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September 14, 2010

Survey Request

We have compiled a brief survey to better understand participants' self-regulation and level of use of personal learning environments in a massively open online course. The survey will take about 10 minutes to complete and will be administered again at the end of the course.
Final results will be shared so you can see for yourself how others responded. Thank you for participating!
Chris Sessums ( and Wendy Drexler (

Participants' Blogs

Today we introduce a new section of the newsletter. This section contains blog posts published in the feeds you contributed to the course. These feeds were harvested and those posts that contained the tag #PLENK2010 in the title or text were extracted and published here. If you have not yet submitted your RSS Feed, you can go to and do it there.

To view the entire blog post, click on the title of the post, and you'll be taken to the blog post itself. Alternatively, click on [Link] to proceed to the post without your click being counted. Don't panic if you don't see your blog post listed. There's always a rush of posts at the start of the course, so we haven't listed them all. Through the week we'll catch up with everybody's posts.

Holy Moly a Really Massive Open Online Course (RMOOC?) (Jane Wilde in RL/Esme Qunhua in SL), Teaching and Learning in Virtual Words
Since I last posted 2 days ago enrollment in the Personal Learning Environments, Networks and Knowledge (PLENK2010) has jumped from 300 to 1090. That is a 1090 separate people participating in one Moodle course. This is going to be an interesting [Link] 2010-09-10T04:50:00

Personal Learning Environments, Networks and Knowledge (Jane Wilde in RL/Esme Qunhua in SL), Teaching and Learning in Virtual Words
As part of my study of networking, distance learning and how technology is changing us, I have signed up for PLENK2010. Personal Learning Environments, Networks and Knowledge is an open course (open enrollment, freely shared content) facilitated by George Siemens (Connectivism), Stephen Downes (Personal Learning Networks), Dave Cormier and Rita Kop.This 10 week course begins officially on Monday September 13 and as of this moment has 306 participants enrolled in the moodle course area. This .... [Link] 2010-09-09T01:55:00

My personal ideas for PLENK2010
, Stephen's Web ~ OLDaily
PLENK2010 started today, and with enrollment nudging over the 1,000 mark there are too many commentaries to summarize in this post, but a few are worth mentioning. Heli outlines the course and links to an article on e-resonance, which "deals with similarity, not sameness." Dave Ferguson is plunked into PLENK, links to how this course works, and comments "I don't tend to think of the web of people and resources I learn from as a PLE or a PLN." Dave Cormier, one of the facilitators, offers .... [Link] 2010-09-13T15:44:54

#PLENK2010 orientation
morgan, Morgan's Log
I’m trying to get oriented to the #PLENK2010 course, and taking what Downes and Siemens mentioned in the Elluminate session on Friday into account. Here’s more detail on open courses and MOOCs from Dave Cormier and George Siemens. Learner goals are up to the learners, and learners have to construct – reconstruct or locate – languages: [...] [Link] 2010-09-12T20:01:46

Tim Schlotfeldt, Tim's PLENK2010 Blog
Hi, this is the only one blog post written in german. English explanation will follow. Dies ist der erste Eintrag von mir zum offenen Online-»Kurs« Personal Learning Environments, Networks, and Knowledge 2010 . Dieser »course« ist ist ein Weiterbildungsprojekt, das sich in seiner didaktischen Konzeption auf den Konnektivismus stützt. Ganz nebenbei ist dieser Kurs auch Teil eines kanadischen Forschungsprojekts zu Personal Learning Environments. Im Prinzip funktioniert der Kurs so, .... [Link] 2010-09-09T14:41:57

How to Add an RSS Feed to PLENK2010
Tim Schlotfeldt, Tim's PLENK2010 Blog
Don't forget to add the hash tag #PLENK2010 right into the text body. Only then you'll get registered. Trackback URL für diesen Beitrag: No [Link] 2010-09-10T17:19:54

Jim's Blog for #PLENK2010
j_sta, Delicious/J_Sta
Jim Stauffer's participant blog for the #PLENK2010 course on [Link] 2010-09-08T04:13:08

Video Introductions (Jim Stauffer), connectJim
PLENK 2010 participant "newmania" posted a video introducing himself at liked the idea so posted my own at BTW - I got the classroom cleaned up# [Link] 2010-09-08T02:17:00

RSS answers (Jim Stauffer), connectJim
Aha! I found it, my RSS feed URL for Blogger, thanks to good ole google, and added it to the class feeds.If text is your learning style there's a simple help file at you could listen to Dave Saunders explain it in a video clip on his blog I also learned RSS stands for "really simple syndication" according to Microsoft)'nuff fun .... [Link] 2010-09-02T22:13:00

Ready (Jim Stauffer), connectJim
Set up and waiting for the course to start - been listening to recordings from the Critical Literacies archives while I work on my classroom.Still need to figure out RSS feeds...# [Link] 2010-09-02T21:11:00

The Start of PLENK2010
Tony Ratcliffe, Tony Ratcliffe
#PLENK2010 is the tag for the massive open online course (MOOC), Personal Learning Environments, Networks and Knowledge. Sponsored and organized by the The Technology Enhanced Knowledge Research Institute (TEKRI) of Athabasca Unviersity, it is facilitated by George Siemens, Stephen Downes, Dave Cormier, and Rita Kop. In advance of the September 13, 2010, start, a discussion [...] [Link] 2010-09-11T14:04:24

Dr. Nellie Deutsch, Passionate about Learning (PaL)
I’m off to another Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) called Personal Learning Environments Networks and Knowledge (PLENK) with 3 or 4 facilitators. The list has 4 with 3 bios. I’m looking forward to the journey. I am going in as a participant and observer. I’m interested in learning about learning. Will the participants collaborate and [...] [Link] 2010-09-10T18:45:54

Getting started on PLENK2010
jswann16, Jennie Swann PLENK2010
Well I missed the Elluminate session – it was 5am here in Auckland! Didn’t think I’d be able to say anything intelligent at that time in the morning, nor remember much of what I’d heard. Glad it was recorded, I’ll check it out at [Link] 2010-09-12T04:15:51

Hello PLENK2010 people
jswann16, Jennie Swann PLENK2010
This is a new blog for this course. I use my other one to share useful sites etc with [Link] 2010-08-17T03:37:43

PLENK2010 - Personal Learning Environments (Joe Fournier), Spot Learning
Stephen Downes, George, Siemens, Dave Cormier, and Rita Kop are conducting a "course" in September that may interest certainly interests me!It's an experience centered around Personal Learning Environments Networks and Knowledge (PLENK); it's for the serious learner, from what I gather...and if my guess is right as to the reach of the participants, it's likely to result in some significant advancement and awareness of PLNs. For information on how it works and what it&.... [Link] 2010-08-16T00:03:00

Week 1: A tour of PLEs and PLNS - diagrams, discussions, examples
, PLENK2010
In week one, we'll tackle the terminology and concepts of "personal learning environments" (PLE) and "personal learning networks" (PLN). A degree of overlap exists between these two terms - PLE has received greater adoption in higher education, while PLN seems to be more prominent among K-12 (primary/secondary) educators. A rough statement of distinctions: A Personal Learning Environment is more of a concept than a particular toolset - it doesn't require the use of any particular .... [Link] 2010-09-13T05:23:23

How To Get The Most Out of PLENK2010
, PLENK2010
Welcome to PLENK 2010. The course starts tomorrow, September 13, and we're ready to get going. PLENK2010 is not your typical course. You should review these materials before taking the course in order to get the most out of this course. -- If you haven't read it already, please read How This Course Works -- Please view the video how to be successful in a MOOC -- View the introductory Elluminate session recorded Friday on how to be successful in this course (this is a good way to .... [Link] 2010-09-12T17:56:08

Getting Ready for PLENK2010
, PLENK2010
Pre-course Online Session Ready for PLENK2010? Wondering what it's all about? Not sure how to deal with an open course with almost a thousand people in it? Then you may want to attend our pre-course online session on Friday. Course facilitators will be present and we'll show you how to get the most out of this course. The session will be held in Elluminate, the online conferencing tool we will be using for the duration of the course. Simply point your browser to the following link: .... [Link] 2010-09-09T14:11:03

PLENK 2010 Research
, PLENK2010
Welcome to Personal Learning Environments, Networks, and Knowledge 2010 (PLENK2010). The course officially begins on Monday, September 13. You will receive additional information over the next few days about accessing the course outline, weekly meetings, and readings. Before the course starts, we would like to provide you with advance notice of research being conducted in this course. Research Consent Document Research in Personal Learning Environments The Personal Learning Environments .... [Link] 2010-09-08T15:15:44

My goals as a beginner? 1. I will try not to become overfed...
Linn, Jakten på den perfekta lektionen
For a while now, I will try to blog in english, because of the course PLENK 2010. Please help me. Correct my english. In this clip Dave Cormier explanins the new (?) form of learning and knowledge. Is this a way to connect formal and informal learning? My goals?1. Find out how a course like this works and how to get the best out of it. Try not to become overfed.2. Find and interact with people who share my interests. I mean for example, using new technologies in teaching.3. Improve my [Link] 2010-09-13T03:58:00

This is
Linn, Jakten på den perfekta lektionen
how MOOC rate PLENK2010 is built. This is a picture from the Elluminate session last friday.Will there be a huge mess of this?What about time zones, there are people from all kinds of countries? Some will of course have to be up in the middle of the night to participate in these "Elluminate Sessions". [Link] 2010-09-12T11:42:00

Linn, Jakten på den perfekta lektionen
Nu har kursen PLENK tjuvstartat. Har redan lärt mig en ny förkortning och vad den betyder. MOOC betyder Massive Open Online Course. Har tusen klasskamrater. Klassrummet är i Moodle. Ska bli jättekul! Min engelska ska nu äntligen förbä [Link] 2010-09-11T09:52:00

PLENK2010 session today
flsantos, g3t conn3ct3d
After a failure in reading the timezones I missed the first session PLENK2010 (for a measly hour), but George Siemens did the favor of providing the recording. Tagged: knowledge, learning, network, ple, plenk2010, [Link] 2010-09-10T22:30:10

PLENK2010… let the ride begin
flsantos, g3t conn3ct3d
Here we go again … After the Critical Literacies Online Course 2010 another MOOC, now on Personal Learning Environments, and Knowledge Networks, I’m curious, especially because it has a longer duration (one of the criticisms of the former, being short). The tools are the same: the daily, moodle (the presentations have already started), Elluminate (there […] [Link] 2010-09-09T22:14:40

PLEs, Networks and Knowledge - FREE Course! (Eric), E-Learning Acupuncture
Building on the successes of the massive Connectivism course that Stephen Downes and George Seimens mounted in 2008 and 2009, PLENK2010 will be launching on Sept 15th. Sponsored and organized by the Technology Enhanced Knowledge Research Institute (TEKRI) at Athabasca University, PLENK stands for: Personal Learning Environments Networks and Knowledge. Find out more here. If you want to learn more about the current trends and the bleeding edge of PLEs / PLNs / group-based learning then this .... [Link] 2010-08-13T06:41:43

My PLE for the PLENK2010 MOOC
emapey, Online Sapiens » PLE
Another PLE for a connectivist open online course. This is my PLE, personal learning environment for the PLENK2010 MOOC, massive open online course. It aggregates all the useful links and helps me to follow the PLENK201010 MOOC discussions - PLENK 2010 - PLENK2010 Blog - PLENK2010 Forum - The Daily - Participants - Live Sessions [...] [Link] 2010-09-10T05:00:36

Related Posts: My PLE for Online Courses and Conferences
emapey, Online Sapiens » PLE
Related Posts: My PLEs for Online Courses and Conferences: - My PLE for the PLENK2010 MOOC - My PLE for the 2009 Edublog Awards - My PLE for the Corporate Learntrends 2009 Online Conference - My PLE (Personal Learning Environment) for the CCK09 Connectivism Open Online Course - My PLE for the Corporate Learntrends Online [...] [Link] 2010-03-13T23:36:07

PLEs are an Operating System for Learning
Viplav Baxi, Viplav Baxi's Meanderings
This is my first post for PLENK2010 and I am glad to be involved in this discussion. Thanks to the MOOC organizers for setting this up. I think of PLEs as Operating Systems just like regular operating systems are for computer users. In fact, I call the PLE a LearnOS. Thinking of a PLE as a LearnOS helps me [...] [Link] 2010-09-13T01:25:34

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