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October 16, 2009

Final Day: PLE Conference

I (George) am still suffering from poor connectivity but the PLE conference goes on with Stephen and Rita's able moderation. Today, three sessions are scheduled, all held here in elluminate:

Sue Waters, 9:00 am CST (time conversion)

Rita Kop, 1:00 pm CST (time conversion)

Mark van Harmelen, 2:00 pm CST (time conversion)

Highlighted Resources

The ideals and Reality of Participating in a MOOC
This - and the paper below - are part of a research project undertaken by Sui Fai John Mak, Roy Williams, and Jenny Mackness, based on CCK08. Unfortunately, I haven't had time to read both papers...but the flight home should permit plenty of time :). , , October 16, 2009 [Link] [Tags: none] [Comment]

Blogs and Forums as Communication and Learning Tools in a MOOC
Research paper evaluating blogs and forums from (mainly) CCK08. Authors are looking for feedback. This link directs you to the paper and to the forum for discussion. , , October 16, 2009 [Link] [Tags: none] [Comment]

Podcast for presentations at the PLEs & PLNs symposium
Nice thing about openness: people can do with content/conversations as they see necessary. Don't like what we've done with the course? No problem, change it. Don't like the formats we post? No problem, change it. That's exactly what David Jones has done here in describing how he grabs audio files from PLE/N conference. The elluminate format is a bit limiting, so the audio files that Stephen has posted are useful... David Jones, , October 16, 2009 [Link] [Tags: none] [Comment]


Here's what course members from around the world had to say. Want to join the conversation? Submit your feed. Then put this at the beginning of your post: CCK09


(These should be fresh. Still working on improving the Twitter display.) RT @Downes: just about to start our next PLE-PLN Conference session with Steve Wheeler to join #CCK09

Am listening to Steve Wheeler #cck09

#cck09 no one one the back channel. Would be nice if someone would make @tombuckteeth sound bit less like a goldfish

Listening Steve Wheeler elluminate: CCK09

RT @josemota: RT @gsiemens: PLE/PLN conference next week CCK09 and call for chapters for ebook: (please share the call)

@timbuckteeth, @Downes Again - big thanks for taking the time + trouble to make the #CCK09 conference available

@jonmott Did you follow @timbuckteeth at #CCK09 via Illiminate. I enjoyed hearing these voices. Thought I'd follow - have friends in common

Will be m.i.a. from #CCK09 this evening, as my Tech. Innovations in Training & Dev class ( is 2night

OK; #cck09 sessie gedaan, opgegeven voor @teachmeetnl 4 nov; google wave invite binnen, heb feeds en tweets gezien, nu rust. Bye.

Audio podcast for @downes & @gsiemens PLE/PLN symposium #cck09

@NicolaAvery Nicola, thanks for posting about your participation in cck09 course using phone,

Thank you!! Just what I have been looking for RT @djplaner Audio podcast for @downes & @gsiemens PLE/PLN symposium #cck09

I think we should add twitter handles to the #cck09 guest speaker list...did not realize Steve Wheeler was @timbuckteeth until later :-)

does recommend to delay formal education recognise/raise value of informal Learning? #cck09

so informal learning is foundation 'formal' learning; Formal learning values Independent learning; Ind Learning includes informal Ln #cck09

RT @Downes: 10 min to start of our next PLE-PLN Conference session, this with Josie Fraser and friends - to join #CCK09

Instructional strategies tied to technology --what a concept! Hope you can come: #CCK09

RT @josiefraser: I'll be talking to @csantos & @lfpedro about @sapocampus at 19.00 UK time (elluminate) CCK09 come &ask :)

RT @josiefraser: I'll be talking to @csantos & @lfpedro about @sapocampus at 19.00 UK time (elluminate) CCK09 come &ask :)

RT @gsiemens: RT @Downes: 10 min to start of our next PLE-PLN Conference to join #CCK09 Me acabo de meter a ver qué tal

RT @josiefraser I'll be talking to @csantos & @lfpedro about @sapocampus at 19.00 UK time (elluminate) CCK09

RT @Downes: 10 minutes from the start of our next PLE-PLN Conf session, this with @josiefraser and friends join #CCK09

RT @Downes: 10 min to start of our next PLE-PLN Conference session, this with Josie Fraser and friends - to join #CCK09

listening/watching #CCK09 PLE in elluminate to join

RT @josiefraser: I'll be talking to @csantos & @lfpedro about @sapocampus at 19.00 UK time (elluminate) CCK09 come &ask :)

@russmonk's Web technology is about to change how we learn - has relevancy for #CCK09

Interview (audio) up from my interview with @sapocampus RT @Downes: @josiefraser and friends CCK09

Planeta #edusol CCK09: Day 2 - nuestros Ambientes Personales de Aprendizaje: Me gustaron los con..

planeta !edusol CCK09: Day 2 - nuestros Ambientes Personales de Aprendizaje

@Marthalanefox critical to provide/support entitlement to learner accessible PLE for all - learning opps central to #digitalinclusion #cck09

oops RT @kiwanja interesting looking book "The Mediation of Emotion via Information & Communication Technologies" #cck09

@gsiemens Can you please check the timetable for the #CCK09 conf. A few mistakes in it. Is it Chicago or Regina time? Please specify. Thx.

@sverjans yes me too noted the problem for some reason I thought it was at 2PM (CST) #cck09

Instructional Strategies tied to Technology --what a concept! Check this out #CCK09

@dhudgins yes as well as the tyng the learning outcomes to technology and what is appropriate #cck09

just about to start this afternoon's session with Lucy Gray in our online PLE conference #CCK09

Joining Lucy Gray for Social Media Tools for Personalized Professional Development....y'all stop by! #CCK09

Ga luisteren naar Lucy Gray over Social Media tools for Professional Development; #CCK09

Attending session with Lucy Gray on "Social Media Tools for Personalized Professional Development" PLE conference #CCK09

Back in business with #CCK09 after ten days leave. Have to do a lot of reading and it's almost midnight...

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