Week of...
12th September 2010
A tour of PLEs and PLNs

19th September 2010
Contrasting PLEs with LMSs

26th September 2010
The neXt/eXtended Web

3rd October 2010
PLE/PLN and learning theories

10th October 2010
Evaluating Learning in PLE/Ns

17th October 2010
Using PLEs successfully

24th October 2010
PLE/N Tools

31st October 2010
Personal knowledge management

7th November 2010
PLE/Ns in the classroom

14th November 2010
Critical perspectives on PLE/PLN


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Virtual Presence & Networked Collaboration

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Description: A space for discussing the issues of Social Media and Web 2.0 tools for promoting networked and open social learning and virtual collaboration.
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PLENK2010; Fostering Open and Networked Learning! (Mohsen Saadatmand), Virtual Presence & Networked Collaboration
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A 'Networked Student' in 21st Centruy, #PLENk2010 (Mohsen Saadatmand), VIRTUAL PRESENCE and NETWORKED COLLABORATION
  In this video you can see how a 'connected student' in the 21st century learn and make his/her own learning networks. A student of 'Connectivism'  basically without a specific textbook or assigned lectur hours by teacher. Connectivist approach assumes that learning occures by making different social connections using tecgnology and tools and creating 'personal learning environment'. Using different social media and collaborative tools, a networked ... [Link] 2010-10-13T12:47:00

Constructivist and Connectivist Learning and Knowledge (Mohsen Saadatmand), VIRTUAL PRESENCE and NETWORKED COLLABORATION
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MOOC ( Massive Open Online Courses) (Mohsen Saadatmand), VIRTUAL PRESENCE and NETWORKED COLLABORATION
Started two weeks ago, I am participating in a massive online course: #PLENK2010: Personal Learning Environments, Networks, and Knowledge sponsored and organized by the Technology Enhanced Knowledge Research Institute (TEKRI) at Athabasca University. Stephen Downes and Rita Kop from the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) Learning and Collaborative technologies group, Dave Cormier from University of Prince Edward Island, and George Siemens (Connectivism Theory: a learning theory for ... [Link] 2010-09-28T16:24:00

The Future of Cloud Computing: The Big 25 in the Next 25 , #PLENK2010 (Mohsen Saadatmand), VIRTUAL PRESENCE and NETWORKED COLLABORATION
I came across with an article by Eric Boyce about the promising potential of the future internet applications which can change the human life dramatically.    He wrote: the past 25 years have brought a digital age of Internet, massive computing power, high-speed data transmission, mobile communication, and more recently, the cloud, which brings it all together. Over the next 25 years, as technology advances and infrastructure increases, cloud computing will continue to ... [Link] 2010-09-22T09:03:00

Massive Open Online Courses for Network Creation, #plenk2010 (Mohsen Saadatmand), VIRTUAL PRESENCE
[Link] 2010-09-21T07:51:00