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Description: Welcome to Zaid's Learning Adventure! This blog is my online learning exploration into the knowledge galaxy of T&L (Teaching and Learning), OER (Open Educational Resources), and Learning Tools.
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Recent Posts to PLENK2010

Islam, Higher Education & The Virtual Campus!
Zaid Ali Alsagoff, ZaidLearn
"When the son of Adam (human being) dies, his deeds are stopped except for three things, namely, his good deeds, his knowledge, and his pious child who prays for him." - Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) When referring to 'his knowledge', it means the knowledge that he/she has taught others (including written materials such as articles, papers, books, etc.). Not only what has been learned, but more importantly what has been shared. So, sharing knowledge is not only a good thing to do, ... [Link] 2010-11-29T01:44:00

Forget Photoshop, PowerPoint 2010 Rocks for AHA-G!
Zaid Ali Alsagoff, ZaidLearn
BEING ATTACKED! HELP! First, I must make it clear (once and for all!) that I do not work for Microsoft (or get paid in any way by them!), and I am also NO GREAT SUPPORTER of Microsoft products in general, including Microsoft Office 2010. However, I will admit that I have been using PowerPoint ever since I got into e-learning, and have interestingly never stopped loving it, especially in mashing up graphics (Although, PowerPoint can be frustrating at times). Secondly, no doubt ... [Link] 2010-10-19T00:44:00

Using Twitter to Transform the Classroom!
Zaid Ali Alsagoff, ZaidLearn
"Whereas people might spend a long time composing a comment to a blog post or engage in lengthy, in - depth conversation on a discussion board, Twitter invites more in - the - moment interactions. It provides an easy way to maintain connections, share thoughts, or ask for advice." - Jane Bozarth BLOG BOOK TOUR While I was on holiday with my family in Sabah, I got a wonderful surprise tweet message (above) from a famous author called Jane Bozarth. Interestingly, I was picture-... [Link] 2010-10-11T01:51:00

PLENK 2010 - The Most Awesome Course on Planet Earth!
Zaid Ali Alsagoff, ZaidLearn
Click here to watch the video (It looks good in IE and Chrome, but Firefox messes it up for now!) CLICK HERE to register for PLENK 2010. Any personal reflections? Over the next nine (9) weeks this post will be continuously littered with my reflections as I learn week-by-week (One mega post, instead of 9-10 small ones! Between 4000-6000 words for sure!), but for now I am too busy engrossed learning and making noise beyond this blog. I used xtranormal to create the above animated ... [Link] 2010-09-20T01:52:00