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Description: My first MOOC. I'll try to keep track of what I'm learning here! #PLENK2010
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noreply@blogger.com (adrimartinba), adriatPLENK2010
Love the pictures Wendy Drexler [Link] 2010-09-24T11:56:00

PLE vs. LMS,disaggregate power not people
noreply@blogger.com (adrimartinba), adriatPLENK2010
I definetly agree with Dave Cormier: When we disaggregate the power in education, we empower individual learners. It can encourage them to learn more than is presented in the curriculum. It can encourage lifelong learning. PLEs provide an excellent venue for this to happen. This does not mean that the role of the educator, the guide or the facilitator has evaporated. The great thing about MOOCs is that it brings focus to the many different things that we are all interested in learning, it ... [Link] 2010-09-24T11:53:00

Where are you from?
noreply@blogger.com (adrimartinba), adriatPLENK2010
I have just added myself on the Google Map of Participants . I am Adriana  from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Heli started this Google Map of participants and a number of you have added your names already, showing that this is a genuinely international course. If you have not yet added your name, you can go to the map, click 'Edit' (upper left side), move the map to where you want to place your pin, right-click, and select 'Add a Placemark' from the list. Enter your ... [Link] 2010-09-17T18:01:00

What is PLE?
noreply@blogger.com (adrimartinba), adriatPLENK2010
I love this video made by Patricio Bustamante. Very nice and funny A reflexion: Where am I? In the middle of both of them? [Link] 2010-09-17T17:31:00

doing my homework
noreply@blogger.com (adrimartinba), adriatPLENK2010
I feel I am a little girl doing my homework. It is fascinating to have you Steves teaching me  How to Add an RSS Feed to PLENK2010. I think I did it right. Ale are you following me? #PLENK2010 [Link] 2010-09-15T01:25:00

Hello from Buenos Aires
noreply@blogger.com (adrimartinba), adriatPLENK2010
I am very excited I am participating in this course. It is a fabulous experience to share and exchange our experience in these matters. I am a teacher of English and I have always been fascinated about how technology can help us learn better and faster and for ever!!! Eager to learn and share!!! #PLENK2010 [Link] 2010-09-13T23:43:00