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September 15, 2010

Link Corrections

Sorry about the extra newsletter today.

We have two link corrections for you:

Go to this page to update your profile.

Go to this page to fill out the research survey.

Thank you and we now return you to your regularly scheduled chaos.

TODAY! Our First Online Discussion

Join us for our first Elluminate session (access the site here: Elluminate session) with course facilitators.

Time: 8:00 p.m. Moscow, 5:00 p.m. London, 12 noon New York, 8:00 a.m. Los Angeles, midnight Thursday Beijing

Conversions to other time zones

Note: in future weeks, we will have an invited presenter on Wednesday...for this opening week, this will be an orientation and general discussion session.

Please Complete Your Moodle Profile

New fields have been added to the Moodle profile section. Please go back to your profile and complete as you wish. This information is important for the research. Thank you for your cooperation! (

To edit your profile, go to this page and login. The link to edit your profile is under Administration on the left side panel in Moodle (please see the screen shot below):

Survey Request

We have compiled a brief survey to better understand participants' self-regulation and level of use of personal learning environments in a massively open online course. The survey will take about 10 minutes to complete and will be administered again at the end of the course.
Final results will be shared so you can see for yourself how others responded. Thank you for participating!
Chris Sessums ( and Wendy Drexler (

Twitter Posts

Today we introduce another element of the distributed course, Twitter posts. Our aggregator scours all of Twitter for the last 24 hours looking for posts that mention #PLENK2010. These posts include contributions from course participants, but will also include discussion from people outside the course. The Twitter feed is an excellent place to find new resources, organize your own course group or discussion circle, or to schedule events.

@WandaBudianwari (Wanda Budianwari) tweeted: @ProletarisaL Dibawakeun ku Gito rollies jeung Stanzah... ces plenk.... 2010-09-15T10:55:04

@NoeAiNoe_only (Noe noe) tweeted: Anda benar plenk..forgiven not forgotten or forgotten not forgiven?RT @fredyeka: Hal yang paling sulit adalah melupakan 2010-09-15T10:11:01

@camarotetic (camarotetic) tweeted: Personal Learning Envronments Networks and Knowledge ~ PLENK 2010 - MOOC: 2010-09-15T07:08:13

@openk_vhioletha (openk vhioletha) tweeted: apa kmrng donlot??RT @anthomackenzie: okkkk RT @fitriitri: @anthomackenzie iyooo selesai pi bru sa downloadkan ko,, tnang mi plenk 2010-09-15T04:06:36

@anthomackenzie (iriyanto) tweeted: okkkk RT @fitriitri: @anthomackenzie iyooo selesai pi bru sa downloadkan ko,, tnang mi plenk 2010-09-15T04:04:18

@fitriitri (fitri_area) tweeted: @anthomackenzie iyooo selesai pi bru sa downloadkan ko,, tnang mi plenk 2010-09-15T03:58:50

@etug (etug) tweeted: New post by an ETUG Blogger: Alan Cooper 2010-09-15T03:02:53

@chris_saeger (chris_saeger) tweeted: Walking the PLENK today 2010-09-15T02:03:07

@Paulo_Indio (Paulo Edison ) tweeted: RT @pandugiha: links: Personal Learning Envronments Networks and Knowledge ~ PLENK 2010: 2010-09-15T00:28:34

@pandugiha (pandugiha) tweeted: links: Personal Learning Envronments Networks and Knowledge ~ PLENK 2010: 2010-09-15T00:22:56

@net_fjcapeletto (Capeletto Networks) tweeted: #delicious [from guilherme.marin] Personal Learning Envronments Networks and Knowledge ~ PLENK 2010: 2010-09-15T00:12:51

@psychemedia (Tony Hirst) tweeted: @paullowe posts over last week; just looking again at plenk graph, and somethings broken.. maybe twitter api is a bit patchy tonight?! 2010-09-14T23:37:35

@valerialiana (Valeria Pleszowski) tweeted: I've just registrated: Open Course &collaborative features: Personal Learning Environment Networks & Knowledge: PLENK- Stephen Downes... 2010-09-14T22:55:58

@WelshCloggy (Rita Kop) tweeted: Just returned from Halifax A.port to drop my son Pieter off. Sniff.Only the office move tomorrow and I will be able to concentrate on PLENK! 2010-09-14T22:36:12

@djplaner (David Jones) tweeted: Fighting hard to fight the lure of PLENK 2010 - - much more attractive than thesis writing 2010-09-14T22:01:29

@bendsstructures (Robin Jeffers) tweeted: @DanielWRasmus PLENK is at 2010-09-14T20:09:53

@SocialGardens (Social Gardens) tweeted: @antoesp ;-) Rita Kop did a nice job of describing the current PLE landscape from the perspective of HE #plenk 2010-09-13T21:31:59

@uberlinguist (Sara Downs) tweeted: @davecormier thank you beaucoup!! # 1 check # 2 work on in PLENK # 3 troublesome at times... 2010-09-13T21:39:10

@patob2000 (Patricio Bustamante) tweeted: Reorganizando mi #PLE para el curso #PLENK2010 : 2010-09-13T22:20:32

@patob2000 (Patricio Bustamante) tweeted: Como agregar RSS al curso #PLENK2010 : 2010-09-13T22:38:20

@isylsylvia (sylvia meydiana) tweeted: Sama plenk, gue juga lg nyetrika, liburan emang asik ya -___________-RT @Kahfiardi: Ga ada pembantu = nyetrika baju dulu dah 2010-09-14T04:51:30

@NoeAiNoe_only (Noe noe) tweeted: RT @fredyeka: Andai ku dapat mengungkapkan perasaanku » ungkapin aja plenk.. Gkkgkgk.. Ga da hepeng kah?? Xixi piiss ah 2010-09-14T06:53:40

@alQpr (Alan Cooper) tweeted: #PLENK2010 Week 1 is devoted mainly to establishing terminology and objectives 2010-09-14T07:06:33

@buckinsand (James Buckingham) tweeted: Just added a new event on TESOL Arabia - Education Technology - Special Interest Group - PLENK 2010. 2010-09-14T09:07:34

@kukharenko (Vladimir Kukharenko) tweeted: RT @alQpr: #PLENK2010 Week 1 is devoted mainly to establishing terminology and objectives 2010-09-14T07:51:19

@pgsimoes (Paulo Simões) tweeted: The #plenk2010 Daily is out! ▸ Top story : Plunked into PLENK: personal learning DIY 2010-09-14T11:17:45

@gilangharitama (Gilang Haritama S) tweeted: Jadi waras lo plenk nanti,heheRT @derylowlow: at masjid at taqwa lg dgrn cramah dr kyai ageng sumber waras..ih sampe ngantuk bgt 2010-09-14T14:33:07

@gilangharitama (Gilang Haritama S) tweeted: @derylowlow bagus plenk,nanti klo prumahan gua butuh ustad gua hub lo aja yah,kan keren tuh ustad from new york city :P 2010-09-14T14:40:01

@willrich45 (Will Richardson) tweeted: @davecormier @gsiemens Wondering if you guys need someone to teach PLENK Prep? #thoughtthatwasfunny #maybenot 2010-09-14T17:12:29

@lindsayjordan (Lindsay Jordan) tweeted: Embarking on #plenk2010: 2010-09-14T16:15:24

@derylowlow (dery aditya kusuma) tweeted: RT @gilangharitama: @derylowlow bagus plenk,nanti klo prumahan gua butuh ustad gua hub lo aja yah,kan keren tuh ustad from new york city :P 2010-09-14T14:42:39

Participants' Blogs

Today we introduce a new section of the newsletter. This section contains blog posts published in the feeds you contributed to the course. These feeds were harvested and those posts that contained the tag #PLENK2010 in the title or text were extracted and published here. If you have not yet submitted your RSS Feed, you can go to and do it there.

To view the entire blog post, click on the title of the post, and you'll be taken to the blog post itself. Alternatively, click on [Link] to proceed to the post without your click being counted. Don't panic if you don't see your blog post listed. There's always a rush of posts at the start of the course, so we haven't listed them all. Through the week we'll catch up with everybody's posts.

PLENK2010 sets off
gibirger, via פλenK
A tour of PLEs and PLNS How to get around in #PLENK2010 virtual course system Rita’s webinar sets me on the track to reach my [Link] 2010-09-15T07:57:50

Throughout the first two days of this course I have read in forums many different opinions about what PLE and PLN are. At this time there are more than 500 people attending forums, blogging, tweeting and introducing themselves in forums. The facilitators are doing a great job. A wiki has been created to show the schedule of the course. There are expected at least other 600 to attend in the coming days.So far I have been present at the introduction of the course by Stephen Downs, George .... [Link] 2010-09-15T07:41:00

SocialGardens: UBC's New Campus Wide Wiki #Plenk2010
, Twitter / SocialGardens
SocialGardens: UBC's New Campus Wide Wiki #Plenk2010 [Link] 2010-09-15T05:54:40

PLE = Outlet for Leadership Development
Michael, Przygoda = Adventure
How do leaders learn when they have so few peers in the workplace?Courtesy of elvis_payneMy friend Jill and I were talking yesterday about this new course PLENK2010 I've just joined. We are both involved in leadership development and our discussion quickly turned to the PLE and how it could be used for leadership development. It's intriguing to think of a structured PLE being "given" to a leader to help guide their own self-discovery learning process as a leader in the workplace. .... [Link] 2010-09-15T04:26:00

#PLENK2010 What I learned today (Skupik), Skupiktalk
 #PLENK2010 Tuesday September 14• Today I learned how to add my photo to my profile in the discussion group. • I learned that I am not the only beginner.  I hope I was able to help that other person get on the map.• I learned that there are many ways to organize data.  (Actually, I knew that, but I am astonished at the sophistication of some methods, viz. Patricio Bustamante in Chile.  Quick, someone, help that man start a business.)• I chastised myself for .... [Link] 2010-09-15T02:02:00

Walking the PLENK today
, PLE's, networks, knowledge & me
#PLENK2010 I am impressed with the blogs being set up around the planet and the google map of many of the attendees. My own small efforts are centered at I have also set up some rss feeds from the Daily, a blog search, and twitter search as well as course links (minor remix of the fine work at whole experience reminds me of a Tavistock group with technology. What does forming, storming, .... [Link] 2010-09-14T19:03:02

Clear challenge in learning: match or mis match between learner needs and educator support
Rita, Observations about learning, knowledge and technology
In 1991 Gerald Grow drew up his matrix of matches and mis-matches between learner stages and teacher styles and the first few days on #PLENK have confirmed to me that in any learning situation there is a need for a certain level of support to learners, also to participants in a course such as PLENK so they do not to feel that they are drowning in an overwhelming sea of information. I think that all four of us  facilitators are providing support in one way or another, in addition to .... [Link] 2010-09-15T02:02:00 (John), Personal Learning
#PLENK2010-- Personal Learning Environments, Networks and Knowledge has begun this week with more than 1,000 people registered and more than 130 RSS feeds set up with the course feed aggregator. Many participants have already placed their location pins on the Google map that Heli Nurmi from Finland set up. The course discussion forum in Moodle is showing very lively activity as are the many interesting blog posts. With so much activity occurring in so many places, I am grateful to have the .... [Link] 2010-09-15T02:09:00

Diagrams, exemplars, bootstrapping in #PLENK2010
morgan, Morgan's Log
Looking through some diagrams of PLEs at edtechpost has given me the impetus to create a diagram of my own, and the permission to really goof with it. Exemplars. To my mind, these diagrams illustrate what happens when a straightforward exercise is approached with a PLE attitude. Given the variety of diagrams, it looks like [...] [Link] 2010-09-14T22:34:22

Words of wisdom by @scottbw #PLENK2010
Paulo Simões, PLENK2010
George Siemens wrote in the forum “The sense of “i’m overwhelmed!” is rather evident” and made a some questions: “how do we make sense of this amount of information? What is the role of curation? Of summarizing key topics? What kinds of strategies are you using?” Scott Wilson opened his box of tricks and took a [...] [Link] 2010-09-14T20:42:11

SocialGardens: via the #Tyee today - Michael Geist on Educational copyright in Canada #plenk2010
, Twitter / SocialGardens
SocialGardens: via the #Tyee today - Michael Geist on Educational copyright in Canada #plenk2010 [Link] 2010-09-14T18:11:43

Notice 1 / Noticia 1
Ramón Aragón, Curso PLENK2010
This blog is already on the list of blogs PLENK2010 course, you can see at this link. I think we started well!.Ya esta este blog en la lista de blogs del curso PLENK2010, puedes verlo en este enlace. Creo que empezamos bien!!!. [Link] 2010-09-14T20:35:00

Recommended Reading / Lecturas recomendadas
Ramón Aragón, Curso PLENK2010
This is my first MOOCA (Massive Open Online Course) and part of what you would expect from a course with these characteristics is to share interesting links and pages that can help to understand and comprehend the topics covered.I have just begun and already the first link interesting:Seven Strategies for Supporting Personal Learning Environments at Work Michele Martin's Blog: The Bamboo Project, where are some strategies to understand and comprehend what the PLE:1. Nurture a culture of .... [Link] 2010-09-14T20:14:00

PLENK2010 Participant Feeds
, Stephen's Web ~ OLDaily
I've been pretty busy attending to PLENK2010 today, making sure the harvesting is working and fixing incorrect feed URLs (heh). One day this will all be turnkey, but for now doing one of these open courses still takes some work. Anyhow, we're up to 1138 registrations and 141 feeds. This feeds link will take you to the contributions being submitted by course participants. It's already pretty impressive. What we do in the course is aggregate them and display the contributions in .... [Link] 2010-09-14T15:29:11

5 points about PLEs PLNs for PLENK10
admin, Dave's Educational Blog » PLENK2010
The concept of the Personal Learning Environment in all of its wondrous forms has been one that I’ve struggled with over the last four or five years that I’ve been familiar with it. I’m very excited to be taking part in the PLENK10 course in order to take the time to focus on these ideas [...] [Link] 2010-09-12T18:00:40

authority in wiki world (Skupik), Skupiktalk
#PLENK2010  Many people, students in school and others, turn to Wikipedia for general information.  Yet this site, in particular, is warned against.  It is not an acceptable authority in academic circles.  However, in this wired world, especially in remote areas where there are no large libraries or no libraries at all, this is their primary source for information.  Many of the other sources of information on the web have used Wikipedia information without citing it.&.... [Link] 2010-09-14T19:51:00

What is a MOOC?
lindaleea, Sail's Pedagogy
A MOOC is a massive open online course. Today starts PLENK2010 a MOOC facilitated by George Siemens, Stephen Downes, Dave Cormier and Rita Kop. Research is being funding by the National Research Council of Canada’s PLE research project. Three other research projects will also be involved in this course. My first MOOC was CCK08 on [...] [Link] 2010-09-13T15:29:15

First Thoughts on PLENK2010
lw, wrightoutofmind
This is my first experience in a PLE, and I'm looking forward to it. Seems natural to have a loose structure to facilitate web-wide interaction. This is how adults learn - at least at the moment - so students need to hone these skills. I'm hoping to learn some tips on how best to structure and facilitate this type of course for my students. I appreciated Dave Comier's description of the PLE he had done, especially the assessment piece. Facilitating the connection - among students,.... [Link] 2010-09-13T00:36:00

PLENK2010 Participant Feeds by @downes
Paulo Simões, PLENK2010
URL:  A really usefull resource… Now I’m gonna get the OPML file and add it to my Google [Link] 2010-09-14T19:57:01

#Plenk2010: Strategies for not going insane
lindsayjordan, Life through a Linz
Hi Dave – I guess this issue is very much at the forefront of my mind as I (like you) am embarking on #plenk2010. I’m finding the need to deal with such a massive wave of data quite overwhelming, and I’m hoping to find some sort of ‘niche’ within this huge, sprawling animal fairly soon, [...] [Link] 2010-09-14T16:59:35

Embarking on PLENK 2010
lindsayjordan, Life through a Linz
#plenk2010 So I’ve signed up for a MOOC. For those not up with the lingo this is a Massive Open Online Course. It’s a bit ‘meta’ cos it’s kind of like a MOOC about MOOCs that is based on an exploration of personal learning environments (PLEs), and everyone involved is obviously really enthusiastic about PLEs, which [...] [Link] 2010-09-13T12:26:34

LMS Exists Mainly for the Needs of Managers, not Learners
bnleez, Collaborative Understandings
The LMS exists mainly for the needs of managers…not learners. I would say the participants in the PLENK2010 MOOC, who have decided to participate in a Moodle, would not agree.  These members have all the freedom in the world to choose how they wish to conduct discussions, yet they choose an LMS.  I’m willing to bet [...] [Link] 2010-09-13T01:49:25

#PLENK2010: Being too open!
bnleez, Collaborative Understandings
Ok, pet peeve time…choosing a hashtag!  I get MOOCs, open courseware, connective communities, etc., and the value in having each participant choose the way in which they want to interact with content and individuals.  But we should all be able to agree on having a single hashtag to filter our discussions.  It would be great [...] [Link] 2010-09-12T23:07:32

#PLENK2010: Five points about PLNs
bnleez, Collaborative Understandings
Dave’s five points about PLEs PLNs for PLENK2010 Here is my adaptation… Point #1:  I use the term personal learning network (PLN) to refer to all of the following: professional learning network, personal learning environment, learning management system, course management system, etc.  A node that makes up a PLN can be a person, group, institution, [...] [Link] 2010-09-12T22:51:21

#PLENK2010 – Getting Started!
bnleez, Collaborative Understandings
I look forward to PLENK2010!  I will primarily use this blog and link with other blogs in order to interact with content for this MOOC, and will use this opportunity to connect with others as well.  Most of what I do online is through WikiEducator. I look forward to getting [Link] 2010-09-12T12:58:21

INITIAL THOUGHTS (Veronica Baig), Loose Ends
I've read all of the introductory materials from The Daily to help me get started with #PLENK2010, and I've watched the initial Elluminate recording. The concepts are familiar to me, but I already feel as though I'm behind--this was the wrong time to come down with the flu!I've called the blog Loose Ends--not because I am at loose ends, but because I see PLNs as going off in a variety of different directions. I am hoping to find "something" that will help me to tie all of .... [Link] 2010-09-14T17:01:00

Taller PLE en BTM2010 en Punta del Este
patob, Ibar Bustamante M.'s dashboard
Este video es un experimento que hice combinando animación y video real, para promocionar mi taller sobre la construcción de un Personal Learning Environment, en el congreso BTM 2010 en Punta del Este. Palabra clave : #PLENK2010 Link del video : [Link] 2010-09-14T13:42:44

Lista de Reproducción videos PLENK2010
patob, Ibar Bustamante M.'s dashboard
[Link] 2010-09-13T23:39:48

Como agregar RSS al curso PLENK2010
patob, Ibar Bustamante M.'s dashboard
[Link] 2010-09-13T19:32:33

Información General sobre PLENK2010
patob, Ibar Bustamante M.'s dashboard
En los últimos cinco años, los conceptos de Ambiente de Aprendizaje Personal (PLE) y la Red de Aprendizaje Personal (PLN) se han ofrecido como alternativa a los entornos más tradicionales, como el sistema de gestión del aprendizaje (LMS) y cursos institucionales. Existe un grupo de expertos e investigadores que dictarán un curso sobre estos temas, durante los meses de septiembre, octubre y noviembre de 2010. El objetivo de este curso será la de aclarar y justificar, desde el .... [Link] 2010-08-23T19:21:54

Mis Tag PLENK2010 en Delicious
patob, Ibar Bustamante M.'s dashboard
user : patob2000, tag : plenk2010 Bookmarks on [Link] 2010-08-22T01:25:47

The DailySeptember 14, 2010Survey RequestWe have compiled a brief survey to better understand participants’ self-regulation and level of use of personal learning environments in a massively open online course. The survey will take about 10 minutes to complete and will be administered again at the end of the results will be shared so you can see for yourself how others responded. Thank you for participating!Chris Sessums ( and .... [Link] 2010-09-14T12:24:00

Today we started the course about Personal Environment and Network 2010.I read several articles and I am translating one of them which I will post tomorrow in this blog.This first week is centered about the differences between PLEs and PLNs. PLEs and PLNsby George Siemens - Sunday, 12 September 2010, 01:20 PM The readings this week provide an introduction to PLNs & PLEs. After going through the readings, reflect on the distinctions and similarities between the two terms and concepts. How do .... [Link] 2010-09-14T04:47:00

Plunked into PLENK: personal learning DIY
Plunked into PLENK: personal learning [Link] 2010-09-13T20:24:00

Open online course (MOOC), Personal Learning Environments, Networks and Knowledge.
PLENK2010 has begun.I have attended two previous courses on line by the Institute of Athabasca Unviversity:Connectivism & Connective Knowledge Literacies Online Course 2010Both courses dealt with the process of learning and thinking. It was my first encounter with the web2.0 era, And I must say that I became very interested in these topics. Human beings are in constant evolution and maybe with this new knowledge we can guide our students and .... [Link] 2010-09-12T03:36:00

I’ve signed up for Personal Learning Environments Networks & Knowledge, a Massively Open Online Course (MOOC) from Stephen Downes, George Siemens, Rita Kop and Dave Cormier. I am not sure how much I will be able to participate, considering I am already in the throes of a thesis, but the topic is so perfectly aligned [...] [Link] 2010-09-14T14:34:31

PLE’s for learners and teachers
Wayne, Wayne's PLENK2010 Blog
My primary focus in this course is to further my understanding of PLE’s in higher education as they relate to learners and professors. I currently teach a course that focuses on learners “learning how to learn” with social networking tools and a final project that is the learner’s own Personal Learning Environment. My concern is [...] [Link] 2010-09-14T03:37:18

Curso sobre Ambientes de Aprendizaje Personalizados, Redes Sociales y Conocimiento
Leonardo Montenegro, Ambientes de Aprendizaje Personalizados
. Regístrate en el curso sobre Ambientes de Aprendizaje Personalizados, Redes Sociales y Conocimiento, PLENK 2010 (Personal Learning Envronments Networks and Knowledge). El curso es de acceso libre e inicia el 13 de septiembre de 2010. Para inscripción y detalles debe visitar el sitio oficial: . [Link] 2010-08-13T15:30:21

Ramón Aragón, Curso PLENK2010
This blog will serve as e-portfolios PLENK2010 course, where you will find course notes, observations, analysis and comments to collaborate and share [Link] 2010-09-14T18:53:00

First post (ester lato), PLENK 2010
Technology and internet, if used appropriately, can become source of self-improvement for teachers and this is still more realistic and possible for the teachers of foreign languages, especially English because this is the language in which a large part of all the material is published .The Internet also improves the possibility of “open learning” and PLENK seems really very open in each sense, I have signed up for PLENK2010 because I know I can learn more and more thanks to the .... [Link] 2010-09-14T15:23:00

Pull (Distributed Learning) as it Relates to Zuboff’s Distributed Capitalism #PLENK2010
howardjohnson, A Chronicle of a Learning Journey
In my last post I alluded to some counter-intuitive ways that I think learning is becoming different.  This post addresses that issue in someways by drawing on this McKinsey article. Most people’s idea of learning comes from their experience sitting in classrooms reading from textbooks, memorizing spelling lists or completing practice math problems.  This is a [...] [Link] 2010-09-14T02:54:06

Is it a “Personal” or a “Social Networked” Learning Environment? #PLENK2010
howardjohnson, A Chronicle of a Learning Journey
This post is a response to readings (week 1) in the MOOC, PLENK 2010. The book Power of Pull is my favorite exposition of a theory of networked learning, because it accounts very well for an action orientation and a social embeddedness as it portrays the learning process.  The course readings echo this idea. like when [...] [Link] 2010-09-13T21:20:44

bookmarks for September 8th, 2010 through September 14th, 2010
morgan, Morgan's Log
edtechpost – PLE Diagrams – Mother of all PLE diagrams compilation – (#plenk2010 ple visualization ) if:book: the truth is in the back and forth – A complete history of the Wikipedia article on the Iraq War (the second one) in XII volumes, printed. We *so* need a semiotics of writing. "Four years later, we [...] [Link] 2010-09-14T16:05:45

Curso #PLENK2010 (MVZ J. Gilberto Ruz Nava), __________EDUCACIÓN 2.0
#PLENK2010Dio inicio este lunes 13 de septiembre el Curso organizado por George Siemens y Stephen Downes, creadores de la propuesta a la Teoría del Conectivismo.El curso es del tipo a los que llaman MOOC (Masivo Online Curso Abierto), para quienes no se pudieron inscribir y desean seguirlo, pueden hacerlo, ya que los coordinadores del curso nos comentaron que podíamos compartir lo que estamos viendo en el, con quienes nos siguen a través de las redes sociales que utilizamos, así que, aquí .... [Link] 2010-09-14T17:44:00

Starting with #PLENK2010
Vio, violeta
I will write this post in English due to course consideration. Few weeks ago I found about the Personal Learning Environments,  Networks and Knowledge (#PLENK2010) massive online open course initiative and I was very thrill to sign in especially convinced by the names of initiators (George Siemens, Stephen Downes or Dave Cormier). The course just [...] [Link] 2010-09-14T08:03:02

PLENK 2010 (Lore Reß), Letzte Beiträge
has started! Interessting documents for [Link] 2010-09-14T08:25:00

Plenk is a MOOC (Jeni E), Jeni's Plenk
What's one of those? A Massive Online Open Course. This one has 1000+ participants. Its different, "connectivist" and experimental. So, sounds interesting. Let's give it a [Link] 2010-09-14T03:59:00

Making Learning Transparent
Theresa G, Grand Rounds
For a few years now, I have been interested in the intersection between technology and my work as a Fellow in Communities for Learning.  As I have been engaged online through Twitter and delicious and my blogs, the terms  "PLN" and "PLE" kept cropping up.  And I have wrestled with them - their meaning, their value and how they are similar to/different from the learning community that I engage with.I am excited to participate in the Personal Learning Environments Networks and .... [Link] 2010-09-14T00:55:00

PLENK2010 – first Blog
jenniferjewell, Jenniferjewell's Blog
This is my very first attempt at creating a blog with an RSS feed. Literally, PLE beginner – first steps on a fast learning curve. # [Link] 2010-09-14T00:09:12

Very first draft of “how to be successful in a MOOC”
Emilio Quintana, Mooc me
Ayer empezó el nuevo MOOC de Siemens/Downes/Cormier/Kop, dedicado esta vez a los Personal Learning Environments/Networks (PLN/PLN): #PLENK2010. Cormier ha editado un breve vídeo con las 9 ideas clave para que un MOOC (curso online masivo) funcione. Me parece que se trata de 9 condiciones para que cualquier tipo de proceso de enseñanza/aprendizaje funcione, de modo [...] [Link] 2010-09-14T16:23:45

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