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October 27, 2009

Highlighted Resources

Power and Authority
The discussion forum for week 7 is now available. You are, of course, free to contribute in any forum you wish (just remember to tag your contributions with CCK09). The readings posted this week are not too onerous...I'm hoping forums and blogs will drive the discussion on how authority and power are being "reshaped" by the internet. Moodle, , October 26, 2009 [Link] [Tags: none] [Comment]

10 best educational sites
In CCK09, we've spent time discussing social learning networks. It's important to also draw attention to the numerous free content resources now available. This link leads to a rather arbitrary list of resources (too many options available to reduce content to top 10)...but reveals the scope materials available to learners. Openness is critical in networked learning. Without the ability to access resources (and then the ability to create and remix - an option that isn't available with most of the examples above), learning opportunities are significantly hampered. , , October 26, 2009 [Link] [Tags: none] [Comment]

Networked Learning Conference: Discussions
We tried to record our elluminate session yesterday. Elluminate thought otherwise. The recording isn't available, but we will continue to host discussions in the forum for the rest of the week. Stop by and contribute - our focus is on how learning is influenced by networked technologies... , , October 26, 2009 [Link] [Tags: none] [Comment]

The Fate of the Incompetent Teacher in the YouTube Era
Sebastien Paquet discusses how bad teachers have a limited future in a networked world. Instead of relying on geographically-based learning (i.e. teachers that are located in our school/university), sites such as youtube provide learners with access to teachers from other regions. In theory, this produces an environment where the best grow in prominence and the less competent fade. This competition (almost market) approach to education will have consequences well beyond simply giving us access to better teachers... Seb Paquet, , October 26, 2009 [Link] [Tags: none] [Comment]

My position on connectivism
Paper on connectivism posted over the weekend. "Educators encounter how technology is changing our knowledge and the way we learn. This also results in the way we (should) teach. For example: is it still important that we learn our children useless figures and facts that can be Googled in a few seconds? Or is it more important to learn our children how they can find trustworthy information and interpret this?" Dr. Smetty, The English Soapbox, October 26, 2009 [Link] [Tags: none] [Comment]


Here's what course members from around the world had to say. Want to join the conversation? Submit your feed. Then put this at the beginning of your post: CCK09

missing daily
All last week I had this recurring thought that something from CCK was out of sorts - but I could not quite determine what it was. We were in the midst of (what is for us) a large conference for 1300 people so I didn't spend much time on it. Now that the conference is over I went looking for things I had neglected (including this course) and realized that it was The Daily that had been missing. October 27, 2009

CCK09 Reflections on course activities – Week 5
I enjoyed being involved with the Personal Learning Environments (PLEs) and Personal Learning Networks (PLNs) Conference 2009. It was an interesting journey. At the present time there is a National Emergency in the USA regarding the rapid increase in illness in H1N1 Influenza. Undoubtedly, there is a lot of benefit to be gained by developing [...] October 27, 2009

What more than 10,000 Main Streets learn us about the crisis of representation…
Politicians like to refer to Main Street. But what actually is Main Street? Is it one people, one place, as political discourse often seems to suggest? Actually, in the US, there are more than 10,000 streets called Main Street… This video is about a documentary using Vimeo and Flickr, and archiving & presenting those streets [...] October 26, 2009

Half-time round-up of CCK09: a course mediating between the macro and the micro levels of history
CCK09 It’s time for a first round-up of what’s going on for me in the Connectivism and Connective Knowledge Course. So here we go for a number of thoughts, some directly inspired by the course discussions and materials, others indirectly related. I’ll update this during the coming weeks – we’re only half-way! First I’d like to [...] October 26, 2009


(These should be fresh. Still working on improving the Twitter display.) Session on Networked learning #CCK09

Glad to have found the #cck09 wave. Lets put something together.

@mpaskevi could you please add me to #CCK09 wave. I cannot find it. joxerfan at gmail dot com. Thanks.

I haven't been able to attend many of the sessions but have listened to most of them online #cck09

#cck09 if connective knowledge is a more enriching way of learning and engaging why do students still request to be passive receivers?

@luzpearson Started a wave and added you. If there is another please add me to it. #cck09

I like PLEs RT @luzpearson Lets write a "collaborative micro-paper on twitter" for #CCK09 --> WHAT YOU LIKE MOST OF CONNECTIVISM?

@siavogel could you add legrandroland(ad)googlewave(dot)com too please? #CCK09

MixedRealities :: Half-time round-up of CCK09: a course mediating ...

@CathyLAnderson YES I´m thinking about passive receivers too: #cck09

what more than 10,000 main streets learn us about the crisis of representation #CCK09

#CCK09 --> WHAT YOU LIKE OF CONNECTIVISM? I like there is no outside control on learning: is a personal discovering process (with others)

@CathyLAnderson Interesting your thoughts on innovation #cck09

@leilanachawati In 04 I worked with iEARN with 9 years old kids. I had forgotten about that, was excellent! It was connectivism! #cck09

@luzpearson #CCK09 WHAT YOU LIKE OF CONNECTIVISM? It helps us understanding macro issues while enhancing personal learning capabilities

:) sounds good RT @luzpearson @leilanachawati In 04 I worked with iEARN with 9 years old kids, it was excellent! It was connectivism! #cck09

Finished my first paper on connectivism #CCK09

Lot's of people in the house; no feeds, no tweets; bit google w, I do like it in spite of the bugs and problems. More #cck09 wavers on Twitt

Open academia involves use of open access, open formats, free software, open licenses, & open management #cck09 #yam

Yes! RT @4KM: A topic we should discuss more: #complexity in relation to learning (& leadership). @gsiemens says it's a current topic CCK09

Loitering in CCK09

Meeting here for #CCK09 "Learning is about embracing vulnerability". @gsiemens Nice.... (via @anitsirk )

RT @plaingillian: Talking PLE's in #CCK09

Participating in the #cck09 session. Made a confession. :-)

Recording from #CCK09: - started a bit slow, but ended up with great comments/participation from attendees. Thanks!

RT @gsiemens Recording from #CCK09: - started a bit slow, ended up w great comments/participation. Thanks!

Working on my first paper for #CCK09. Connectivism is a slippery concept.

CCK09 Metaphors for the Social EcoSystems: Below is my first thoughts about the ecosystem:  Very sketchy still&..

MOOC provides you unique experience to authentically sensemake & wayfind via network(s) (immersive experience challenging u to learn)#CCK09.

Would u like to challenge learners to learn via networks with tech (they fish & you support)? #CCK09

Flight breaking Vs MOOC Stephen OLDaily #CCK09 flight breaking vs MOOC referred by Stephen#CCK09

Have u put on "L", "P" or "E" plates in #CCK09? u would enjoy more if the E plates are hang on the wall as more L there #CCK09

Under the principles of theory, would "transfer of learning" still applicable to connectivism? I would argue that is not applicable #CCK09

#cck09 Not "Instruction 2.0" or "Teaching 2.0" the very point of eLearning 2.0 is that it's learner driven.

To learn, we have to be active by accessing, remaking, remixing, repurposing, and rewriting learning resources #cck09

university of texas entering full-scale in second life - what do we learn about silos and boundaries there? #CCK09

musings about privacy and Technologically Externalized Knowledge and Learning #CCK09

The have/have not #GoogleWave situation is a case study in tech deprivation Where is the line? The standard to be "invited"? #CCK09 #eci831

The have/have not #GoogleWave situation is a case study in tech deprivation Where is the line? The standard to be "invited"? #CCK09 #eci831

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