn, Blog for #PLENK210
This is just a sample post so I can get [Link] 2010-09-16T02:27:00

Opening thoughts on PLEs
Catherine Lombardozzi, Live and Learn
I’m happy to put out some of my thoughts and reactions to our first set of readings in PLENK2010…  My first thought is that I don’t have the same concept of PLEs as others do… so I’ll look forward to hearing more about these other perspectives as we go forward. In the spirit of externalizing my learning and sharing it [...] [Link] 2010-09-15T02:06:18

PLENK10 – An experiment in personal learning
Catherine Lombardozzi, Live and Learn
Greetings to fellow participants in PLENK2010!  This should be an adventure. Let me start by sharing the learning goals that prompted my joining this course. First, I am very interested in the topic of personal learning environments.  (Duh!) Here’s why:  I formerly support learning in a corporate environment and as an adjunct faculty member for [...] [Link] 2010-09-13T03:35:49

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@chriscattaneo (Christina Cattaneo) tweeted: MOOC #1: Plonked into PLENK: Subscribe to the comments for this post? Tweet This! Share this on Facebook Add this ... 2010-09-17T01:25:51

@sjohnsonhere (Scott Johnson) tweeted: #plenk doing a massive open oline course might just be a perfect example of "the more you put in, the more you get out". 2010-09-17T00:10:14

@alQpr (Alan Cooper) tweeted: PLENK Feeds: My Sept 13 post on PLEvsPLN does show up in the link from the #PLENK2010  Feeds List, but never seems... 2010-09-16T23:47:34

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@etcjournal (ETC Journal) tweeted: Comment on PLENK 2010: Just Like ‘Watching Football’ by Stefanie Panke: Hi George! Last year I read "New Media in ... 2010-09-16T17:54:00

@etcjournal (ETC Journal) tweeted: Comment on PLENK 2010: Just Like ‘Watching Football’ by Stefanie Panke: Lynn, I am glad you liked the summary and ... 2010-09-16T17:53:59

@Lili_an (Lilian RaharDjo) tweeted: @samjouel oalahhh..ayo joo...aku gareng kluar trs nyebrangg..wkwkkkwkw...bang ali plenk mantab emankk..wkwkkkkw 2010-09-16T14:36:54

@nynadesquary (nyna desquary) tweeted: Yg kmaren dikemanain plenk?cupcup ayo cari yuu gw temenin..hahaha RT @tyacumplenx: Gak pnya pacar.RT @nynadesquary: ERTE 2010-09-16T14:19:46

@kukharenko (Vladimir Kukharenko) tweeted: RT @pgsimoes: Good post - #PLENK2010: Just Like ‘Watching Football’ by Stefanie Pankon on @etcjournal 2010-09-16T12:01:37

@fclv2 (Clarissa) tweeted: Bapak e sadiis @.@ untung ngga melok aku..isa varises(n) RT @misschikacullen: Dr 2 jm xtra.. Dduk'e plenk mx 1/2 jm krg.. --" RT @fclv2 2010-09-16T11:49:42

@misschikacullen (Jessica Godwin) tweeted: Dr 2 jm xtra.. Dduk'e plenk mx 1/2 jm krg.. --" RT @fclv2: Heh?!sepanjang extra ngadek ngonoo?! RT ... 2010-09-16T11:43:58

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