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Just like watching football

Some reflections on the live session yesterday - I (George) missed the session due to a last minute schedule change :( - so it's nice to have this quick summary before I dive into the recording. This week is a basic foundation week, an attempt to give PLE/Ns some type of description/shape. There is a good discussion in this Moodle forum on the similarities/distinctions. In my view, a PLE is not something that you can readily point to and say "here it is". I see PLE's as an ecology, a space in which learning occurs. It's like trying to describe water to a fish or air to a person.

A PLE can include a suite of tools (i.e. the classic Wilson diagram), but the tools are constantly changing. In 2000, my main tool was a blog and RSS reader. Now, it's a mess of different tools. But the concept of a PLE remains unchanged for me. A tool-centric PLE approach will not provide a long term view fo research or even implementation. In order to define a PLE, one has to enter a state of recursiveness between the self/learning/ecology. It's quite hard to do. It's much easier to talk about the *impact* of PLEs - i.e. the learner has greater control, it's distributed, and so on. The effects are far easier to detail than defining the actual PLE. A PLN, in contrast, has more form and structure - you can point to it and say "these 206 people and these data sources are my PLN. I But that's only one view out of 1300 - express your opinions on you blog or moodle forum...don't forget the PLENK2010 tag! Stefanie Panke, , Sept 15, 2010. [Link] 44674 []


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