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Записная книжка Владимира Алексеева

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#PLENK2010. The neXt Web
admin, Записная книжка Владимира Алексеева
Another week on #PLENK2010 is ended. It was a very interesting and i’m have a lots of things is worth considering. As for me, it was was very exciting to ponder the concept of Web 3.0. I’m almost sure that this technology is already there and we told about its successful use for work, entertainment [...] [Link] 2010-10-03T18:47:02

The concept of Web 3.0 – Present and Future. #PLENK2010 Notes
vlax, Записная книжка Владимира Алексеева
Time is running fast. The static pages of websites web 1.0 are replaced by the dynamics of web 2.0. Now we’re talking about web 3.0, as a concept, which is unite or allocate different direction of the network evolution: expert Internet, semantic web and Software as a Service. It should be noted that regardless of [...] [Link] 2010-10-02T11:19:42