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July 15, 2010

Final Issue of the Daily

This is the final issue of the Daily for Critical Literacies 2010. In it, we wrap up the last of the recordings and posts. And please be sure to complete the course survey, below - this is an important part of our research and we really need your contributions.

We'll keep the list open, just in case, until the end of July. On July 31, the names will be removed from the database. Thank you for your participation, and we hope you enjopyed the course.

Final Course Survey

Greetings from the NRC PLE researcher,

As part of the Research on Massive Online Courses and Personal Learning Environments, we would like to invite CritLit 2010 participants to share their reflections and Critical Literacies experiences in a final survey for the course, available here http://survey.elg.ca/index.php?sid=28197&lang=en.

Thank you to those who have participated already and to all who have contributed to our research on PLEs along the way.

Enjoy your summer!

Helene Fournier
On behalf of the NRC PLE team!

Critical Literacies Session Recordings

The session on Visual Literacies with Susan Mettros is now abailable online. Click here for the Elluminate recording.

Here's the recording for or course wrap-up session, Friday July 9. Click Here. NRC's Helene Fournier led Stephen and Rita in an interview examining the course as a whole, what was learned, and what will be done next time.

Highlighted Resources


Here's what course members from around the world had to say. Want to join the conversation? Submit your feed. Then put this at the beginning of your post: CritLit2010

Farewell to #CritLit2010 – not critical literacies
I need to write something about my feelings in the end of CritLit course. The last session was yesterday, in same time when my son activated a new computer to me. Now this is working properly or I am practicing anyhow – it is almost a change in my identity to have a new computer, [...] July 10, 2010

Discussion Forum

Still working on this - watch for more here

These links are comments posted to the Moodle Discussion Forum, , and . If you want to participate in the discussion, but don't want to set up a blog, then you can post here.


Post in Twitter and use the hashtag #CritLit2010 to be listed here. (These should be fresh. Still working on improving the Twitter display.)

@Ulop sharing could be fun. What I have found from CCK & CritLit2010: people will enjoy if conversation is light, & not strugg w others opi

#CritLit2010 final reflections | http://arenastudies.wordpress.com/ At the end of the course, I would like (cont) http://amplify.com/u/7p6v

#CritLit2010 @sdownes & Rita & all participants thks!

@Ulop http://suifaijohnmak.wordpress.com/2010/06/11/critlit2010-reflective-thinking-a-personal-perspective-part-1/ Refer to Leadership theo

@Ulop http://suifaijohnmak.wordpress.com/2010/06/28/critlit2010-networked-learning/ In blogs & forum paper, people learn with idiosyncrasy

#CritLit2010 Check- Education Innovation - Conversations from Penn State http://youtu.be/tL0WW3tR8Kc Power of stories. Ken tells his stories

#CritLit2010 reflections : http://wp.me/pX4TC-2L

#CritLit2010 Help needed! Conversation. http://suifaijohnmak.wordpress.com/2010/07/12/is-connectivism-all-about-social-networked-learning/

#CritLit2010 New post on Networked Learning http://suifaijohnmak.wordpress.com/2010/07/12/critlit2010-social-networked-learning/

#CritLit2010 New post on self-directed learning http://suifaijohnmak.wordpress.com/2010/07/12/critlit2010-self-directed-learning/

#CritLit2010 Connectivism & soc net.learn http://bit.ly/bRixwN

#CritLit 2010 Like to share stories? http://suifaijohnmak.wordpress.com/2010/07/10/critlit2010-the-power-of-story-as-a-critical-literacy/

#CritLit2010 Hope you will enjoy it. Currently reading Storytelling and much more http://prezi.com/ktdx_0jfnumc/storytelling-and-much-more/

#CritLIt2010 Enjoy this. Currently reading Storytelling: frame by frame http://prezi.com/x-darf4jbvpt/storytelling-frame-by-frame/

@suifaijohnmak @maferarenas @RuthHoward thoughts on connectivism and critical literacies inc wiki links http://bit.ly/cqSRFC #critlit2010

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