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November 10, 2008

Week 10: Openness: Social Change and Future Directions


This is a heavy assignment week, no readings are assigned.

That said, Stephen offers two of his papers as optional reading:
- Models for Sustainable Open Educational Resources
- Reusable Media, Social Software and Openness in Education


Mon: Recorded presentations and readings will be posted to the email list

Wed: Two Elluminate discussions (both sessions can be accessed via this link):

Friday: Discussion via USTREAM 11 am CST: See time zone conversion


1. Continue regular weekly activities - blogging, developing your concept map, and follow the distributed conversation through various sites (pageflakes, delicious, Google Alerts).

2. Complete and submit final paper (Due November 17). You can post the paper on your site as a blog post or post in the Moodle Forum

Highlighted Resources

CCK08: Pitchforks Right, Burning Torches Left, Please
Right now, education is defined by the educators, because they have the power. But, "What if the educators' roles were to be defined - and redefined - by the learners?" And in particular, "We have a view of education as a consensual public good, in which specifically trained or approved authorities make choices about how it should play out. But what if something happened that removed the mechanisms of value measurement and simply bypassed current authorities?" Carmen Tschofen, Thinking Out Loud, November 10, 2008 [Link] [Tags: none] [Comment]

MOOCs, Connectivism, Humpty Dumpty and More - with Dave Cormier
Dave Cormier talks to a conference in britain about the emerging model instantiated by the current Connectivism and Connective Knowledge course. There are links to an Elluminate version as well as to an audio podcast. Graham Attwell, Pontydysgu, November 10, 2008 [Link] [Tags: none] [Comment]

CCK08 Is Connectivism a Learning Network?
My answer to this question is 'yes'. But if it is, then as Frances Bell suggests, it should be able to be modified by the entire community, and not just George and myself. Case in point: "There are little or no links between ANT and connectivism... it has not been taken up by more than few participants, and not by connectivism's chief protagonists, Stephen Downes and George Siemens... Can we help turn them into weak links, and then influence connectivism?" Frances Bell, Frances Bell's Blog, November 10, 2008 [Link] [Tags: none] [Comment]


Here's what course members from around the world had to say. Want to join the conversation? Login and submit your feed. Then put this at the beginning of your post: CCK08

CCK08 - Paper 2 Serialized Form - Day 7 November 10, 2008
Formal CCK08 2nd paper. Shorter version. November 10, 2008
Paper #2 - Changing Roles of Educators November 9, 2008
CCK08 Linker Taylor November 9, 2008
CCK08 “Paper” #2 - The Changing Roles of Educators November 9, 2008
CCK08 - Week 9. Towards a Network Centric Education (NCE)? November 9, 2008
CCK08: assignment 1 November 9, 2008
CCK08 - The Changing Role of Teacher November 9, 2008
Context is as Context Does November 9, 2008
CCK08 - Paper 2 Serialized Form - Day 6 November 9, 2008
Emergeing evaluation of CCK08 November 9, 2008
What pedo gorgory you? November 9, 2008
Appreciative and iterative change November 8, 2008
A response to my co-learner Keith on connectivism November 8, 2008
CCK08: useless computer rooms November 8, 2008
CCK08: Critique of Course Technology tools November 8, 2008
Environmental Engineering and Course Critique November 8, 2008
CCK08 - Paper 2 Serialized Form - Day 5 November 8, 2008
Environmental Engineering and Course Critique November 7, 2008
CCK08: Connecting for Change: The New Role of Educators November 7, 2008

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