Week of...
12th September 2010
A tour of PLEs and PLNs

19th September 2010
Contrasting PLEs with LMSs

26th September 2010
The neXt/eXtended Web

3rd October 2010
PLE/PLN and learning theories

10th October 2010
Evaluating Learning in PLE/Ns

17th October 2010
Using PLEs successfully

24th October 2010
PLE/N Tools

31st October 2010
Personal knowledge management

7th November 2010
PLE/Ns in the classroom

14th November 2010
Critical perspectives on PLE/PLN


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Recent Posts to PLENK2010

Mobile Technology Course
Scott B. Johnson, ION_Today
Today, the Mobile Technology course opened. There's a small group but it should be a good one. Between Moodle, Twitter, Tweetdeck, this blog, my phones and pda, and additional techologies, great opportunities for interaction and exploration present themselves. I didn't do a good job of staying with the PLENK2010 class (#PLENK2010) but is certainly has opened my eyes to PLEs. Open educational resources are going to be big in weeks and months to come. [Link] 2010-11-15T18:21:00

More on PLEs and PLNs
Scott B. Johnson, ION_Today
The challenges I'm having in this PLENK2010 course remind me of the feelings I had taking graduate classes that I just didn't get at first. Some of them I subsequently "got." There are issues of scale and responsibility that I find curious. Just what is the fuss over LMS? There are purposes for things. Arguing against the application of course/learning management systems in favor of PLNs or PLEs seems like preferring ice tea over sand bags. They are different things, they apply ... [Link] 2010-09-20T20:56:00

Testing the water with a Massive Open Online Course
Scott B. Johnson, ION_Today
I'm half-ways busy testing the water with a MOOC being offered by George Siemens, TEKRI, Stephen Downes, NRC, Dave Cormier, UPEI, Rita Kop, NRC. It's called PLENK2010 and it's got a bunch of different purposes. [Link] 2010-09-17T16:50:00