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Description: Where I connect with other learners from PLENK2010
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Recent Posts to PLENK2010

An Alternative to the Wiki
noreply@blogger.com (Learning Curves), Connected Teachers & Connected Students
Despite by unwavering conviction to the wiki as the digital hub of the 21st century classroom, I do recognize that for some courses and certain teachers, the wiki might not be the best platform. Instead of using complicated LMS (Learning Management Systems) like Moodle Web CT or Blackboard that try to be everything to everyone one, I recommend using the simple blogging platform instead. Not only can the teacher use it to post homework and resources, but he/she can also easily link to the ... [Link] 2010-11-05T00:11:00

2010 and the Future Is Here
noreply@blogger.com (Learning Curves), PLENK Connect
The web is still relatively young and during this short time, this networked reality of data, information and connections has completed transformed who we are, how we communicate, how we do business and especially how the young develop. In the PBS documentary, "Growing Up Online" we saw that the classic conflicts between teens and their parents was exacerbated by Kam's digital life. Even though his mother had relatively strict control of his web usage, Kam still fit the profile of a ... [Link] 2010-09-21T00:06:00

My First Jay Cut
noreply@blogger.com (Learning Curves), PLENK Connect
Today I fooled around with JayCut before I recommend it to teachers and students. It is very easy to use and a good alternative to the basic Movie Maker. Here is my ode to my silly Schnauzer who thinks he's a Retriever! You can publish it to YouTube easily or embed it on a blog, wiki or webpage as I've done here. A word of caution: when choosing to embed on a blog, the embed code is missing the end of the tag so simply add the end of it by inserting "/embed" inside . You ... [Link] 2010-09-10T21:12:00

First Contact
noreply@blogger.com (Learning Curves), PLENK Connect
I just attended my first session with #PLENK2010 via Elluminate.  I'm a bit concerned about Moodle but otherwise everything else seems quite manageable.  I'm excited at the possibilities here and have already made a connection (via Twitter) with another 'lead' learner. I'm no stranger to Elluminate but today was the first time I actually grabbed the mic.  The comments in the backchannel are as interesting as the speakers and by all indicators, this ... [Link] 2010-09-10T17:06:00