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12th September 2010
A tour of PLEs and PLNs

19th September 2010
Contrasting PLEs with LMSs

26th September 2010
The neXt/eXtended Web

3rd October 2010
PLE/PLN and learning theories

10th October 2010
Evaluating Learning in PLE/Ns

17th October 2010
Using PLEs successfully

24th October 2010
PLE/N Tools

31st October 2010
Personal knowledge management

7th November 2010
PLE/Ns in the classroom

14th November 2010
Critical perspectives on PLE/PLN


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CCK08: Let'so Go for a Walk in a Wood and Relax...

I really like this analogy. "nobody would assume that in order to know that wood one has to know exactly every tree, one by one, its shape, age and location. Every plant. Every leaf of every plant. Every animal and where every animal is and what every animal is doing at any instant. Every stone. Every particle." Thinking of this course as akin to a walk in the woods is probably a much better way to think of it than, say, browsing in a library. Andreas Formiconi, Insegnare Apprendere Mutare, Sept 12, 2008. [Link] 44070 []


Re: CCK08: Let'so Go for a Walk in a Wood and Relax...

If you are in the woods, enjoying a day of adventure, it implies you know the way out OR you have the tools and the confidence to find your way out. If it gets dark, you are not concerned.
BUT, like many in higher education these days, the woods is a scary, dark place where anything can happen and a walk in those woods is the last thing you want to do. If it gets dark, you will probably grab onto the nearest tree and hug it all night, even if shelter is around the corner.
Perspective is everything. [Comment] [Permalink] []

Re: CCK08: Let'so Go for a Walk in a Wood and Relax...

My own experience of the woods is that 90 percent or more of the fear and confusion is the product of your own mind (there's actually a name for it - "bush panic").

In a relatively small and tame woods, like our course, there is little if anything to be feared, and the only things you need to find your way out are your own feet.

That's why, what people need, are not instructions on how to get out, but a soothing voice, one based on experience, saying only that there is nothing to fear.
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Re: CCK08: Let'so Go for a Walk in a Wood and Relax...

The sense I get walking into the woods is a clearing away of all the thoughts and concerns of my life in the city, so that a few things become clear -- and it's a pretty landscape too. With no rules, no expectations. Soon emerges the underlying context of my life, my hidden agenda. And if I'm in the woods long enough, a path will emerge that may lead me to a broader avenue of possibilities that I had been ignoring.

In other words, I don't go to the woods to see the woods, but to free myself from my own assumptions. [Comment] [Permalink] []

Re: CCK08: Let'so Go for a Walk in a Wood and Relax...

The knowledge seeking process is really like getting acquainted with something like a forest full of so many and so different things.
But for me the learning process is more like an ocean, though huge and scary but also attractive and magnificent. [Comment] [Permalink] []

Re: CCK08: Let'so Go for a Walk in a Wood and Relax...

Sounds like the walk in the woods is just like real "life" - no one wants to get caught there after dark. But just like we hear in the song - "You're sure of a B-I-G surprise!" - if you go venturing into anything knew and radically different! Embrace it and let the trees and the little animals around you help make you feel at home. Cheers [Comment] [Permalink] []

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