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Virtually Foolproof

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Recent Posts to PLENK2010

Creative Chaos
criscrissman, Virtually Foolproof ;-)
I borrowed my mantra, “working at the edge of my incompetence” from Elliot Eisner and PLENK 2010 has given it a whole new meaning.  Exploring creativity and connectivism is one of my goals for the course so that’s a good … Continue reading → [Link] 2010-09-20T00:56:39

Seeing the Invisible
criscrissman, Virtually Foolproof
This exercise of attempting to make my PLENK visual once again reminded me of the power of visualization.  So often in my f2f classes I would ask individuals of groups to “symbolically represent” or draw a synthesis they came up … Continue reading → [Link] 2010-09-16T04:11:31