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Description: A blog which I will use as my note book for PLENK2010. I plan on capturing session notes, and my other learnings from the PLENK2010 course.
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CCK11 - My Second MOOC
noreply@blogger.com (Paul Ellerman), Paul's Learning Blog
This week is the start of CCK11 (Connectivism and Connective Knowledge 2011) and I am looking forward to participating in it.  I took part in PLENK2010, but found my involvement dwindled at towards the second half of the course for a variety of reasons.  I think part the problem was time, but it also my first foray back into something academic in almost 10 years, which I don't think I was quite prepared for.  I am eager to get involved in CCK11 though, I have a ... [Link] 2011-01-17T21:07:00

Recommenders - What?
noreply@blogger.com (Paul Ellerman), Paul's Learning Blog
I just finished reading Rita Kop's blog post called The eXTended Web and PLEs. One of things she talks about are Recommenders. I think that the idea of having a tool / resource that would recommend things I was interested in would be great. But what does a recommender look like? Do they already exist? If so, what do they look like? Thinking of my PLE, I tried to identify what, if any recommenders did I have in there?  Friends and Colleagues - they know my interests and often ... [Link] 2010-09-30T01:29:00

Session Notes - PLENK2010 - Defining a PLE and PLN session
noreply@blogger.com (Paul Ellerman), Paul's Learning Blog
Session: Sept. 15 2010 Its hard to take notes while I am at work, as I keep getting disruptions (telephone, colleagues, other noices,e tc). So these notes are bit incomplete. Curation – Dave Cormier Curation discussion on twitter over the last few days Tons of material are created in MOOC, so it is easy to overwhelm (who wants to read through 70 comments in a discussion forum). So how about someone curates a discussion (writes a summary)? Use a Word Colud for curation? Very interestingâ... [Link] 2010-09-15T20:15:00

Notes from Dave Cormiers 5 points about PLEs and PLNs
noreply@blogger.com (Paul Ellerman), Paul's Learning Blog
http://davecormier.com/edblog/2010/09/12/5-points-about-ples-plns-for-plenk10/ 1. PLE's are different from and LMS. LMS are course oriented, whereas a PLE is learning orienteated. 2. There is a difference between a PLE and a PLN. What the difference is depends on what an indivdiual thinks an environemtn is vs a network. 3. PLEs do not need to be supported by institions, but rather the learner owns and controls thier own stuff. 4. Ownership and Time are important aspects in ... [Link] 2010-09-15T15:22:00

PLENK2010 - A World Wide Course!!!
noreply@blogger.com (Paul Ellerman), Paul's Learning Blog
Am looking at the course intros…. Very cool we have learners from all over the world, Germany, Mexico, Fiji, Argentina, Australia, UAE, Oman, Philippines, Hungary, Georgia, Portugal, Canada, Uruguay, Greece, England, Ireland, Romania, China, Spain, Chile, and the USA just to name a few!! [Link] 2010-09-11T14:26:00

PLENK2010 - Intro Session
noreply@blogger.com (Paul Ellerman), Paul's Learning Blog
I thought I would try and take some notes on each of the sessions and I will post them here into the blog. Intro Session – Friday September 10, 2010 Facilitator IntrosStephen Downes – Moncton NB – senior researcher at NRC. Rita Kop – Moncton NB – researcher at NRC. Working on a PLE project. Prof in UK in Adult Ed. Community based learning with technology. George Siemens – at Athabaska U – technology in education research centre – mobile learning social ... [Link] 2010-09-11T14:02:00