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October 21, 2009

Highlighted Resources

CCK09 Notes
Take a look at this wiki, which contains notes from the various presentations here in CCK09, including the presentations from the PLE-PLN conference last week. Various Authors, Wiki, October 21, 2009 [Link] [Tags: none] [Comment]

Technologically Externalized Knowledge and Learning
This isn't directly related to our topic this week, but I think fits in with the overall CCK09 focus. The post presents TEKL (Technologically Externalized Knowledge and Learning), "a physical, wearable device that captures our physical and virtual interactions and assist us in recognizing and forming knowledge connections based on our past interactions, our social network, and our current work or personal interest needs". The concepts exist in bits and pieces in our online activities...but, as is often the case, the transformation to learning is found in bringing together (connecting) functionality of various tools in order to amplify the value of each. George Siemens, , October 20, 2009 [Link] [Tags: none] [Comment]

Genes to Cognition
This is a great resource on the human brain, covering genes, anatomy, environment, and structures/functions. The navigation is a bit counter-intuitive at times, but the information included is valuable (see the section on learning. The section on memory states what Stephen and I discussed earlier in the course: "memories result from rapid changes in the connections in a huge network of neurons". Or, more specifically, the networks that form at memory creation are the ones that are activated during recall. , , October 20, 2009 [Link] [Tags: none] [Comment]

Networks and Knowledge
An interesting thread in moodle worth visiting. The discussion starts with Roy Williams taking stock of where we are in relation to knowledge and learning. From there, it's a wide ranging discussion - including a particularly useful discussion of Actor-Network-Theory (ANT). In the process, we also encounter memes, temes, SOOCs, and even Machiavelli. Moodle, , October 20, 2009 [Link] [Tags: none] [Comment]


Here's what course members from around the world had to say. Want to join the conversation? Submit your feed. Then put this at the beginning of your post: CCK09

Upcoming Event: Metanomics about Virtual World Systems for Education
CCK09: I’ve been neglecting the Connectivism and Connective Knowledge Course because of other projects. However, this week I’ll try to pick up this course again. I’m convinced education/learning is of tremendous importance and breaking down the walls between educators, business people and artistsis one of the strongest points of the Second Life communities. Today Metanomics [...] October 21, 2009

George's TEKL (was learnometer)
Anne-Marie prompted me to look at George Siemen's latest blog post on Technologically Externalized Knowledge and Learning which makes for fascinating reading. At least I assume that was the one she meant!

The big question is when is this concept tool going to be available? Maybe someone has already written the iPhone app already. October 21, 2009

The 'we' not the 'I'
Reading this Pharma Strategy blog which resonates with the ideas being discussed on #CCK09.

"That's what sharing and engaging is all about, sharing ideas and information willingly, leading from the front and setting a good example for others. New technologies and social media can be a wonderful tool for finding new people, new blogs, new ideas and plenty of spirited exchange. Fresh inspiration from others can set off a new creative spark and stimulate new content and more sharing, and so on ad infinitum." October 21, 2009

In Search of Lost Time - almost 2 weeks outside of CCK09
Reading Nicola´s post about her experience of the course just with her mobile inspired me to write about the experience of the course just without the time for it.

Special circumstances from work made me stay away from my computer, from my emails, and of course, from CCK09. I can´t remember ever been disconnected for so long before, not even checking my emails! I think that never happened before. Even when I gave birth to my child, after two or three days I checked my mails for sure.

To be disconnected was not so terrible ( I was stressed out with all the things that were going on at work) but what worried me was staying out of the course, how would I be able to get back in?

I asked for help. Emapey wrote me an email with a resume of what happened on those days I was away and that is helping me to stay on track. Using emapey´s selection over subjects gives me a general idea and makes me feel confident on going on the way I can.

And this is the lesson: I´m late, but I can join again if I want to. I have many things to read, but if I hurry up I can be able to be ready to follow discussion at the forum soon. The bottom line is: at the end of the course, even people wont be discussing on the forum after the course is finished, the discussion will still be there, the course will still be online, I will still be able to "make my own course" (as Emapey says, my personal and wonderfull guide for CCK09). The readings, links, recordings, blogs, tags will still be there for me. CCK09 is a tailormade course, and I´m my own tailor. October 21, 2009

CCK09 Is a scientific approach towards learning important?
Feynman in this video provides a unique perspective on social science.  It sounds challenging to most social scientists. I agree on the rigorous checks that are necessary on any “Theory” based on a scientific approach.  It would be useful to adopt a scientific approach in exploring the multiple forms of truths.  May be it’s important to reflect [...] October 20, 2009

the new thing
Since the start of the PLE/PLN week I have been thinking about why I selected a LMS for this years new thing instead of encouraging a more individually driven PLE/PLN (do it yourself) approach.Teachers were asking for help with writing wikis, student email, chat forums, discussion groups and a few other things. It was becomming a problem for me since everyone was using something different and I October 20, 2009

Why this system doesn't have the capability to email me when there is an unmoderated comment I don't know. There is an option to email me comments once they are moderated (which is silly because at that point I already know they exist) but no option to tell me to come look and moderate something, or if there is I havn't found it yet. I can only guess that they are assuming you will login October 20, 2009


(These should be fresh. Still working on improving the Twitter display.) @edwebb thank you I will look at grazr when next near a pc - much appreciated :))) #cck09

just shared my unread feeds list hope public (can't tell from mobile) tried adding #cck09 as @edwebb suggested

Is connectivism a Bayesian belief network? hmmm #cck09

The Power of a gd Story #eci831 #CCK09 #KnowledgeManagement

RT @arieliondotcom The Power of a Good Story #eci831 #CCK09 #KnowledgeManagement

RT: @arieliondotcom: The Power of a gd Story #eci831 #CCK09 #KnowledgeManagement

.@mbogle All I've seen & heard by & about you thru #CCK08 & #CCK09 (& #eci831 I think) show U R a 1st class educator. Wht R yr options?

Did not work on #cck09 and weblogs. GWave asks lots of my time and energy. Sony's e-book Library will not work, uploaded several times again

Re: Hi from Ghana - West Africa: by Eduardo Peirano.   Hi Kabuki, welcome to the CCK09 online course. I am..

In search of lost time without #CCK09

@NicolaAvery Very nice post from @luzpearson CCK09

@yesnaco_4 Hi Kiki!! How are you today?? Now I can try to help you sort the CCK09 course. It is easy to find me in Twitter. I work online!!

Very little time for #CCK09 recently. :-(

RT @BernajeanPorter:3D Interactive PLN models @ShaheraZade's Gardens in SL - more on display later this month #cck09

Read the research paper "Ideals and reality of participating in a MOOC". Thx @authors, I finally understand my own feelings now #cck09

Let's say, I just found an answer on what works for me and what doesn't in this #cck09 course. Feeling releived.

good to have a decent connection. now to try and get caught up on what i missed last week. starting with #CCK09

does anyone on #cck09 know a way of sharing on google reader ?

@NicolaAvery sharing how? To a specifc group, or to the whole world (public feed)? You can share anything to a public feed in Reader #cck09

@edwebb @dblancquaert thank you I wondered if you could somehow mark it as a public share with #cck09 haven't found mobile diigo, delicious

I might want to use personal brain to create my #cck09 concept map assignment. Don't really like cmap (

RT @csantos: RT @maresta: listen @josiefraser's CCK09 recording (available at, with @csantos @lfpedro. nice :)

A wise advice: Design learning, then seek tools @gsiemens #cck09 #autoaprenentatge_mec

RT @mariaperif RT @csantos RT @maresta: listening to @josiefraser's CCK09 recording with @csantos @lfpedro

Got a Bible verse you don't understand? Tweet or DM it to me & I'll research it & blog a sermon on it. #CCK09 #eci831 #ConnectedChurch

SAPO project, a ShaPLE:. A third way between LMS and PLE? #cck09 #autoaprenentatge_mec

CCK09 Educational Leadership « Suifaijohnmak's Weblog

My new post for CCK09 week 5. Strategies to help me become a more active participant.

Awesome! I can listen to the #CCK09 PLN talks on my long journeys back and forth from work

@siavogel not much presence in the #cck09 moodle either

#cck09 should have a text-free week - no words except maybe audio

Late update on #cck09... listening to an interesting perspective from @davecormier

@davecormier haha, I'm listening to the session that was held on the 4th week of #cck09-nice ideas shared on negotiating the understanding

An interview with Stephen Downes on OER @myen #cck09

RT @CathyLAnderson: An interview with Stephen Downes on OER @myen #cck09

RT @Downes: just about to start our next PLE-PLN Conference session with Steve Wheeler to join #CCK09

Am listening to Steve Wheeler #cck09

#cck09 no one one the back channel. Would be nice if someone would make @tombuckteeth sound bit less like a goldfish

Listening Steve Wheeler elluminate: CCK09

RT @josemota: RT @gsiemens: PLE/PLN conference next week CCK09 and call for chapters for ebook: (please share the call)

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