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June 28, 2010

Week 5: Context

Monday June 28: Information on Context is available from the resources area.

Wednesday June 30: Elluminate session by Paul Bouchard and Stephen and Rita. 1PM Atlantic Daylight Time (12 Noon eastern, 5PM London time). You will find the link to Elluminate here We advise you to have a look at it a little in advance of the session to familiarize yourself with it and to logon.

If you're not sure how your timezone compares to the one in Moncton where we are based, here is a link to to a Time Zone converter

Friday June July 2: roundup of the week by Stephen and Rita on Elluminate. 1PM Atlantic Daylight Time (12 Noon Eastern, 5PM London time)

TODAY Week 4 Wrap-Up

TODAY June 25: wrap-up of the week by Stephen and Rita on Elluminate. Access Elluminate from this link.
1PM Atlantic Daylight Time (12 noon eastern time, 5PM London time, time zone clock here)

Highlighted Resources

Quick overview of the impact of context in language and thought, drawing from the insights of a number of prominent 20th century philosophers. What's important to note is that it is generally understood today that meaning and truth is not absolute, but rather is relative to the context in which it occurs. So it is an important critical literacy to be able to identify this context and describe the impact it has. Stephen Downbes, Plearn Blog, June 28, 2010 [Link] [Tags: none] [Comment]


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CritLit2010 Traversing or jumping
In a connectivist course it seems to be important that the learner is able to connect a weekly topic to the main course topic. Read more... June 26, 2010

Syntax as a Critical Literacy
Week 4 Syntax: in the Critical Literacies course The ability to recognize and use forms, grammars, patterns and other structural properties of communication. This would include information literacy and ontology of information An interesting presentation on this by Jen Hughes and Graham Attwell, which Graham makes a blog post about.  Also a very creative presentation [...] June 25, 2010

Pragmatics as a Critical Literacy
Week 3 of the Critical Literacies course bears the title Pragmatics which is described in Moodle as follows: The capacity to use communicative elements in actions, or to take actions using communication, to express, commit, interrogate, and engage in interactions. Including being active participants in the world and on the Web versus passive consumers. Having [...] June 25, 2010

Discussion Forum

Still working on this - watch for more here

These links are comments posted to the Moodle Discussion Forum, , and . If you want to participate in the discussion, but don't want to set up a blog, then you can post here.


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#CritLit2010 My post in Learning in a Complex World http://suifaijohnmak.wordpress.com/2010/06/28/critlit2010-learning-in-a-complex-world/

New post on Networked Learning #CritLit2010 http://suifaijohnmak.wordpress.com/2010/06/28/critlit2010-networked-learning/

#CritLit2010 Networked learning - http://ow.ly/23WnP #ISTE10 #PLE

#CritLit2010 Teacher-controlled/Autonomous Dichotomy: #CritLit2010 Networked learning � Suifaijohnmak's WeblogTo w... http://bit.ly/9koUMc

RT @RuthHoward: #CritLit2010 Economic & legal barriers block R access: Digital Scholarship & Pub. Center: NCSU Libs http://bit.ly/9Pxy2a

@DolorsCapdet Això sembla més una qüestió semàntica. M'agrada pensar el que diu Aldanondo: el coneixement són xarxes neuronals #CritLit2010

@jvilarnau :) Per a mi coneixement i xarxa són valors diferents (contingut i continent) però la connexió d'ambdòs és innegable. #CritLit2010

Thinking #CritLit2010 http://georgehwilliams.pbworks.com/Three-Rhetorical-Appeals

#CritLit2010 Community as Curriculum and Open Learning http://youtu.be/j4LrB-jFEgM

Social presence #CritLit2010 http://suifaijohnmak.wordpress.com/2010/06/25/critlit2010-importance-of-social-presence-in-online-learning/

learn to join the convesation of #CritLit2010 by refer this reflections – third week | arenastudies: http://tinyurl.com/339bu4g

RT @suifaijohnmak: Social presence #CritLit2010 http://suifaijohnmak.wordpress.com/2010/06/25/critlit2010-importance-of-social-presence-in-online-learning/

#CritLit2010 Importance of social presence in online learning - http://ow.ly/23rlK

@DolorsCapdet Però la xarxa és el que dóna valor a la neurona. Una neurona per si sola no és res... #CritLit2010

My post on conversation #CritLit2010 http://suifaijohnmak.wordpress.com/2010/06/26/critlit2010-on-conversation/

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