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October 8, 2009

Live Discussion: Week 4

Reminder: Weekly live session in elluminate today at 6 pm CST (Time Zone Conversion)

Highlighted Resources

Intelligent Communities Summit
These are notes from the Intelligent Communities Summit (Day One, Day Two) that I attended over the last two days. In particular, youy may want to look at my summary of a talk by Rahaf Harfoush, a social media expert who worked on the Obama campaign and author of the book 'Yes We Did', who discusses social media principles. Stephen Downes, Half an Hour, October 8, 2009 [Link] [Tags: none] [Comment]

Speaking the Language
An important insight by Tom Haskins (that relates to the next post about making the leap of understanding by living something, rather than observing it from the sidelines): "As I reflected on that distinction (theoretic/pragmatic) more deeply this morning, I realized I ought to be speaking the language of Connectivism in lieu of speaking of or about it. Speaking the language could create a context that generates lots more meaningful associations in my conceptual and social networks." Tom Haskins, , October 7, 2009 [Link] [Tags: none] [Comment]

A totally unconventional approach to tackling connectivism
Early on in discussions about networked learning and connectivism, I relied on blogs, wikis, and other collaborative/social media as examples of tools that reflected learning in a digital age. Often, the response returned was critical (I don't have time to is a wiki different from a Word doc with track changes, etc). As with many concepts, connectivism cannot be understood from the sidelines. Learning in networks needs to be *experienced*, rather than only discussed. Or, as Carmen states in this post: "The implications of the concepts under consideration, whether packaged under connectivism or some other understanding, are not necessarily something that one can work towards. They are something we have to leap to, and then, only after this leap of imagination and the fundamental revisioning of the possible, does it become fully clear where the understandings of connectivism are "applicable."" Carmen Tschofen, , October 7, 2009 [Link] [Tags: none] [Comment]

Learning in the Open
I (George) presented to Alec Couros' class last week. I stated that "when we learn in the open, we become a teacher by default". Kyle Mathews picks up on this theme and offers a nice summary of learning in the open: "I've been thinking a lot lately about the power of transparent learning or learning in the open. With blogs, twitter, wikis, and other social media tools, our ability to share what we're learning with others has increased dramatically. The shift from learning in private to learning in public is dramatic and chaotic, much like swimming from the edge of a river into the fast flowing current. All of a sudden you're being pushed and tumbled along much faster than before." Kyle Mathews, , October 7, 2009 [Link] [Tags: none] [Comment]

Connectivism and Social Learning
Software like skype, blogs, Google Groups, Ning, etc. opens new doors for learners to interact globally. A quick scan through the introduction forum of moodle for CCK09 reveals the global representation in the course. Yet, many of the tools we use are "young" - often only a few years (i.e. Ning). So, I can relate to this comment: "I never really enjoyed doing group-work while in school, since I was usually the one that did most of the work while everybody else still received the same grade as me. If I had these tools available to me when I was in high school, I would have definitely enjoyed working collaboratively, since these tools pretty much ensure that people do their part. Records of Skype conversations, blog posts, and wiki changes show exactly who is doing what, and how often." , , October 7, 2009 [Link] [Tags: none] [Comment]


Here's what course members from around the world had to say. Want to join the conversation? Submit your feed. Then put this at the beginning of your post: CCK09


any connectivism people in and around Brussels interested in meeting in the physical world? and having a physical drink? #CCK09

RT @jackiegerstein A Spezify for Connectivism #CCK09 (thx for the idea @jenwagner )

More people sharing more resources in new ways is the history of civilisation RT @leighblackall @durablegraphics #cck09

A Spezify for Connectivism #CCK09 (thx for the idea @jenwagner )

@monk51295 glad to hear you are following #CCK09 -enjoy the session! Should talk about it sometime...

Now, presentation on the topic of What is Connectivism? to EC & I 831 and CCK09,

Now, presentation on the topic of What is Connectivism? to EC & I 831 and CCK09,

#cck09 'scientists may have a devised useful new tool for studying neurological growth and healing in humans.'

The origin of the terms PLN and PLE #cck09

Going offline to reflect about the quality control thread Love that #CCK09 make me reconsider my standard views- thanks!

@luzpearson Perhaps writing about research (blogging, forums, summarizing, analyzing) is the practice? Not sure. #cck09

@ChristyATucker yes!Research is to write, read and talk to others about the topic (practice), and all that is studying #cck09

Half an Hour: Facts versus skills. Comments from Stephen Downes, linked to from CCK09

inspired by these massively open courses - #cck09 and #eci831 - but they over-rely on synchronous sessions and do not offer podcasts

Enjoyed George Siemen's presentation for #cck09 today - highlights for me were comments about army, govt, and views on lurking .

RT @gminks social network basics from @downes #CCK09 daily

Kevin: Got to have both, surely? RT @nelliemuller CCK09 Although I am relationship oriented, losing interest in o/l programs not task based

CCK09 Although I am relationship oriented, I am losing interest in online learning programs that are not task based.

CCK09 Although I am relationship oriented, I am losing interest in online learning programs that are not task oriented.

4 forms of evolution of societies (via @downes #CCK09 daily)

social network basics from @downes #CCK09 daily

RT @jackiegerstein A Spezify for Connectivism #CCK09 (thx for the idea @jenwagner )

RT @mollybob: RT @luzpearson regarding open education and money - suggestion - sell services rather than content #cck09

RT @luzpearson regarding open education and money - suggestion - sell services rather than content #cck09

CCK09 – Do We Need The Daily Newsletter? « Online Sapiens: No problem in a world of network plasticity (aka neu..

Post, CCK09 – Do We Need The Daily Newsletter?,

Post, CCK09 – Do We Need The Daily Newsletter?,

@CCK09 How did you experience the instructors' musings in the live online meet:

CCK09: How did you experience the instructors' musings in the live online meet:

an "open" approach is connectivist - but a connectivist approach isn't necessarily "open"? #cck09

Cooksey (2005). I walk the open road: Toward an open source philosophy. Masters thesis. #openness #cck09 #yam Connectivism & Connective Knowledge » Week 1, CCK09 <- elearning links

@andreasauwaerte agree - l am looking at Activity Theory and Actor Network Theory but recog appeal of connectivism to practitioners #CCK09

@francesbell BTW i think there is an urgent urgent need to build a broader theoretical base to avoid normativity discussion. #cck09

RT @francesbell: @daveowhite RT @gsiemens: Recording from #CCK09 discussion today:

@gsiemens I had not read your post about your choice for an other job; can understand!! wish you all good. so soon 1 nov! #cck09 goes on?

@daveowhite RT @gsiemens: Recording from #CCK09 discussion today:

CCK09 - Today I’ve started participating on an online course called “CCK09” (Connectivism and Connective...

Howdy From Texas: by Gus Goncalves.  I ran across CCK09 by chance. It was a link from a presentation by Ma..

@jackiegerstein thanks for pointing others to Only Connect. What is #cck09?

Had a quick look at the #cck09 stuff - particularly the recent discussion thread - ...blimey. All that talk of 'nodes'...

@francesbell You really did start something there. #CCK09

RT @jackiegerstein: @trib's Slideshare Only Connect - fits into #cck09

RT @francesbell: @gsiemens weighing in to the Network Police thread at - interesting issues emerging #CCK09

Glad that @gsiemens is weighing in to the Network Police thread at - interesting issues emerging #CCK09

@trib's Slideshare Only Connect - fits into #cck09

@edwebb @jtneill: #cck09 I have now edited the entry for 'group' in connectivism glossary - not a defintion;)

Just comment on gr8 post RT @RolandLegrand: what the networks vsgroups debate in outsourcing ..... #CCK09

@trass dying to hear about what's happening in cck09 that's got you riled up! ID COP soon?

CCk09 Neuroscience of Emotions: Sui Fai John Mak

what the networks versus groups debate in outsourcing learns us about the future of civilization #CCK09

cck09 rocking philosophical & professional foundations. awesome!

I wish I had more time to spend on #cck09. Bad timing for me. Too much work these days and too many dedlines.

@RolandLegrand Let me know if you are interested in a Brussels connectivism meeting Did you get any reactions yet? #cck09

CCK09 Emotional Intelligence in online and community learning ...

has no content - suggest join Ning RT @gsiemens: #CCK09 - google group to support research needs.....:

#CCK09 - google group to support research needs/methodologies/related discussions:

Groups vs Networks- Struggling with my Class #cck09

Interesting "cannot adopt the constructivist principles as an absolute truth..the orientation is unequivocally post-epistemological" #cck09

Anyone have experience with ? #cck09

Feeling like I'm falling behind a bit with #CCK09

@tidmarshm LOL I'll say. Dora is def a constructivist; it's just challenging to interpret sophisticated language amidst dancing pigs #cck09

@mbogleIsn't Dora more of a connectivist? I'm the map, I'm the map, I'm the map! #cck09

Reading about Radical Constructivism with Dora the Explorer playing is proving to be a very challenging experience. #cck09

@trillianastra is there a way to configure the trillian astra client (v4.0, build 118) to display Twitter search results such as #CCK09?

New post: Leadership for connective knowledge? #CCK09

Reading @myen "An Introduction to Connective Knowledge ~ Stephen's Web ~ by Stephen Downes" ( ) #cck09

Catching up on the CCK09 course

#cck09 Looking forward to exploring the week 4 issues. What is knowledge? Where is it located? What is truth? Deeeeeeep stuff!

@francesbell - thanks for your excellent entry to the connectivism glossary about "group" - #cck09 #wikiversity

RT @craighepburn RT @Swiftj: A collection of Educators on Google Wave: http://googlewaveeducators #cck09

Greg #cck09 Do networks spawn reliable feedback? - On the Internet, Everyone's a Critic But They're Not...

#cck09 Do networks spawn reliable feedback? - On the Internet, Everyone's a Critic But They're Not Very Critical

#CCK09 Social Determinism : The Frontal Cortex Connection as infection

@amcunningham Easy to use and broadcast, compatible with the opensource format of Freemind. Hard to collab though. #cck09

#delogbruk is an interesting learning network #del09 #CCK09 A little bit more at

Exploring Personal Learning Environments (via GrahamAttwell) #ple #cck09

@Darcy1968 what is #CCK09 ?

#CCK09 working on 'first paper' - anyone (nearly) finished?

@luzpearson @emapey dont have a working computer so all cck09-ing being done from my phone so everything shorter for now

In formal education a network way of learning can suffer from being labeled "ADD". Thanks connectivism! #cck09

any connectivism people interested in meetings in spanish? please contact me, we can talk in twitter or Second Life too #CCK09

"Don't raise your voice, raise the quality of your argument". Desmond Tutu via Roy Williams - #cck09

just finished listening recording from week3 of #cck09: fun!!

Thinking of how I can be a better Network Sherpa... #eci831 #CCK09

@NicolaAvery on nothing making sense, have you seen recent research on absurdist art stimulating pattern-making? #cck09

increasingly liking nothing making sense if it does then I am less open 2 learning which is another reason connectivism #cck09 seems to work

RT @mozy: RT @reverendted posted about his new role at Decho & personal clouds #lrnchat #cck09

reading the #CCK09 daily - wish I had time to dig into why they are comparing #CCK09 with #CCKO8

RT @mguhlin: RT @pgsimoes: RT: @josemota: Insidious pedagogy: How CMSs affect teaching #lms #cck09 #moodle #yam

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