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September 12, 2010

How To Get The Most Out of PLENK2010

Welcome to PLENK 2010. The course starts tomorrow, September 13, and we're ready to get going.

PLENK2010 is not your typical course. You should review these materials before taking the course in order to get the most out of this course.

-- If you haven't read it already, please read How This Course Works

-- Please view the video how to be successful in a MOOC

-- View the introductory Elluminate session recorded Friday on how to be successful in this course (this is a good way to make sure Elluminate is working on your system). You can always find this and other recordings on the course recordings page.

-- Create a blog or some other type of content and submit your RSS feed. If you don't know how, view the How-To video. Then, once you have your feed set up, submit it here.

-- Review the course overview in the Course Wiki.

Tomorrow (Monday) you'll get your first Daily newsletter and the readings and discussion will start. Let us take this opportunity to remind you that you are not expected to read everything. Pick and choose. Find your own niche within the course and make it uniquely your own.

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