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Description: I am presently not in school. I am taking a year off school. This blog has been a record since fall 2003 of my daily studies at Carleton University to 2006. It was then used to document my studies at the University of Ottawa to 2010. I have been a Teaching Assistant (TA) in the school of mathematics and statistics at Carleton for three years 2003 to 2006. It was about 1978 when I started to use a keyboard regularly.
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I am studying the PLENK2010 course.
noreply@blogger.com (Peter), Math-Law-other-studies
This course about personal learning environments is sponsered by the National Research Council it is a massive online open course with over a thousand students. Here is the web page http://connect.downes.ca/index.html [Link] 2010-09-27T04:56:00