Week of...
12th September 2010
A tour of PLEs and PLNs

19th September 2010
Contrasting PLEs with LMSs

26th September 2010
The neXt/eXtended Web

3rd October 2010
PLE/PLN and learning theories

10th October 2010
Evaluating Learning in PLE/Ns

17th October 2010
Using PLEs successfully

24th October 2010
PLE/N Tools

31st October 2010
Personal knowledge management

7th November 2010
PLE/Ns in the classroom

14th November 2010
Critical perspectives on PLE/PLN


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Recent Posts to PLENK2010

The Tool of Everything and the Theory of Everything
Viplav Baxi, Viplav Baxi's Meanderings
By far the most definitive week of discussions around PLENK for me, this week’s Friday discussion is worth multiple rounds of further investigation and discussion. I cam in a trifle late and it was difficult to catch up without a starting context, so I caught up with the recording later. Here are my notes and deductions [...] [Link] 2010-10-31T02:56:17

PLE/N Tools
Viplav Baxi, Viplav Baxi's Meanderings
Really nice collection of links for this week’s #PLENK2010 discussions. I especially liked Patterns of personal learning environments, Wilson. Wilson looks at patterns of use of and activity in personal learning tools and learning networks, revising a previous approach which was very functional and tool-specific. One of the ongoing challenges I have is with the [...] [Link] 2010-10-25T19:08:11

New Literacies
Viplav Baxi, Viplav Baxi's Meanderings
Listening to Will Richardson’s session on PLENK2010 this past Wednesday. He brought up NCTE‘s definition of critical literacies: Develop proficiency with the tools of technology Build relationships with others to pose and solve problems collaboratively and cross-culturally Design and share information for global communities to meet a variety of purposes Manage, analyze and synthesize multiple [...] [Link] 2010-10-24T19:10:36

The informal learning debate
Viplav Baxi, Viplav Baxi's Meanderings
The debate at Oxford Union this Wednesday on informal learning was very interesting, more so because some wonderful people on Twitter were actually relaying it blow-by-blow and also because I was testing my multi-tasking skills by juggling between the Twitter conversation and the PLENK session! The motion was: The House believes that technology based informal learning is [...] [Link] 2010-10-08T06:40:06

The eXtended Web PLENK discussion
Viplav Baxi, Viplav Baxi's Meanderings
Missed Janet Clarey’s great interactive talk this Wednesday but caught up with the recording. I think it was a great session on many accounts. Janet brings her great experience in Corporate Learning Development research at Brandon Hall into the session she leads. Thanks, Janet! The main questions that she addressed were: What are Web 1.0/2.0 learning [...] [Link] 2010-10-01T03:38:02

The Curation Debate – Plenk2010
Viplav Baxi, Viplav Baxi's Meanderings
Yesterday’s session seemed to be interesting. I missed it but was catching up on the recording. One part of it, around Curation (at least where it initially started), was especially interesting, not only from the point of view of what was being discussed, but also as an interesting example of the anatomy of the “narrative [...] [Link] 2010-09-18T06:42:02

PLEs are an Operating System for Learning
Viplav Baxi, Viplav Baxi's Meanderings
This is my first post for PLENK2010 and I am glad to be involved in this discussion. Thanks to the MOOC organizers for setting this up. I think of PLEs as Operating Systems just like regular operating systems are for computer users. In fact, I call the PLE a LearnOS. Thinking of a PLE as a LearnOS helps me [...] [Link] 2010-09-13T01:25:34