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November 24, 2008

Week 12: The Future of Connectivism and Directions in Research

It's hard to believe, but we have reached the last week of the course!


Opening Education: 2020 and beyond


Mon: Recorded presentations and readings will be posted to the email list

Wed: Two Elluminate discussions (both sessions can be accessed via this link):

Friday: Discussion via USTREAM 11 am CST: See time zone conversion


1. Post your course wrap-up email incorporating personal reflections on your experience in the process, what would need to change to make the experience more valuable, and whether you feel this course approach could be applied to other subject areas.

2. Complete your final project and post a link to it on your blog (due December 1)

Highlighted Resources

Is This How Presidential Education Policy Should Be Made?
It is worth compafring the process described in this article with the process of connectivism outlined in this course. "Rather than relying primarily on a few hand-picked experts, the Obama campaign mobilized field researchers, analyzed data from a variety of sources, used the data to make communications and decisions, and then verified those policies and decisions with more data from the field." Mitchell Weisburgh, PILOTed, November 24, 2008 [Link] [Tags: none] [Comment]

Off The Wagon, But Not Off My Mind
CCK08 has various components - different language groups, blogs, forums, listservs, and Second Life. We haven't heard much from the SL group over the last few weeks. Fleep offers a great summary review. I've met several people over the last few months that signed up for the course, but haven't been able to participate at the level they wanted. Fleep similarly states that she didn't contribute to the degree she wanted...and states that she's fine with that. Which is great. Flexibility and the ability to engage with resources at a depth based on other life commitments are important benefits of open courses. Fleep then explores the obligations of moderators of virtual world events: "if you're going to commit to the synchronous participation of using a virtual world, then you have to really commit and pick a day and a time and stick with itif you're going to commit to the synchronous participation of using a virtual world, then you have to really commit and pick a day and a time and stick with it". Thanks Fleep for your contributions in SL and your summary thoughts on the course! Fleep Tuque, , November 23, 2008 [Link] [Tags: none] [Comment]

The Dance of Change- CCK08
Last week, we were discussing the spaces and structures of learning. It's a rather large conversation that can hardly be addressed in a short week. From an ideological perspective, the need is one of preparing learners to be effective participants in an unknown future: "Reconceptualizing learning spaces for k12 students-- designing for learning ecologies that enable networked learning and participatory pedagogies will help to ensure that learners are far better equipped to live and learn in today's world." , , November 23, 2008 [Link] [Tags: none] [Comment]


Here's what course members from around the world had to say. Want to join the conversation? Login and submit your feed. Then put this at the beginning of your post: CCK08

CCK08 Final presentation November 24, 2008
Can a network of learners serve the same roles as a teacher or professors? Revisited November 24, 2008
Mind Map + 11 Weeks = Done CCK08 Style November 23, 2008
Mind Map + 11 Weeks = Done CCK08 Style November 23, 2008
CCK08: Concept Map Assignment November 23, 2008
CCK08-Connecting the Concept Map November 23, 2008
CCK08, thank you November 23, 2008
CCK08-Changing Space and Structure November 23, 2008
CCK08 Final Cmap November 23, 2008
#cck08 Opportunities and resistance Paper 3. November 23, 2008
CCK08 Conceptual and Social layer November 23, 2008
CCK08 Final Mind Map November 23, 2008
Learntrends = trendy learning? November 23, 2008
CCK08: assignment 4 November 23, 2008
Short Paper 3 CCK08: Opportunities and Resistance November 22, 2008
FINAL CMAP (Thank GOD!) November 22, 2008
The final assignment November 22, 2008
Connectivism: Do we still need physical space for teaching and learning? November 22, 2008
CCK08 - Off The Wagon, But Not Off My Mind November 22, 2008
The Map(s) November 21, 2008
Lost in Technology November 21, 2008
Open Education & Open Learning November 21, 2008
CCK08: Networks and Midwifery November 21, 2008

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