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Half an Hour

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Description: A place to write, half an hour, every day, just for me.
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Recent Posts to PLENK2010

The Knowledge Hunters
Downes, Half an Hour
 Responding to Dale Pobega (I have attempted to post this there as well, but the comment system rejects it, first because the comment is too long, then because the URL is too long.) As the theorist behind this Downesian fanatical training agenda I feel I ought to make a few points. First, it's always pretty easy to show that something we say has already been more or less said before. Consequently I am not particularly concerned about whether what I say is novel or merely a ... [Link] 2010-12-19T23:45:00

A Model of Autonomy
Downes, Half an Hour
In his presentation during week 10 of PLENK2010, Seb Fiedler challenged us to develop a concept of autonomy more precise than vague ascriptions of capacities of learners to choose their own course materials and subjects. It was a good criticism and led to worthwhile reflection around the topic. Fiedler provided us with a model meta-structure, as follows: This was helpful, but made it difficult to grasp where the autonomy came into the picture. It also seemed to centre autonomny on the ... [Link] 2010-11-24T15:54:00

Applying Critical Reasoning
Downes, Half an Hour
 A PLENK participant wrote: I have found that when I actually apply my critical knowledge skills - questioning the status of procedures, rules and arguments- I pay a price. It may be that I am ignored or I am excluded. Or judged difficult. But the point is that even when we do enable our students to be users of knowledge - and encourage them to question, the pressure within society - our institutions - effects a price. The price is usually economic and social exclusion. ... [Link] 2010-11-18T14:06:00

The Uber-Tool
Downes, Half an Hour
Notes from today's discussion in PLENK2010 - problem of multiple tools     - individually they're very simple,     - but together they are daunting - similarity of function     - aggregating functionality     - similar interface - eg Athabasca Landing - that end-to-end functionality      - workflow - role of Education?      - it seems that education is no longer ... [Link] 2010-10-29T17:06:00

Confirming Theories
Downes, Half an Hour
Responding to x28's New Blog. Interesting points. So we have three possible sources of the multiplicity of theories: - belief one’s own learning style is universal - study bias - pressure to publish This is probably a good case, though it should indeed be supported observationally. How would this be supported observationally? There are two approaches: 1. Conduct a study, asking people how they reach their theories, bolstered by redactive accounts of theories proposed in the ... [Link] 2010-10-12T11:57:00