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Conviviality Corners

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Description: The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ, Moves on: nor all your Piety nor Wit Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line, Nor all your Tears wash out a Word of it. The R of O.K.
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Recent Posts to PLENK2010

Are people Keeping Their Distance from a Creepy Treehouse? #PLENK
noreply@blogger.com (Glen Gatin), Conviviality Corners
Suifaijohnmak Weblog asks the question "Why are people staying away from the forum?" This is the #PLENK Moodle forum that is being used to support a MOOC, a massively online open course. John details some possible reasons in his post and a number of commenters add excellent insights. I find this quite interesting as well and it seems that somehow this particular MOOC has triggered the creepy treehouse effect. Stein offers a number of definitions for this phenomena but this one seems ... [Link] 2010-11-04T15:15:00

Take Your avatar on Safari with #PLENK in SL: Exploring other Grids
noreply@blogger.com (Glen Gatin), Conviviality Corners
The #PLENK in SL cohort met on Tuesday in Conviviality Corners for a brief meeting to discuss a variety of topics. We have ordinarily been meeting immediately after the Elluminate sessions but we wanted to try another time to see if that worked better. The main topic of discussion was the importance of online virtual worlds for a personal learning environment. While no clear consensus was reached in the discussion most of the members agreed that virtual worlds held great potential as ... [Link] 2010-11-03T07:14:00

Replacing the CAGE: Do PLE's help overcome the Hidden Curriculum? #PLENK
noreply@blogger.com (Glen Gatin), Conviviality Corners
Take off on one of my favorite Bruce Cockburn songs, Pacing the Cage. I think the song is pretty personal but I think of people who are confined in other types of cages. Bruce has championed First Nations issues in Canada for many years. A major construct in critical pedagogy is the hidden curriculum The idea is that different people experience the same education curriculum differently depending on their race, gender, socioeconomic status, their social strata, their CAGE. (class, age, ... [Link] 2010-10-28T20:08:00

Pedagogy of Propinquity Reprise #PLENK2010
noreply@blogger.com (Glen Gatin), Conviviality Corners
I dug this out of my archives. Sorry about the large font. I use Embed Article which is great but I have to figure out how to adjust. Source: ggatincritped.blogspot.com [Link] 2010-10-15T16:53:00

Putting Salt in the Oats #PKENK2010
noreply@blogger.com (Glen Gatin), Conviviality Corners
I was reading the blog of a friend and fellow #PLENK2010 participant where she was discussing the concept of motivation and cleverly introduced the old wisdom about leading a horse to water. While it is true that you can't make them drink, a number of old tricks are available to make them thirsty. I often think about this when planning teaching activities. If you give learners every imaginable resource to make learning happen, they often still will not drink it up. I've even ... [Link] 2010-10-13T15:11:00

Steam Aged Education #PLENK2010
noreply@blogger.com (Glen Gatin), Conviviality Corners
The #PLENK2010 session today was about learning theories and employed a few allusions to the age of steam power. I like the analogies to the history of technology. Like the examples from the development of the printing press, examples of societal responses to steam technology can be instructive respecting the response to information and communication technology. Many institutional education activities are throwbacks or hold outs from an earlier era. Remnants of the industrial era that ... [Link] 2010-10-06T20:39:00

The LMS is like Temple Grandin's Machine #PLENK2010
noreply@blogger.com (Glen Gatin), Conviviality Corners
Just watched Temple Grandin the fantastically inspirational story of a woman with autism who used her special sensitivities to promote humane treatment of cattle in abattoirs and stockyards. She couldn't stand to be held or touched by humans. She was really impressed when she first saw a cattle squeeze, a device with a head gate and a lever operated device that immobilizes cattle so you can treat them or work with them with out risk to cowpersons or cattle. When she asked what the gate ... [Link] 2010-09-24T20:17:00

Reference Management Systems #PLENK2010 My fav, Zotero!!
noreply@blogger.com (Glen Gatin), Conviviality Corners
Zotero is my all time favorite and it is the one reason I continue to use the Firefox browser, otherwise I now use Chrome for everything else. Years ago, doing my MA, I used EndNote and got completely fed up with constant and expensive updates and a crappy user experience. I used Zotero exclusively for my doctoral program and subsequent writing. I also now use the Zotero on line groups functions to coordinate resources for various classes that I teach. Each participant can add resources ... [Link] 2010-09-23T19:39:00

My ICT Mindmeister for #PLENK2010
noreply@blogger.com (Glen Gatin), Conviviality Corners
I like mindmaps, I make a new one for each class I teach or for an article or book that I want to analyze. I used CMAPTools for a while but now I like MindMeister. Invited guests can collaboratively edit the map in real time. I often do so in conjunction with a Skype conference conversation. Click and drag the map around, click the + signs to open the nodes. Click the arrow icons on the nodes to go to a web page. Click on the full screen button to get the full effect. Just get in there ... [Link] 2010-09-23T07:33:00

"Chance Favors the Connected Mind" #PLENK2010 in Sl Week Two
noreply@blogger.com (Glen Gatin), Conviviality Corners
Check out this TED talk from Steven Johnson author of one of my favorite books, Everything Bad is Good for You. The talk is called Where Do Good Ideas Come From? He starts of with a picture of a 19th Century Coffeehouse where he said that many ideas fundamental to our intellectual history arose. He says that a coffee house is where "ideas go to have sex." He says we should connect ideas rather than protect them. Under the right circumstances two people with half an idea each, ... [Link] 2010-09-23T02:27:00

#PLENK2010 in SL and UStream
noreply@blogger.com (Glen Gatin), Conviviality Corners
More complicated fun! Things are coming together for the cohort of people who use Second Life as an important part of their personal learning environments. Sean Fitzgerald has started a new wiki to coordinate things a bit. http://plenk2010insl.wikispaces.com/ We met for a while tonight in Conviviality Corners and tried imagining a few things. One proposal was to incorporate a in-world RSS feed aggregator for the feeds of the PLENK SL cohort or anyone blogging about virtual environments ... [Link] 2010-09-19T05:07:00

#PLENK2010 in SL
noreply@blogger.com (Glen Gatin), Conviviality Corners
Just getting set up to participate in this MOOC (Massively Orasimatastical Online Course) with 800+ other folks from around the world. The course is about personal learning environments and networks and knowledge. An increasingly important part of my ple is the virtual world of Second Life. I have offered to help organize a cohort of people who want to use SL in various ways to participate in this course. I have already had a few meetings with other PLENK attendees in SL and we have ... [Link] 2010-09-11T17:35:00