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October 19, 2009

Highlighted Resources

CCK08 Research Papers
"We – Sui Fai John Mak, Roy Williams and Jenny Mackness - have finally completed work on 2 research papers following our participation in CCK08. CCK09 Moodle site in Week 4 and General Discussion forums; Nellie's CCK09 Ning site; John's CCK08 Ning site. Roy has also invited discussion in his Google Groups Research site and John has invited discussion on his blog. " Sui Fai John Mak, Roy Williams and Jenny Mackness, Jenny Connected, October 19, 2009 [Link] [Tags: none] [Comment]


Here's what course members from around the world had to say. Want to join the conversation? Submit your feed. Then put this at the beginning of your post: CCK09

CCK09 Educational Leadership
I found this article on Educational Leadership  interesting and challenging. A critique on Dr. Fenwick English’s book: Pros of Postmodernism Multiple Forms of Truth Logic and Intuition Modification of Temporary Understanding Ability to Exercise Choice Human Diversity and the Pursuit of  Multiple Truths Theories in themselves are not the target of postmodernism. Postmodernism opposes theory based practices… Theory based practices are those which propose one basic [...] October 19, 2009

CCK09 New creative leadership
In this New Creative Leader, 5 traits are listed. Coach your team and organization toward success. Empower people. Cultivate respect. Manage both success and failure. Show graciousness in your management.  Be humble about your successes. Here is another educational leadership with lots of tips. We could empower our learners in their learning journeys with their use of PLN/PLE.   Let every learner shines! Comments? Postscript: This A National Look at [...] October 19, 2009

CCK09 What are the impacts of technology and social media on learning?
This robot show is amazing. This Youtube In the Online Learning Environment introduces Youtube on learning Both technology and social media are so promising to both formal and informal learning (PLE/PLN). What are the impacts of technology and social media on learning? John October 19, 2009

CCK09 How can we make a difference?
Enjoy this If learning is like dancing, would it make a difference? Dance around with people all over the world, stay connected, and be engaged.  And most important of all interact with people, networks, communities and the WORLD! The spirit of connectivism in ACTION.  That’s the JOY! October 19, 2009

CCK09 This is Your Brain
This video lecture This is Your Brain talks about Dualism and Materialism. Are you just a pack of neurons? What is Dualism? What is Materialism? The mind is what the brain does. Physical objects can do certain things.  Machines can play chess. Brain does not taste good, but… Neuroscience – How the brain gives thoughts? Neurons – Basic building of thoughts Three types [...] October 19, 2009

CCK09 * PLE & PLN Conference * 13-16 Oct 2009
I particularly liked Steve Wheeler’s Presentation for the Personal Learning Environments (PLEs) and Personal Learning Networks (PLNs) Conference held between 13-16th October, 2009. It was a generous project to present this conference to online learners. I feel that Steve articulated the concepts of PLN & PLE very well. A website that I feel is also useful in [...] October 19, 2009

CCK09 Course – Reflections – Week 4 – S. Downes article
I read the article titled ‘Learning Networks and Connective Knowledge’ by Stephen Downes Oct 2006 at URL: []. Stephen’s view is that Connectivism is derived from Pragmatics. It may be noted that Professor M.A.K. Halliday devised a theory of Systemic Functional Linguistics which has been influential in classroom contexts. Consideration of Halliday’s theory of linguistics in relation to Connectivism [...] October 19, 2009


(These should be fresh. Still working on improving the Twitter display.) I might want to use personal brain to create my #cck09 concept map assignment. Don't really like cmap (

RT @csantos: RT @maresta: listen @josiefraser's CCK09 recording (available at, with @csantos @lfpedro. nice :)

A wise advice: Design learning, then seek tools @gsiemens #cck09 #autoaprenentatge_mec

RT @mariaperif RT @csantos RT @maresta: listening to @josiefraser's CCK09 recording with @csantos @lfpedro

Got a Bible verse you don't understand? Tweet or DM it to me & I'll research it & blog a sermon on it. #CCK09 #eci831 #ConnectedChurch

SAPO project, a ShaPLE:. A third way between LMS and PLE? #cck09 #autoaprenentatge_mec

CCK09 Educational Leadership « Suifaijohnmak's Weblog

My new post for CCK09 week 5. Strategies to help me become a more active participant.

Awesome! I can listen to the #CCK09 PLN talks on my long journeys back and forth from work

@siavogel not much presence in the #cck09 moodle either

#cck09 should have a text-free week - no words except maybe audio

Late update on #cck09... listening to an interesting perspective from @davecormier

@davecormier haha, I'm listening to the session that was held on the 4th week of #cck09-nice ideas shared on negotiating the understanding

An interview with Stephen Downes on OER @myen #cck09

RT @CathyLAnderson: An interview with Stephen Downes on OER @myen #cck09

RT @Downes: just about to start our next PLE-PLN Conference session with Steve Wheeler to join #CCK09

Am listening to Steve Wheeler #cck09

#cck09 no one one the back channel. Would be nice if someone would make @tombuckteeth sound bit less like a goldfish

Listening Steve Wheeler elluminate: CCK09

RT @josemota: RT @gsiemens: PLE/PLN conference next week CCK09 and call for chapters for ebook: (please share the call)

@timbuckteeth, @Downes Again - big thanks for taking the time + trouble to make the #CCK09 conference available

@jonmott Did you follow @timbuckteeth at #CCK09 via Illiminate. I enjoyed hearing these voices. Thought I'd follow - have friends in common

Will be m.i.a. from #CCK09 this evening, as my Tech. Innovations in Training & Dev class ( is 2night

OK; #cck09 sessie gedaan, opgegeven voor @teachmeetnl 4 nov; google wave invite binnen, heb feeds en tweets gezien, nu rust. Bye.

Audio podcast for @downes & @gsiemens PLE/PLN symposium #cck09

@NicolaAvery Nicola, thanks for posting about your participation in cck09 course using phone,

Thank you!! Just what I have been looking for RT @djplaner Audio podcast for @downes & @gsiemens PLE/PLN symposium #cck09

I think we should add twitter handles to the #cck09 guest speaker list...did not realize Steve Wheeler was @timbuckteeth until later :-)

does recommend to delay formal education recognise/raise value of informal Learning? #cck09

so informal learning is foundation 'formal' learning; Formal learning values Independent learning; Ind Learning includes informal Ln #cck09

RT @Downes: 10 min to start of our next PLE-PLN Conference session, this with Josie Fraser and friends - to join #CCK09

Instructional strategies tied to technology --what a concept! Hope you can come: #CCK09

RT @josiefraser: I'll be talking to @csantos & @lfpedro about @sapocampus at 19.00 UK time (elluminate) CCK09 come &ask :)

RT @josiefraser: I'll be talking to @csantos & @lfpedro about @sapocampus at 19.00 UK time (elluminate) CCK09 come &ask :)

RT @gsiemens: RT @Downes: 10 min to start of our next PLE-PLN Conference to join #CCK09 Me acabo de meter a ver qué tal

RT @josiefraser I'll be talking to @csantos & @lfpedro about @sapocampus at 19.00 UK time (elluminate) CCK09

RT @Downes: 10 minutes from the start of our next PLE-PLN Conf session, this with @josiefraser and friends join #CCK09

RT @Downes: 10 min to start of our next PLE-PLN Conference session, this with Josie Fraser and friends - to join #CCK09

listening/watching #CCK09 PLE in elluminate to join

RT @josiefraser: I'll be talking to @csantos & @lfpedro about @sapocampus at 19.00 UK time (elluminate) CCK09 come &ask :)

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