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September 8, 2010

PLENK 2010 Research

Welcome to Personal Learning Environments, Networks, and Knowledge 2010 (PLENK10). The course officially begins on Monday, September 13. You will receive additional information over the next few days about accessing the course outline, weekly meetings, and readings.

Before the course starts, we would like to provide you with advance notice of research being conducted in this course.

Research Consent Document

Research in Personal Learning Environments

The Personal Learning Environments Networks and Knowledge course is part of the National Research Council of Canada's PLE research. The project will examine the learning that occurs as a result of interaction and participation in the distributed community. The goal of the research is to follow and document what communities of learners do when they are learning in a sizeable open online course.

Why are you being given this information?

Upon registering for the online PLENK course, you are being asked to take part in a study designed to examine various aspects of learning in a network, based on the model of the personal learning environment, in which each learner aggregates and works with a unique set of resources, and interacts and participates in a distributed online community.

The information in this page is intended to help you understand exactly what we are asking of you so that you can decide whether or not you want to register for the PLENK course and participate in the research. Please read this consent document carefully and ask all the questions you might have before deciding whether or not to participate or not in this study. Your participation in the course and research project is entirely voluntary and you can opt out of the course and the research at any time.

If you do not consent to this research, please unsubscribe by clicking here.

Research Projects

There are four separate research projects being conducted in this course.

1. The NRC PLE Project research, conducted by Helene Fournier and Rita Kop.

2. Wendy Drexler and Chris Sessums will also invite you to participate in research on Personal Learning Environments and Personal Learning Networks and you will find an invitation to participate in their surveys in the Daily.

3. Dave Cormier and George Siemens carry out research in Massive Open Online courses but will not ask you to fill out surveys, as they will be observers on the learning environment.

4. Sui Fai John Mak will invite you to participate in his own research program.

Special Interest Group in PLE and PLN research

People engaged or interested in research in Personal Learning Environments and Personal Learning Networks will be invited to participate in a Special Interest Group on the subject by Hélène Fournier during the course. If you would like to participate in this development, watch the Daily for announcements on the S.I.G and the Moodle forum and wiki for developments!

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