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September 7, 2008


Welcome to the Course

OK, first things first: you are receiving this email because at some point you sent in your email to sign up for the Connectivism & Connective Knowledge course starting tomorrow. If you don't want to be a part of the course, or you don't want this daily email, then click on the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of the page.

That said, welcome to the course!
What you are reading here is called The Daily. This newsletter will be sent to you every Monday through Friday through the twelve weeks of the course. This is a large and complicated course; The Daily will keep you on track.

How large? So far, we've had almost 1900 people sign up, as of this writing. How complicated? The course has a wiki, a Moodle, various groups, a Second Life cadre, readings, blogs, this newsletter, and more. It's easy to get lost, so we recommend starting with The Daily every day.

How to take this course

As we said, this is a large and complicated course. It is very important therefore to emphasize that you don't need to do everything. Don't even try to read all the postings or go to all the sites. We don't expect you to, and you won't get as much out of the course if you try.

The Daily will present you with a list of resources every day. Pick and choose. Scan through the listings, and read only those that catch your eye. We expect, and want, each student to have a different perspective, to have viewed different resources. That's part of the theory of Connectivism, the idea that people have unique experiences.

What Now?

Tomorrow, the first Daily will come out, and the course will start proper. You don't need to do anything other than to read the email and link to the resources. But... if you are contributing by weblog or some other content site that produces an RSS feed, you can add your RSS to the list of CCK08 feeds. Here's how:

First, go to this page: and enter your email address. Your user name and password will be emailed to you.

Second, login. Go to this page:

Third, add your feed RSS address. Go to the form and fill out the details:

If these instructions didn't make sense to you, don't worry. We will be linking you to places you can ask for help. Just read the daily and follow the links when they come up.

That's all for now. We'll see you in the course tomorrow.

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