Week of...
12th September 2010
A tour of PLEs and PLNs

19th September 2010
Contrasting PLEs with LMSs

26th September 2010
The neXt/eXtended Web

3rd October 2010
PLE/PLN and learning theories

10th October 2010
Evaluating Learning in PLE/Ns

17th October 2010
Using PLEs successfully

24th October 2010
PLE/N Tools

31st October 2010
Personal knowledge management

7th November 2010
PLE/Ns in the classroom

14th November 2010
Critical perspectives on PLE/PLN


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CCK08 Moodle Forum



Two Types of Authority
A short comment from Dolores Capdet, citing Bochenski: all authority has two parts: the ethical, and the epistemological. Dolores Capdet, CCK08 Moodle Forum, Oct 31, 2008. [Comment] [Link]

Which Is the Most Successful Network in History?
A thread in the Moodle discussion poses the question, "which is the most successful network in history?" It's an interesting question - but it raises the question, what counts as "successful"? Do ypou want a network where memes spread rapidly? What if the meme is a fatal idea, or a fatal diseases? One of the suggestions offered in this course is that an 'effective' network will offer checks and balances, so that the spread of ideas or memes (or diseases) can be constrained if it is harmful Sui Fai John Mak, CCK08 Moodle Forum, Oct 07, 2008. [Comment] [Link]

Social Constructivism Vs. Connectivism
There has been a lot of dialogue back and forth on the Moodle discussion list. One of the better posts (in my view) is this extended contribution from Pat Parslow. The post, which outlines Parslow's model of mind and (therefore) of learning, suggests that "we are pattern matching creatures by dint of the way out brains work, and look for the similarities and differences between things. We also create models in our minds of what we perceive, which are, by definition, abstractions and simplifications of the 'objective reality'." There's a lot more, and while I (Stephen) might quibble with some of the details, I am largely in agreement with what is described here. Pat Parslow, CCK08 Moodle Forum, Sept 15, 2008. [Comment] [Link]


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