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October 30, 2009

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Personal Learning Networks
Personal learning environments and personal learning networks are similar - at least in how the terms are used by educators. This presentation by Mark Woolley reviews how educators can use a few basic tools for experiencing/creating/managing their personal learning. The learning curve for creating a PLE/N has been substantially reduced over the last several years. The technical aspects of common tools have receded into the background. I teach a course on emerging technologies, and by mid-course, learners are surprised at what they are able to create with only a few simple tools. And, every few months or so, a new tool pops up that makes the process less complicated and adds additional functionality. Mark Woolley, , October 29, 2009 [Link] [Tags: none] [Comment]

Can a network (partly) replace the teacher?
The topic in yesterday's Networked Learning hot seat was on whether a network of learners can replace the teacher. Great points made in the discussion about the role/function of teachers in courses and the prospect that this can be addressed through sensemaking and wayfinding in networks. A point I made in the forum: "What does a teacher add to the learning process that a network of learners cannot? Guidance? Direction? Expertise? Feedback? It could be argued that a network does all of those things...and possibly better than a single educator because multi-node perspectives are included. And, when engaged in networked learning, the act/process of sensemaking in itself an outcome. Learning in ambiguous, multi-faceted, constantly changing environments is better managed by a distributed networked model, than by a single educator." , , October 29, 2009 [Link] [Tags: none] [Comment]

Recording: Week 7
The recording from today's session on power and authority is now available (listed under week 7). I think the session went well - some interesting points on H1N1, connectivism, The Daily, comparison with CCK08, etc. , , October 29, 2009 [Link] [Tags: none] [Comment]


Here's what course members from around the world had to say. Want to join the conversation? Submit your feed. Then put this at the beginning of your post: CCK09

Discussion Forum

Re: Does dark matter?
by roy williams.  

Ailsa, I am a bit lost on the crique of nodocentrism.  It's a neat analysis in the abstract, but how does it work/not work on the ground?  I am interested (see previous discussions) in the 'dark side', particularly of 'interests' finding me.  Tell me, what's the obverse of nodocentrism? individualism? and is that better/worse/different?

"Communities are no longer dependent on finding people with similar interest, similar interest can find the people ... [but] the means itself knows no ethic" - that's really neat, thanks.  Reminds me of Blackmore's replicators, again!  

Is the trick to creating a good digital niche the ability to differentiate, in practice, serependipity from surveillance?  Both could be based on 'interests finding people'.  The distinction is paper thin, and easily torn.

A metaphor comes to mind: antibiotics work, in many cases, by 3D 'fit' which allows them to lock onto protruberances of bacteria, and kill them.  Surveillance bots presumably do the same - they lock onto 'semantic' profiles of people, and ...?

October 30, 2009

Re: Does dark matter?
by ailsa haxell.  

Hi Roy, with some prompting questions from Sui Fai John Mak, I have taken exploring the dark spaces a bit further in my blog , ailsa

October 30, 2009

Connectivism and H1N1
by Brenda Rosenthal.  

Ok, this is not exactly related to the topic this week, but it was mentioned in the Elluminate session today and has been floating around in my head for several weeks.  How can you relate connectivism to the H1N1 influenza pandemic? 

I wrote a post in my blog reflecting some of my views on how I am a node in an H1N1 network, I also try to relate some of the principles of connectivism to what is happening at the moment (in the northern hemisphere at least).

Are there parts of connectivism that could help people who state "I don't know what to believe" or "I don't have enough information" (when in reality there is too much information available at the click of a mouse).  Or is it inappropriate/inaccurate to think that a learning theory like connectivism could help with something like this?

October 30, 2009

Re: What are your authorities in a network?
by Brenda Rosenthal.  

Instead of answering the questions I will add another one.

How does one effectively counter authority or power if it is wrong or inaccurate or misleading?  Is countering authority easier or more difficult in a digital world?

October 30, 2009


(These should be fresh. Still working on improving the Twitter display.) RT @gsiemens In about 8 minutes, #CCK09 here: Topic: Power and Authority in networks

All welcome! RT @gsiemens: In about 8 minutes, #CCK09 here: Topic: Power and Authority in networks

RT @francesbell: All welcome! RT @gsiemens: In about 8 minutes, #CCK09 here: Topic: Power and Authority in networks

rt @gsiemens Now: #CCK09 here: Topic: Power and Authority in networks

Have joined live discussion for CCK09: Power and Authority in Networked Learning

so do none of my techy friends know what i should download to be able to open .jnlp files in window7? missing #cck09 :(

Missed part of #cck09... will need to be of a catch on the weekend.

@amcunningham Oh no. Sorry to hear. I'm a Mac user - so I'm staying far away from Windows 7. Good luck returning to the good side for #cck09

Reading a write up on open spaces via @NicolaAvery in CCK09 Moodle Thanks!

Recording from today's CCK09 discussion

CCK09 Open and closed systems thinking and Complex Adaptive System ...: In open systems thinking there is the l..

CCK09 Open and closed systems thinking and Complex Adaptive System ...: In open systems thinking there is the l..

New post on CAS #CCK09

@gsiemens Thanks George and Stephen Enjoyable session for me. Not to anthropomorphize networks.Great advice.. #CCK09

Interesting concept for me on anthropomorphize #CCK09

Decided to give a presentation on PLE's & web2.0. on the next ICT-praktijkdag (Belgium). #cck09

How do you get YouTube videos w good training mat'l into organizations where #YouTube isn't allowed? #eci831 #CCK09 #KnowledgeManagement

9 Things I’ve Learned About Social Media-Connect to existing passion, don’t just make stuff up.#Cck09

Ops, my mistake.. It didn't actually move.. Still here, great to catch up with cck09

The quiet moment - where tsunami is gathering momentum in twitters, forums & blogs on authority & power - individual voices trumping #CCK09

Does action speaks louder than words in the use of technology and social networking - ref to authority and power #CCK09?

@CathyLAnderson: negotiate what is taught, and assesss the complexity separtately. #cck09

Putting together the "Weekly" I send out to two communities of Massachusetts educators I am teaching this fall. #i3cs21 #eci831 #cck09

What's the most compelling reason for telling one's story that you can think of (esp as it applies to #KnowledgeManagement ) #eci831 #CCK09

Listening to Will Richardson on how to help students navigate, learn & interact through Personal Learning Networks #cck09

Open social source engine to create social applications or build and run a site #cck09

Loving Lucy Gray´s conference, it´s very practice-oriented. Thanks to #cck09

I just saved the Global Education Collaborative #CCK09

I just joined Classroom 2.0, I´m having a great impression #CCK09

CR 2.0 Forum: Introductions: Hi everyone, I´m happy to be here. I´m taking the CCK09 Course and ..

@dblancquaert I tried to add you to the google wavebut not valid! can´t it be? #cck09

@luzpearson you can try Thanks. #CCK09

RT @timbuckteeth: van Harmelen: #heapsc #yam, dat je weet over wie we het hebben, had "les" van hem in #cck09

Session on Networked learning #CCK09

Glad to have found the #cck09 wave. Lets put something together.

@mpaskevi could you please add me to #CCK09 wave. I cannot find it. joxerfan at gmail dot com. Thanks.

I haven't been able to attend many of the sessions but have listened to most of them online #cck09

#cck09 if connective knowledge is a more enriching way of learning and engaging why do students still request to be passive receivers?

@luzpearson Started a wave and added you. If there is another please add me to it. #cck09

I like PLEs RT @luzpearson Lets write a "collaborative micro-paper on twitter" for #CCK09 --> WHAT YOU LIKE MOST OF CONNECTIVISM?

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