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October 23, 2009

Highlighted Resources

Henry Markram builds a brain in a supercomputer
I (George) have seen previous talks by Henry Markram - generally quite complex and even a bit overwhelming. He is the figure behind on Blue Brain Project ("the first comprehensive attempt to reverse-engineer the mammalian brain")...and this TedTalks presentation is not only intriguing, but also quite accessible for a general audience. Markram emphasizes the importance of understanding the brain in order to assist individuals with mental illness or other dysfunctions. He introduces concepts such as "perception bubbles" and how most of what we think we see is actually a function of inference (the brain filling in what we may not have actually seen). Markram uses the analogy of brain cells as notes and our perception of the universe as a symphony. Great images - especially toward the end of the talk where attention is turned to the mathematical basis communication through neuronal firings/connections. The next step is to take this information and duplicate it in a computer (or many, many computers). That's the aim of the Blue Brain Project... Henry Markram, , October 22, 2009 [Link] [Tags: none] [Comment]

Remove the Planner without removing the capacity to plan
In our discussion today, the topic of how to manage learning and the role of the educator came up. What happens when the ability to easily create content and initiate conversations is placed into the hands of learners? What happens when learners are constantly connected and, as a result, can question/augment/extend/critique content discussed in class? Or, from the perspective of the system of education, how can clear outcomes be achieved through distributed means? Yochai Benkler delivers a talk that somewhat informs this concept. Benkler is well known for his pioneering work in how networks impact society and organizations. How can we plan without a central planner? (or, can learning networks serve the role of a teacher?) , , October 22, 2009 [Link] [Tags: none] [Comment]

Networked Learning Discussion Week
Next week, Stephen and I will be hosting a week-long discussion for the Networked Learning 2010 conference. We will start off with a live discussion session in Elluminate. Our focus for the week: the impact of networked technologies on learning. , , October 22, 2009 [Link] [Tags: none] [Comment]

Recording: Week 6
The recording from our session yesterday is now available (listed under week 6).

The discussion started a bit slow, but after ~15 minutes in, some great questions and comments about how learners are experience CCK09 (and more generally, networked learning). , , October 22, 2009 [Link] [Tags: none] [Comment]


Here's what course members from around the world had to say. Want to join the conversation? Submit your feed. Then put this at the beginning of your post: CCK09

Risk taking & vulnerability in open courses – get over it?
Today in an Elluminate session there was some discussion about how people feel about putting themselves out there in open courses. Great topic!  One possible response I’ve heard (I don’t’ think in our session, but elsewhere): get over it. Well, ok. But that’s a bit flip/easy, and probably comes from people who are [...] October 23, 2009

I want to write about this...can I?
@gsiemens "Learning is about embracing vulnerability" on today´s session October 23, 2009

CCK09 Metaphors of Learning Networks
Here are some interesting discussion in the forum relating to Blogs and Forums as Communication and Learning Tools. May I start with some metaphors and analogies? My observation so far is that our “network(s)” do exhibit some of the phenomena of singles and flocks of birds or schools of fish, when it comes to CCK08 and this CCK09 [...] October 22, 2009

Your privacy? Get over it and embrace technologically externalized knowledge and learning. Or not really?
CCK09 – To continue with learning and education: I’ve been reading Technologically externalized knowledge and learning (TEKL) by George Siemens. He talks about the externalized generation: The last decade has provided individuals with the tools to continually externalize their thoughts and ideas. History is generally revealed to us through significant artifacts. We have books (artifact) that [...] October 22, 2009

The University of Texas enters full scale in Second Life – what will it learn us about silos and boundaries?
In today’s Metanomics show Dr. Leslie Jarmon, Faculty Development Specialist and Senior Lecturer at the University of Texas at Austin, discussed the creation of a statewide extension of classes and education into Second Life. This is huge project:  the university system is made up of nine universities and six health centers. Furthermore, the campuses seem to [...] October 22, 2009

Upcoming Event: Metanomics about Virtual World Systems for Education
CCK09: I’ve been neglecting the Connectivism and Connective Knowledge Course because of other projects. However, this week I’ll try to pick up this course again. I’m convinced education/learning is of tremendous importance and breaking down the walls between educators, business people and artistsis one of the strongest points of the Second Life communities. Today Metanomics [...] October 21, 2009

George's TEKL (was learnometer)
Anne-Marie prompted me to look at George Siemen's latest blog post on Technologically Externalized Knowledge and Learning which makes for fascinating reading. At least I assume that was the one she meant!

The big question is when is this concept tool going to be available? Maybe someone has already written the iPhone app already. October 21, 2009

The 'we' not the 'I'
Reading this Pharma Strategy blog which resonates with the ideas being discussed on #CCK09.

"That's what sharing and engaging is all about, sharing ideas and information willingly, leading from the front and setting a good example for others. New technologies and social media can be a wonderful tool for finding new people, new blogs, new ideas and plenty of spirited exchange. Fresh inspiration from others can set off a new creative spark and stimulate new content and more sharing, and so on ad infinitum." October 21, 2009

In Search of Lost Time - almost 2 weeks outside of CCK09
Reading Nicola´s post about her experience of the course just with her mobile inspired me to write about the experience of the course just without the time for it.

Special circumstances from work made me stay away from my computer, from my emails, and of course, from CCK09. I can´t remember ever been disconnected for so long before, not even checking my emails! I think that never happened before. Even when I gave birth to my child, after two or three days I checked my mails for sure.

To be disconnected was not so terrible ( I was stressed out with all the things that were going on at work) but what worried me was staying out of the course, how would I be able to get back in?

I asked for help. Emapey wrote me an email with a resume of what happened on those days I was away and that is helping me to stay on track. Using emapey´s selection over subjects gives me a general idea and makes me feel confident on going on the way I can.

And this is the lesson: I´m late, but I can join again if I want to. I have many things to read, but if I hurry up I can be able to be ready to follow discussion at the forum soon. The bottom line is: at the end of the course, even people wont be discussing on the forum after the course is finished, the discussion will still be there, the course will still be online, I will still be able to "make my own course" (as Emapey says, my personal and wonderfull guide for CCK09). The readings, links, recordings, blogs, tags will still be there for me. CCK09 is a tailormade course, and I´m my own tailor. October 21, 2009


(These should be fresh. Still working on improving the Twitter display.) Yes! RT @4KM: A topic we should discuss more: #complexity in relation to learning (& leadership). @gsiemens says it's a current topic CCK09

Loitering in CCK09

Meeting here for #CCK09 "Learning is about embracing vulnerability". @gsiemens Nice.... (via @anitsirk )

RT @plaingillian: Talking PLE's in #CCK09

Participating in the #cck09 session. Made a confession. :-)

Recording from #CCK09: - started a bit slow, but ended up with great comments/participation from attendees. Thanks!

RT @gsiemens Recording from #CCK09: - started a bit slow, ended up w great comments/participation. Thanks!

Working on my first paper for #CCK09. Connectivism is a slippery concept.

CCK09 Metaphors for the Social EcoSystems: Below is my first thoughts about the ecosystem:  Very sketchy still&..

MOOC provides you unique experience to authentically sensemake & wayfind via network(s) (immersive experience challenging u to learn)#CCK09.

Would u like to challenge learners to learn via networks with tech (they fish & you support)? #CCK09

Flight breaking Vs MOOC Stephen OLDaily #CCK09 flight breaking vs MOOC referred by Stephen#CCK09

Have u put on "L", "P" or "E" plates in #CCK09? u would enjoy more if the E plates are hang on the wall as more L there #CCK09

Under the principles of theory, would "transfer of learning" still applicable to connectivism? I would argue that is not applicable #CCK09

#cck09 Not "Instruction 2.0" or "Teaching 2.0" the very point of eLearning 2.0 is that it's learner driven.

To learn, we have to be active by accessing, remaking, remixing, repurposing, and rewriting learning resources #cck09

university of texas entering full-scale in second life - what do we learn about silos and boundaries there? #CCK09

musings about privacy and Technologically Externalized Knowledge and Learning #CCK09

The have/have not #GoogleWave situation is a case study in tech deprivation Where is the line? The standard to be "invited"? #CCK09 #eci831

The have/have not #GoogleWave situation is a case study in tech deprivation Where is the line? The standard to be "invited"? #CCK09 #eci831

@yesnaco_4 My real name is Eduardo Peirano as in CCK09 forum

laptops need mesh to facilitate connected learning - #cck09 #olpc #openacademia #yam

@edwebb thank you I will look at grazr when next near a pc - much appreciated :))) #cck09

just shared my unread feeds list hope public (can't tell from mobile) tried adding #cck09 as @edwebb suggested

Is connectivism a Bayesian belief network? hmmm #cck09

The Power of a gd Story #eci831 #CCK09 #KnowledgeManagement

RT @arieliondotcom The Power of a Good Story #eci831 #CCK09 #KnowledgeManagement

RT: @arieliondotcom: The Power of a gd Story #eci831 #CCK09 #KnowledgeManagement

.@mbogle All I've seen & heard by & about you thru #CCK08 & #CCK09 (& #eci831 I think) show U R a 1st class educator. Wht R yr options?

Did not work on #cck09 and weblogs. GWave asks lots of my time and energy. Sony's e-book Library will not work, uploaded several times again

Re: Hi from Ghana - West Africa: by Eduardo Peirano.   Hi Kabuki, welcome to the CCK09 online course. I am..

In search of lost time without #CCK09

@NicolaAvery Very nice post from @luzpearson CCK09

@yesnaco_4 Hi Kiki!! How are you today?? Now I can try to help you sort the CCK09 course. It is easy to find me in Twitter. I work online!!

Very little time for #CCK09 recently. :-(

RT @BernajeanPorter:3D Interactive PLN models @ShaheraZade's Gardens in SL - more on display later this month #cck09

Read the research paper "Ideals and reality of participating in a MOOC". Thx @authors, I finally understand my own feelings now #cck09

Let's say, I just found an answer on what works for me and what doesn't in this #cck09 course. Feeling releived.

good to have a decent connection. now to try and get caught up on what i missed last week. starting with #CCK09

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