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September 30, 2008

Highlighted Resources

Survey On 'Learning On Online Networks'
Two things happening in this post: first, a linking of web 2.0 and this course to the ideas of Ivan Illich, including "To liberate access to things by abolishing the control which persons and institutions now exercise over their educational values," and second, a link to a survey that participants in the course are being asked to complete. All survey participation in this course is voluntary, of course Rita Kop,, September 30, 2008 [Link] [Tags: none] [Comment]

Folding Time CCK08
The disconnected nature of this post is a perfect metaphor for its content. I also like the use of a medium to network McLuhan. or as Annemarie Mol says, "For while the past has left ineradicable traces within you, the future is already present too. You try to juggle with the future....the logic ... does not unfold in time, it folds time." ailsa, a musing space; a performance in progress, September 30, 2008 [Link] [Tags: none] [Comment]

More Concept Maps...
Stephen and I have been ranting about networks for quite a while. The simplicity of networks is deceptive. How can complex phenomenon such as learning arise through simple connections? From an educational perspective, the growing prominence of networks is reason enough to begin exploring how networks form, why they form, what characteristics they exhibit, etc. As Wendy states: "Recognizing networks in every aspect of life provides a virtual laboratory for contemplating and comparing those networks to online social networks. What makes them successful? How are they maintained? What are the roles within that network? Where is the power? How does this outside-world network compare to my online social connections?" Wendy Drexler, , September 29, 2008 [Link] [Tags: none] [Comment]

How Web 2.0 has Changed the Face of Education
This resource does not come up directly from conversations around CCK08. And we need to slightly avert our eyes from the web 2.0 hype. Points made in the article will likely be familiar to course participants, but still worth revisiting: "Web 2.0 can exploit the internet's educational potential for social learning and teaching, as well as informal learning, and bring in an increased emphasis on autonomy, interactivity, creativity and collaboration." This obvious, but important, point can't be overstated. The web thins the traditional walls of classrooms. Learning opportunities are everywhere (as we're trying to model in this course). Tony Richardson, , September 29, 2008 [Link] [Tags: none] [Comment]

Second Life Meeting Summary
The Second Life group continues to meet, providing an other modality option for many learners. The SL cohort lists summaries of weekly discussions. Some interesting conversations (including a Biblical comparison to Job). While I haven't a clue how to do it, I would love to see a comparison between participant experiences in SL compared with blogs/forums...or different language learners...or those who are meeting in smaller groups outside of planned synchronous discussions. Fleep Tuque, , September 29, 2008 [Link] [Tags: none] [Comment]


Here's what course members from around the world had to say. Want to join the conversation? Login and submit your feed. Then put this at the beginning of your post: CCK08

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