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September 3, 2008



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Draft Course Outline
September 3, 2008 I’ve posted a draft version of the Connectivism and Connective Knowledge course outline. We have a fair bit of reading assigned during the course. Would like to balance that with short videos podcasts. Any suggestions? Or, for that matter, any suggestions on additional important readings? Finally, any comments on the assignments, planned interaction, etc. are much [...]
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Beware: The MOOC Cometh
September 3, 2008 After months of planning, talking, and a bit of  hyping, we are now less than a week away from getting started with our Massive Open Online Course. A quick status update and what you can expect this week. 1. We’ll post the course outline about mid-week with details of assignments, reading lists, and general course information. 2. We’ll [...]
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Discussion on EdTechTalk - #2
September 3, 2008 This last Sunday, EdTechTalk was kind enough to host the second conversation on how we’re developing the connectivism course. Our first session was more theoretical/conceptual in nature. The second session focused on more practical elements - tools, approaches, assignments, and so on. Thanks to EdTechTalk for hosting the discussion…and for Alec and Leigh for joining [...]
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Registering for the course - for credit
September 3, 2008 As previously mentioned, this course is available for free (all content and conversations will be open and online) and this course is also available for credit. Those participants who are seeking credit for the course (which is now for credit in U of Manitoba’s Certificate in Adult and Continuing Education…but will also count as a [...]
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Connectivism and Second Life
September 3, 2008 Openness = innovation. It’s really a simple equation, but one that is the heart of what Stephen and I are attempting to promote in this course. Due to the openness of both course content and interaction, we’re hoping for many opportunities for multi-perspective interactions. We’re seeing this already with course translations and meetups. Another valuable community [...]
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September 3, 2008 I’ve been thinking about assignments for this course. We have two groups: those who are interested in enrolling and paying for credit (~30 - we’re technically full, but if you’re still interested, we could likely add one or two more) and those who are interested in taking the course for free. Assignments for enrolled learners will include: Weekly [...]
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Narratives of coherence
September 3, 2008 Grand narratives - such as provide us with a large umbrella that we can use to make sense of the world - have been besieged over the last several decades. Grand narratives in the form of newspapers, newscasts, and books are now augmented by blogs and YouTube videos. As discussed in a previous post, one [...]
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September 3, 2008 Thinking aloud about what tools we want to use, drawing from George’s post on the weekly activities. > Each week will have a clearly defined topic. The topic will be introduced by a short article or introduction (in this case, a two page description or opinion piece) OK, I would like to actually distribute these, and not [...]
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MOOC or Mega-Connectivism Course
September 3, 2008 Two separate individuals - Dave Cormier and Bryan Alexander - have named our upcoming course as a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course). As far as names go, it works for me. We currently have 1200 signed up. As a side note - I post numbers of enrollment to obviously provide a sense of how many [...]
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Going through the motions of planning…
September 3, 2008 Stephen Downes and I had a chance to sit down and chat about this course while we were both in Memphis earlier this week (isn’t that where all Canadians go to chat? Really, what could be more enjoyable than Elvis, BBQ, blues, and smokin’ hot weather?). Needless to say, we’re both impressed with the interest [...]
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